Another day, weekend, week, month goes by without any Newcastle United signings.

Yes, we all may have expected new faces in by now, but each passing day that goes by without any, actually increases my hopes of success in the transfer market this summer.

I know that pre-season training starts again today, the squad back together in preparation for the upcoming season.

Not one new face, although Christian Atsu has been converted from loan to permanent, Newcastle paying the pre-arranged fee only days after the Championship title was won.

So why my celebration of no new Newcastle United signings?

Well exactly who have we missed out on so far?

Yes you have the likes of Manchester United, Chelsea and Manchester City picking up what look some decent players but they were outside our price range and are players who wouldn’t give NUFC a second look in our current state.

Some of the ones we HAVE missed out on:

Nathan Ake – A 22 year old defender who has started 30 Premier League matches in total, joins Bournemouth for £20m.

Harry Maguire – Leicester have paid £17m for this centre-back who’s started only 25 games in the top tier.

Jordan Pickford – Has conceded a ridiculous number of goals in his 31 Premier League starts but Everton paid £30m!

Jermain Defoe – Turns 35 years old in October and Bournemouth have guaranteed him £20m in signing on fees and wages.

Jay Rodriguez – Latest Premier League transfer to go through on Sunday, turns 28 this months and has only started 12 Premier League matches in last three years and has had horrendous injury problems. Despite that West Brom have shelled out £12m plus another £3m if hitting various targets.

I am not saying that all of these signings will prove to be failures but I am convinced that there are better players out there that Newcastle can get and quite possibly for far less money.

I believe/hope that Rafa Benitez IS the one pulling all the strings these days and it is he who has decided to keep his/the club’s powder dry so far.

The fitness tests and training that the Newcastle players will be doing in these coming days – any potential signings will be doing the same elsewhere, so nothing spoiling there.

The next two weeks though are crucial for me, new players have to be made in this period and by mid-July, four weeks before the start of the Premier League season, Rafa Benitez has to have the bulk of his key signings made by then.

Next season so much will depend on the team/squad showing the same discipline as last season, with the players drilled in their roles as to what is expected.

That can only be done by hard work on the training pitch and then tried out in the pre-season friendlies.

It isn’t going to be easy but I’m counting on Rafa.

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  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    this guy must live in a bubble or has limited access to the madia, or he`s simply a luntaic with a laptop

    • Wor Lass

      “madia” – I like it. Is that what Trump uses?

      • Rich Lawson


    • Toonrobbybobson

      Media know naff all. End of the day club tells no one anything. We all know this and all the media are doing is trying to sell their nonsense through causing controversy and gain a reaction from either the club or more likely the fans.

      The business in general in the transfer market has been rubbish. More will happen now across the market now clubs start coming back.

  • jack

    Even the Lejeune transfer seems like smoke and mirrors , just like this article ,

  • TheTradge

    It’s he summer transfer window, there are ALWAYS going you’ve bulls**t stories about managers getting frustrated by lack of activity, or this player, that player being linked for a club record fee, or we might sell our best player, the best thing to do is just wait for a solid transfer story to emerge, because aside from that you can’t really trust anything written in the papers, because they love to stir up s**t!

  • Wor Lass

    An interesting perspective, Alan – I hope you`re right. If it wasn`t for the fact that it`s Ashley in charge and how he`s rubbed our noses in it time after time then I would be in absolute agreement. As it is, I`m a tad nervous about things at the minute. Cue that nutter Clarko, aka the FCB Police, to tell me that I`m so bitter, twisted and hate-filled that I`ve gone and mentioned Ashely in a non-Ashley related article. Doh!

  • Paul9

    You can’t be happy if we sign no one and end up in a relegation battle all season but we saved a few quid

  • I think we definitely can do better than these players for that kinda cash. I think Rafa is trying to get more experienced players from Spain/Italy/Germany for around 10-15mln, because we need 4-5 signings. I definitely call rubbish on Pickford, since Woodmann should cost just as much. Ake and Maguire could have been great for us, but over 15Mln Pounds for unproven talent is simply too much.

  • Jimblag23

    Ake & Maquire would definitely have improved us.

  • Leazes Ender

    …”Mr Ashley’s business practices fly in the face of business orthodoxy,” Mr Chapman told the judge in a written outline of Mr Blue’s case.

    “Mr Blue refers to Mr Ashley lying underneath tables in meetings he found to be boring to ‘take a nap’, playing a game of spoof to resolve who ought to pay Merrill Lynch’s legal fees ..

    • Lord

      Napping during boring meetings huh. I like his style, I might try that at work this week.

      I think I’ll avoid vomiting into fireplaces, mind.

  • Toon Army AZ

    I fear that if we don’t get new players in soon and through pre-season training to achieve readiness, we will miss the opportunity to exploit the soft early season fixtures. If we fail to pick up significant points early, if we head into the tough fixtures around the holiday season in the bottom half of the table, we will likely be in for the dreaded relegation fight again.

  • Jezza

    There will be no new signings and we don’t need any as far as Ashley is concerned. The same squad that won the Championship will surely be good enough to finish fourth bottom of the Premiership, especially with the likes of Huddersfield, Brighton and Burnley there. Why spend any money when don’t need to spend when Ashley can pocket the lot? If the worst comes to the worst, there’s always January. Makes complete sense doesn’t it? If Rafa doesn’t like it, Ashley has got someone waiting in the wings who will be perfectly happy to do the job on those terms again.

  • S.G.M.

    Bang On, I have to agree with every word. Just one addition to the many that we were linked with, Tammy Abraham! good luck with that one Swansea.

  • Stephen Paylor

    Will Hughes, Sandro Ramirez, Bernard Traore only 3 i think were good value so far.

    Really think Charlie Taylor would be good value, David Santon too at just 3 million. Calum Chambers would provide good competition at both RB and CB. I actually thought Mbabu could have been that guy too this year but obviously not.

    • Oooh bobbi fleckman

      Will Hughes is the one that I think would have suited us