Last summer (2016) saw Premier League clubs set a new record when it came to transfer spending.

Some £1.2bn was spent by the (then) 20 top tier clubs on new player over the course of a couple of months.

The summer of 2017 looks sure to see that £1.2bn look relative peanuts as clubs look to spend and ensure they are competing for the title, upper mid-table, or survival, depending on their circumstances.

Newcastle United have so far made two signings for a combined £14.9m.

Christian Atsu making his loan deal a permanent one for £6.2m in May, then recent days have seen Florian Lejeune arrive for £8.7m from SD Eibar.

So where does this put them in the Premier League spending table?

Romelu Lukaku’s £75m+ move to Manchester United is imminent and will take total PL spending way beyond half a billion but this is how the picture currently looks.

Table compiled by the excellent sports finance experts Sporting Intelligence:

premier league

As it currently stands, Newcastle are the 11th biggest spenders, with Everton clear at the top on a massive £91.9m, fuelled obviously by the imminent cash from Man Utd.

When it comes to net spend, NUFC are in 13th place once the sales of Florian Thauvin and Kevin Mbabu are taken into account.

The likes of Huddersfield and Bournemouth are stand outs, having already spent over £64m between them.

Whilst other clubs that Newcastle will be trying to finish above, such as Swansea, Brighton, Watford and West Brom have all had a bigger net spend as well.

A long time to go and you have to feel fortunes set to be spent, we all wait to see how big a fortune Newcastle United will be investing.

  • jack

    So we’ve only spent four point one million , it’s a joke , and if it carries on I think Rafa will definitely walk , I can’t see him relishing another relegation struggle again , no matter how good a manager he may be , he’s not there to work miracles ,I think we are becoming a yo-yo team , with no ambition at all

    • Lord

      I’m also expecting Conte and Pochettino to walk based on Chelsea and Spurs not spending anything. Outrageous lack of spending from last season’s best teams.

      • Michael Moose

        they hardly need players, do they

        • Lord

          That’s what MA thought after we finished 5th one year.

          • TheFatController

            Have Spurs and Chelsea made an official statement that they are not spending this summer ?

          • Lord

            Not that I’ve seen. Have we?

          • TheFatController

            I’m just waiting to see where the likes of Batshuyi and Loftus Cheek go. Chelsea need their new striker in of course before any loans out can be made of first team players …

      • HarryHype59

        I think the words “Best teams” explains why they are in a different position to Newcastle.

    • Geordie-7676

      Why is it a joke? So far we have bought 2 players, and managed to offset their cost by getting rid of players that weren’t wanted.

      The window is nowhere near closed, and there is alot of business still to be done.

      What you are basically saying is that without a high net spend, we aren’t doing good business. By that notion, by the time Lukaku has sold, Everton will of spent -£1.3million….is that a joke? of course not, so why is it different with us?

      Some people need to give their heeds a wobble and start paying less attention to the numbers, and more on the actual activity.

      • jack

        I don’t know why you seem to be trusting Ashley , god you know what he’s like , lies and more lies ,the jury’s out as far as I’m concerned , but already alarm bells are ringing , watch this space come the end of the transfer window , Rafa had already stipulated that he wanted business done early , and already he seems to have been let down ,surely you know Ashley by now , and his monkey Charnley ,it’s already been stated that Rafa is unhappy , and where there’s smoke there’s fire unless it’s Newcastle and it’s where there’s smoke there’s mirrors ,I look forward to last day of transfer window and all the lies and excuses will come out

        • Damon Horner

          Nobody really knows and Rafa is a political player, I would honestly take an objective view and assess as the window progresses. It’s steady so far but we have time to go.

          Also, Newspaper reports said we’re going for Bas Dost at £35mil. Do you feel there is a fire where there is smoke on a transfer of that size?

        • Geordie-7676

          In 8 weeks time when the window closes, if we are no better off than we are now then I will concede and admit I was wrong, but in my honest opinion, people are jumping the gun far too quickly and panicking over nothing other than a perceived lack of business.

          We have made 2 signings…..the window has been open 7 days! I’m not losing any sleep yet!

        • Lhc

          You are right on this one jack, other fan’s seem to live with there head in the cloud’s, I’ve supported nufc to long now to fall for there spiel unlike some

  • TheFatController

    So most clubs looking to get players who other clubs also want and thus until agent/player/selling club are happy they won’t be sold?

    And thus if clubs haven’t sold they also aren’t sure how much they can stretch to for replacements / improvements ?

    Anyone would think there were 2 months left of the window the way they’re dragging their heels and not realising how little time they have left.

    Why not spend money stupidly just to appease the ‘unable to cope with reality’ elements of their supporter base? It’s what they think and say that matters so let’s offer £50m for Joe Hart and then we can have a press conference and know that Rafa is happy because he must be about to walk surely …?

  • Leazes Ender

    What is the value of each squad?….. that’ll tell you where Ashley and Charnley are positioning the club.

  • Shipcote Willy

    Never mind the signings I have found the court case involving Ashley much more entertaining. The evidence he gave was very illuminating and hilarious in parts. At one point he said that he had no involvement in what is happening at SJP, but in another part of his evidence he discussed possible transfers whilst ‘power’ drinking with bankers and colleagues and even offered one banker the job of Director of Football! What the judge made of it all we wait and see but to me but as far as fans are concerned he hardly gave the impression of someone keen to develop the football club. Is it really all down to Penfold? I find that hard to believe. I have serious doubts about the club making sufficient signings of quality to avoid a relegation battle but like everyone else will have to wait and see.

    • Geordiegiants

      He is a clown, if it was happening else where we would be laughing at how funny things are.