It is now over 10 years of life at Newcastle United under the ownership of Mike Ashley.

Transfer windows and signings (or rather, lack of much of the time) have dominated conversation amongst Newcastle fans season after season, especially when it came to the summer transfer window.

Below is a list of every player Newcastle have paid a fee for in the summer transfer windows, with 42 altogether in the first 10 years of Mike Ashley, then two more (Atsu and Lejeune) added this summer.

With 42 in 10 years it doesn’t take a genius to work out that on average four players have been bought each summer.

However if you take off the first summer under Ashley when he let Sam Allardyce loose with the cheque book and also the tenth summer when Rafa had to do a massive reconstruction job with wholesale changes in and out, in order to bounce straight back to the Premier League – you are left with only 26 in the other eight summer windows, basically three buys on average.

Whilst you could say that Emmanuel Riviere is literally worth around £6 and Xisco over priced at £5, these figures below do need to have ‘million’ added after them.

Certain windows do of course stick out…

After promotion in 2009/10, Mike Ashley only allowed Chris Hughton to buy two players (hope that isn’t to be repeated..).

When Newcastle finished fifth in 2011/12, the only senior player bought was Vurnon Anita.

The following summer (2013), not a single first team squad player was bought in.

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Thanks to @bigchrisholt for the table above.

  • Geordie-7676

    So we have spent a total of £238.4million under Ashley, not including January window.

    Grand total of money recouped from player sales is £257.6million, but this IS including the January window.

    NUFC Weekly player wages are estimated at £680,000 (for 2016/17 season). Over a 52 week season that is £35,360,000. Then manager, coaches, physio’s, doctors, admin, management, security, H&S, maintenance and utilities for both stadium and training grounds, police, travel, match bonuses, catering, all needs to be paid for.

    I am certainly not a happy clapper, and i certainly don’t want Mike Ashley at this club, but i think it is clear for all to see that it is very unlikely that he is pocketing from this club like alot of you suggest. He should be paying for advertising, but apart from that, the numbers add up!

    • Pelican

      The figures cannot be very far off. At best, there would be a very small net-spend on players during Ashley’s time at the club.

      It is incredulous to believe that Ashley has kept the club in the Premier League all but 2 seasons, with essentially spending nothing on playing staff after sales are taken into account. I do not mean that in an admirable way either.

    • Steve Smith

      Advertising, sponsorship, tv money, prize money, match day tickets, food & drink, merchandise, additional extra revenue that a BRAND as big as ours should be generating. Are these included?

      • Geordie-7676

        10 years of wages – lets take last years as an average, so thats £356,000,000;

        10 years of managers/head coaches wage – rafa is currently on £4.5million a year. I would guess that over the last 10 years we could estimate an average of say £3million a year at best guess, so theres £30million;

        According to annual accounts, NUFC wages total £75million – minus £35.6 and £4.5, which leaves £30million a year left on all other wages for the club. over 10 years theres £300million

        Just to clarify, we are already at £656million operating costs spread over 10 years.

        So, lets look at where the money is coming from to pay for all this. It has already been established that transfer dealings have pretty much, over the 10 years been equal. So we are looking at season tickets.

        Most expensive season ticket is £735, so for arguments sake, lets say all 40,000 season tickets were priced at that (Which they aren’t, but i cant be bothered to work it out, even though it would strengthen my argument as it would be alot cheaper than the total i am going to arrive at) per season we would make £29.4million in ST sales.

        Then, 19 PL home matches at single ticket prices. so 12,300 tickets are available for each game. Again, i dont want to work it all out, as kids prices are cheaper, executive tickets are more expensive, so i will be fair, and say each ticket is an average of £60. that totals £738k per match, £14,022,000 per season.

        Ticket sales per season then comes to £43,422,000. Times that by 10 seasons, £434,220.000.

        As you said, catering will be very close to nil cost, so that can be discounted. Stadium food and drink sales will cover NUFC costs for players.

        Advertising, we know we have been receiving minimal amounts on that front. We shouldn’t, but that has been the case, so we can discount that, maybe add a million or 2 per season.

        Sponsorship has been dead in the water for a long time. Wonga were paying £4million a year roughly, before that we were receiving less.

        Tv money, average of £17million a year, taking into account the 2 championship seasons.

        Then prize money. we have had 2 seasons out the top tier, which drastically influences the prize money, but we would possibly be looking at an average, over the last 10 seasons of lets say £75million.

        That’s a lot of money. Out of that money comes ALL travel on planes, trains and automobiles (Great film), All accommodation (imagine the hotel costs for 30 individuals in a 5 star hotel 19 times a year), Training camps, equipment, pitch maintenance, stadium maintenance, training ground maintenance, medical equipment, specialist medical treatment (Aarons and De Jong will of spent a good few million between them on that alone), community funds, police funding (every game at St. James that has police presence is paid for by the club, as well as stand by ambulance crews), and that is just a few of the costs. I mean hey, we even have to pay to play the music before and after kickoff. H&S inspections, Security inspections, Annual audits, emergency response plan production (I work in the risk management industry, and trust me, that will be minimum of £45k every 3 month revision period), Agent fees, signing bonuses…this is all coming from that pot.

        I cant profess to know ALL the numbers, none of us do, but looking at it subjectively, pin pointing all the areas that will need finance, and it really isnt hard to see where all the money goes.

        My fingers are hurting now!

  • TheFatController

    So the last 3 summers there’s been a significant increase on the average of 3?

    • Pelican

      Those larger portioned off sections are when the club was in relegation form (or needed to get out of the Champ) and Ashley emergency spent. The only time Ashley allows the club to spend its own money.

      • TheFatController

        I’d say given Murphy is signing the stats more reflect that in the last 4 summers (incl this one) we have bought more than the average of 3.

        Or the last two summers he spent £50m.

        Or this summer he’s already spent £23m with 6 weeks to go.

        Which would suggest he’s learnt from the days of just signing Anita. But hey, maybe it is just when we’re about to be relegated….each summer for the last 4 years.

        • Pelican

          Are we forgetting about players sold/released?

        • Pelican

          “But hey, maybe it is just when we’re about to be relegated….each summer for the last 4 years.”

          12/13 – 41 points
          13/14 – 49 points (finished season in relegation form)
          14/15 – 39 points.
          15/16 – 37 points, relegated.

          It helps when you have data instead of making blind assumptions… otherwise you just end up being wrong.

          • TheFatController

            Sorry, are we back in school, reading that last comment ?

            Forgive me if you are still at school!

  • Ande Walsh

    I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again…. we will NOT move forward with Booze Bantz Ashley in tow. Irrespective of the Rafa sycophancy, NUFC are also rans who will flirt with relegation again & again & again & again recurring.