Sunday has seen an exclusive reporting on what is claimed to be the new Newcastle away shirt.

The usually very reliable Footy Headlines website has published images (see below) of what is said to be the 2017/18 Newcastle away shirt.

The all black design looking very smart (in my opinion) and perfectly complementing the black and white striped home kit.

I know any sponsor is going to detract from replica shirts to an extent but it has to be said that the new NUFC sponsor logo doesn’t do any favours in particular.

newcastle away shirt

From footy headlines website:


This is the Newcastle United 2017-2018 Away jersey.

The Newcastle 2017-18 Away shirt is predominantly black with tonal jacquard stripes and a black v-collar. The Puma logos, one on the chest opposite of the club crest and one on each sleeve, are golden.

The Fun88 logo, placed on the center front of the jersey, is turquoise with a white border.

Black shorts and socks with gold Puma logos complete the Newcastle United 17-18 Away kit.’

  • Paul Busby

    So black and dark grey instead of black and white?

    Looks nice and all, but doesn’t seem like it offers the variety you would need for an away strip

    • Burt Humperdink

      I’m thinking West Brom might be an issue?

      • Paul Busby

        Yeah, I mean there will obviously be a third strip, hopefully we don’t have a revival of the “jester” strip

  • Stephen Paylor

    if so its a classic, looks great

  • anyobrien


  • Sean Lynch

    Shame about the white behind the branding.
    FUN88’s logo is blue, but it would have stood out just as well and looked far classier with a solid black background.
    The white background to me, makes it look like a late add-on rather than part of the shirt. Had I been the sponsor I’d have insisted it look less stuck on and more part of the shirt design.

    • benton mag

      Eh cannot believe this comment

  • Iain Elrick

    Take my money!

  • Geordiegiants


  • Mark Davies

    Get in. Its evil. Sign me uo for one if they do extra extra extra fat lol

  • Porciestreet

    Double FB for me. Best shirt for a while.

  • Soldier

    Very Real Madrid or Juventus

  • Kev

    At the risk of sounding really tragic, it’s just like Malaga away from a few seasons back. That shirt looked cool too.

  • Kazie

    The kit looks awesome!!!

  • Andy Mac

    Isnt the point of a second shirt supposed to be that it’s a significant difference from the home shirt and not just another cynical ploy to extract money from loyal fans ?

    • Clarko

      How does an away shirt being similar to a home shirt become a “ploy to extract money” from supporters?

    • Cuh736

      The short and socks may be a different colour. Wont be all black n white

  • nevfur

    As it gets worn ridiculously often just to sell replicas regardless of any colour clash and bearing in mind we also have the (financial) bonus of what should be an almost redundant third strip I think the colour is irrelevant really. Do the fans like it? Will it sell? Important questions

  • Mxpx

    With Brighton uddersfield spurs and Stoke we’ll have no problems wearing this to avoid a clash of colours BUT we’re still going to need a third strip for West brom and Bornemouth I’d like go back to the Brasil style kit for the away colours personally this kit looks good enough but it’d be simple enough to only need two kits

  • Leazes Ender

    Shame about the 125 years as its 136 but the colour looks fun.

  • MartinK

    The photo doesn’t look as detailed as it should be. Might be the colour scheme but not the finished article. Hoping they do change the white part of the sponsor. Think it would look better just red fun88 and red numbers again would look good

  • Allan Kidd

    Can anybody please explain why we need THREE and white stripes for all games except an away clash of colours ,when something totally different should be worn…why would you have a BLACK second strip…dumb if you ask me.

    • Phil K

      It sells in large numbers, thats why.
      Wasn’t needed right up to late 70s when the potential £££££s made it a route to go down. That said, I remember Newcastle wearing several 2nd strips the year we won the Fairs Cup including all-maroon all blue and all white

  • Gareth Marshall

    It looks great. I’ll be buying one!

  • toon atheist

    How can black shorts be an alternative to black home shorts??

    • MadMag83

      They’ll probably be white shorts on the third kit to interchange.

  • Quinny

    it looks like my daughter coloured in the white stripes with a felt tip pen and photoshopped the sponser. looks terrible

  • MadMag83

    Going for some dark colours on the away kits then. The supposed third kit was doing the rumour mill recently and that’s dark green.

  • Haitchdee

    I like it Us lads with a bit extra,Or a good centre of gravity should approve. Very slimming.