Towards the end of June we asked supporters how relaxed they felt about the Newcastle transfer activity so far.

At that time Christian Atsu was the only player to have been bought in.

Two weeks later we thought it would be useful to repeat the process and see what, if anything, had changed in terms of how optimistic/pessimistic Newcastle fans were feeling.

Taking everybody who voted towards the end of June, on average the ‘relaxed’ rating was 44% in terms of Newcastle’s transfer window, a figure that seemed pretty low and reflected supporter concern at the relative lack of activity.

Having asked supporters the question again, with only Florian Lejeune added to the squad, the average relaxed rating is now 41%, a fall of 3%. It suggests to me that Newcastle supporters feel in pretty much the same position, hoping that the necessary signings are still going to happen but not entirely convinced that it will come to pass.

A fortnight ago, a massive 65% of Newcastle fans described themselves as only 50% relaxed or worse, that figure has stayed exactly the same!

As for those who were 80% relaxed or higher, only 20% of Newcastle fans said they were two weeks ago, that figure now being 22% – a rise of a couple of per cent but once again remarkably similar.

I said two weeks ago when we published the results on 29 June 2017:

‘I would really like to think that in a week or two’s time if we ran this poll, the response from Newcastle fans would be far more positive.’

Well we haven’t got that and two weeks closer to the season, supporters are still in much the same place. Hoping for the best but also fearing the worst.

We once again gave options from 100% relaxed down to 0%, with 10% intervals all the way down, this is how the final voting looked with the percentage from two weeks ago and then in brackets this weekend’s results:

100% – 9% (5%)

90% – 4% (4%)

80% – 9% (6%)

70% – 7% (9%)

60% – 6% (6%)

50% – 12% (13%)

40% – 9% (10%)

30% – 11% (14%)

20% – 11% (11%)

10% – 8% (9%)

0% – 14% (13%)

  • Peter Stabler

    What do we learn from this?

  • Leazes Ender

    Well that was a useful exercise in killing time.

  • 1957

    I’m relaxed…this is just what I expected, a couple of uninspiring incomings, no movement with outgoings, the increasing likelihood that SloMo will still be in the squad (and probably the team) for the PL.

    As Led Zeppelin said…The Song Remains The Same

    Hasta la RafaluciĆ³n

  • disqus_GFJ5SSXQ7o

    What a load of pap

  • Leazes Ender

    The value of our squad is less than Watford, Palace, Stoke and stands at fifteenth at the moment, Rafa won’t want a relegation struggle…. something will happen, but all the names we are associated with still have you blooming well googling them.

  • Geordiegiants

    Yet again another none story, come on mag writers, you are gonna lose your following its getting very tedious now.

  • Rich Lawson

    Reading this every day you would expect 90%,Be nice to see us suddenly getting some proven prem’ players,but even if you hate the paper talk (I know I do) you just have to show some patience,there’s enough wannaways/end of contract and surplus class squad players out there for us to do some business yet ?