You can tell that Newcastle United are back in the Premier League, when every action taken is highlighted by the media and is taken as a sign that something is drastically wrong at the club.

Rafa Benitez is about to leave because there are no signings till July and that means that Newcastle are going to get relegated because no one is going to come in at all. Steve Nickson (new head of recruitment) was hired as an internal promotion to strengthen Ashley’s hand (even though Rafa is said to be happy about this) and this is the end, the real doom.

In the real world though, it’s still the start of July, and while ideally we’d have had signings in by now, don’t be surprised if it takes longer than most people think.

This is the first time that an NUFC Premier League manager is actually targeting players that are wanted by other teams as well, and are not Ligue 1 rejects. Of course, these transfers will take time. And yes, Benitez is a bit disappointed going by all the reports, but this talk of him resigning is utter rubbish.

If things don’t change in a month, yes, blame Ashley, and perhaps it might be time for AshleyOut to come back and emerge as a force again, but let’s give this regime some time.

It’s a huge shock for them as well…

A manager who won’t take no for an answer.

A manager has set targets.

A manager who refuses to go for garbage bargains.

It’s the first time in years that Newcastle are actually having to scout, then actually outbid other teams and convince the player to join them as well. Usually, the players we’ve signed have Newcastle as their only option.

This will take time and the class of players that we’re rumoured to be interested in are well above what we usually sign.

As for Nickson, this is a sign of Rafa’s control, and not Ashley’s meddling. Rafa is happy that he has someone he can trust in that position.

Graham Carr, for all his virtues, signed the players he wanted, not what the manager did. Pardew, for all his faults, was forced to play with players that he would never have signed on his own. My take on it is that it is the manager who will be sacked for any failures in the transfer market, so it is the manager that should have the final say, and Carr’s departure was needed for Rafa to exert the control he wanted to, and secure the signings he needed.

In steps, Nickson, a man who has seen the youth team do much better than previously and has scouted some successes at that level. Remember, at that level, most signings are not likely to succeed, especially with the youth set-up the way it was for the last few years.

So sit back and wait. Wrist slitting now is useless and ultimately won’t change a thing.

If things don’t play out well, then the first home game of the season should be a massive protest against Ashley.

But until then, let’s have some perspective, let’s have some patience, and let Rafa and his team get on with it, without speculating about how every rise of the eyebrow means he’s angry and wants to leave.

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  • Albert Stubbins

    so in summary- c’mon lads let’s show some patience- but then revolt en masse first game of the season if we don’t get the players in Rafa wants even though you accept it the toughest market place in recent history to bring top players in?!!! you’re patience clearly knows no bounds- looks like I better get the awld sack the board t-shirt oot of the box again then? lol lol

    • Soldier

      it`s not the toughest market but it`s the most expensive & with an owner like Ashley who wont pay the cash we will be a bottom 6 club, that`s the reality of life under the shop keeper

      • Albert Stubbins

        I agree with the writer in that its tough because we are now competing with players other clubs are actively trying to buy as well. I am optimistic that Rafa will get some decent players in- he said he was happy with the budget so lets wait and see- I think its too early to judge but I take your point.

      • HarryHype59

        I would take 17th place right now! Losing out on the big TV money has made it difficult to fund the “marquee” signings the club needs.

      • Porciestreet

        Bottom 6 is better (only just) than bottom 3. It gives us another year to get shot of Fatty and perhaps move the club on a bit.
        It’s a dull day to have to think like this but sadly, we are not the wonder club we would all love to be and it seems that middle to lower end of the table is our lot until we can get rid of the fat tumour that is My Cashley..

        • Anni Selby

          Yes that,s all you lot can think about,its the truth,Ashley and his cronnies are not in it for the fans or the club,Short is the same,but we have a 100million debt,but you do not have.100 times and 100 times.your club will not spend what Rafa wants.As for Aston Villa they can not spend no more than 1million,they just got Terry on a free transfer.Funny enough you guys we got more money than Villa to spend despite our shocking,joke position we find ourselfs in right now.We need a manager knows the champinship well.Your comdey show is not gone yet,you lot know it.Do count your chickens before they hatch.

  • Cuh736

    Some fine logic there, talking about having to enter bidding wars

  • Whitehurst

    Good article….too many these “mongers” on here too!!

  • Pelican

    “It’s the first time in years that Newcastle are actually having to
    scout, then actually outbid other teams and convince the player to join
    them as well. Usually, the players we’ve signed have Newcastle as their
    only option.”

    And going for Lejeune, a player that no other clubs are showing interest in, demonstrates this?

    I suppose the club were interested in Semedo, but lost out to Villareal. Symbolic of change?

    • Soldier

      by the way, where is he ?

  • Kneebotherm8

    I’ll tend to agree with all this (over)reaction of the past few days if we’re in the same position,with no signings,next weekend.

  • TheNutJob

    10yrs, 2 relegations under the Pie Man & 20 players on the books that aren`t work a scoot of p1 $$
    let`s have a party

  • Paul Busby

    I have a good old giggle at the, “my conjecture is better than your conjecture” articles.

  • Stephen Paylor

    Sandro Ramirez, only 5 million we need to get in on something like that

  • Down Under Mag

    I find it hillarious that the so-called doom and gloom surrounding the club right now is purely media driven gossip. We have been linked with new players (read they are about to sign and don’t) every single day since promotion was assured. Then because the mystery players haven’t signed (because the papers just made them up) the papers then start rumours of unrest and fans are buying into the B.S.

    The window just opened this weekend and there is still so much time. Yes I agree to some extent that it would be nice to get a core of new signings in sooner rather than later to give them a full pre-season to settle, BUT it isn’t the disaster that most are predicting right now.

  • Desree

    If we had made signings in jan then I wouldn’t be so worried. But with so much dross returning from loan, a chief scout who previously unearthed the amazing youth talent we have in our ranks and Pieman selling rangers shares. I put it all together and conclude that MA has no intention of sanctioning any deals. Same patterns of behaviour time and again. Why would Carr leave now, why not Jan? Why not recruit someone who can scout? Raffa must have had his thoughts. Maybe we are being sold? Maybe Raffa is already out of the door?

    • Anni Selby

      Yes I was right about club owners,you boys,Raffa is going to have a problem getting players in,I am a chef at Aldershot garrison,Kevin Keegan was we did the food,Keegan is a very nice guy agrees with both sets of fans NUFC and SAFC.Every ex player or manager told the truth Alan Shearer and Ashley his cronies,Eliis Short,his imcomepent idoits we have down the road,Picking right manager for the championship is not the point,mistakes contine to run through our mismangement clubs,I am a realist,I would not be over surpise,if you missed out on key players to stay in this league,I do not think you lot not surpise if the likes of Huddersfield or Brighton outspend you mags,but the point is Bournemouth or West Brom,Watford can not really outwit a club like Newcastle in trems of making money becasue of the fanbase you have.Ashley,his crooks are just too slow in the transfer markget,that,s why you do not trust these people running club,drivin you mad towards the end,we mackems are fed up with Short taking us for granted,taking piss.That,s the likes of Swansea and Stoke,Southampton sell players,still get in players.Ashley is making your club small in trems of the transfer markget,as we found that out with Short,there no aimbition at both clubs.