Newcastle fans were both excited and relieved as it was revealed that agreement had been reached on a transfer fee for Jacob Murphy.

First linked with the 22 year old Newcastle fan last month, a week of building speculation had led to hopes that a signing was imminent, only for an apparent deadlock to have been arrived at between the two clubs on a transfer fee.

Newcastle widely reported to be sticking to £10m, whilst Norwich said to want £16m – but allegedly could be prepared to come down to around the £12m mark.

Monday saw the player fly off to Dublin to meet the Newcastle squad and finalise the deal, with a transfer fee of £12m/£12.5m having been settled on.

By sheer coincidence, or possibly not…only hours before the transfer was announced, Rafa Benitez told the media:

“We are working very hard and trying to get as close as possible to some signings.

“When I had the meeting with Mike Ashley (in May) I was confident that after that meeting we have the money available and the wages.

“Everything is in place to move forward.

“Hopefully, Mike Ashley can keep his word and we can do what we want to do.”

Despite Jacob Murphy signing for around £12m, many Newcastle fans continue to be in denial regarding the transfer market as it stands today.

Murphy has had one promising season of Championship football with a decent amount of goals (nine) and assists (six) for a midfielder/winger but still has it all to prove.

Yet when Middlesbrough paid £15m this week for Britt Assombalonga from Nottingham Forest, many Newcastle fans were incredulous at the size of the transfer fee.

That is the reality though and points to the kind of money Newcastle will have to spend as a minimum if they are to bring in another striker, which is surely essential

Assombalonga scored 30 Championship goals in 47 starts (pus 18 as sub) for Forest and goalscorers always come at a premium, these are the type of minimum prices Newcastle will have to go and pay if they are to get players who would be automatic first choice at St James Park.

The £12m paid for Murphy is a run of the mill transfer fee this summer for a Premier League squad player, yet some Newcastle fans are acting as though it was a groundbreaking deal.

This summer we have also seen Wolves pay just under £16m for 20 year old Portuguese international Ruben Neves from Porto.

In most other contexts these are massive amounts of cash but purely in the context of Premier League football, you have to quantify them in relation to the massive money Premier League clubs will pull in this coming season.

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  • Lhc

    15 mil asombalonga 9 on braithwaite, 24 million outlay on strikers and there in the championship and putting us to shame tbh, personally I don’t think we will be willing to pay much more than the Murphy fee, so chances of 15 million or more on a decent striker in today’s market are quite slim for us

    • TheFatController

      Boro earnt loads last season. They’re spending some of it. I’m neither shocked nor surprised a club making £100m last year spends £15m on a striker.

      Check out Aston Villa spend last summer and then this summer …

      • Andy Mac

        If we’d had the £110m other mid table clubs “earned” last season I wonder if we’d be splashing out on strikers or frugally minding the pennies ?

  • Rich Lawson

    No prem’ clubs in for him ? Boro would have stayed up last season if they could have hit the net (defence wasn’t that bad for their position) so good on them (Gibson) for splashing the cash,hope they come straight back up and give us a local game.

    • NUFCDan

      No fire sale of their best players like Gibson and de Roon either, both of them would have no doubt been sought after by PL clubs. I guess that’s what happens when you have a chairman who actually cares about the club.

      • TheFatController

        Fire sale refers to selling goods cheaper than value quickly

        So I presume you’re not comparing our sales last summer of wijnaldum sissoko and janmaat for £28m, £10m and £2m profit in the last weeks of the window? That’s all at value and not sold quickly.

        Ashley isn’t quite Gibson agreed yes. But Fire sale merchant ? Ashley loves money too much to fire sale anything. He exploits fire sales in retail, it’s his main business tactic.

        • Rich Lawson

          He is talking about Boro,not NUFC.

  • TheFatController

    So to paraphrase you’re writing to say some fans are idiots for seeing Murphy deal as ground breaking ( Not seen that reaction myself from anyone, it’s just a deal with potential in fans’ eyes)

    Unlike you, who ‘gets’ modern PL fees, just like what Boro and Wolves do?

    If we weren’t so happy with the Murphy deal due to ‘denial’ we’d all be marching on st james’ to lynch Ashley, is that it? So shame on brainless fans rejoicing at the Murphy deal for not being smart like you? Wow.

    • Martin

      Great comment. This site spews so much negativity so it’s good to see some realism from a fellow fan.

      • TheFatController

        Well, if you need a dog to kick you don’t listen to people telling you it’s not the dog’s fault – this we’ll always be idiots to the pathological Ashley kickers

        Anyone giving rafa the revenue and player in and outs control isn’t as bad as they make out. Yes he’s made mistakes, he admitted it. What more do they want than him getting rafa, giving him the money the club earns to spend? It’s sad they’re so aggressively against that set up because of what’s gone before. Sometimes you have to move on and accept its not perfect but it’s improving.

  • Phil K

    Eh ? We are in denial ? We are pleased to get a promising lad in, but believe most of the deals will be done near the close of the transfer window when the selling clubs will have to reduce their ludicrous demands. The worst being the Portuguese

  • IAmYTM

    I don’t get what your point is? Or the point of the article for that matter? Is it just a dig at people that you’re making assumptions about? Please tell us how to support our club properly Dale, we’re clearly all very lost, assuming signing young English talent at a decent price was a good thing. Shame one us.

    • Rich Lawson

      Yes,Sky money has brought continental mercinaries in with no feeling for the English game other than their pay packet and hampering the development of home grown talent

  • Toonrobbybobson

    Spending £30 million+ does not make a player a success. We have to get over the £x value of a player and look at the actual player and what they bring to the squad/team.

    Rafa is signing players with potential, hunger and the right mentality to play for us. Will he get everyone right? NO. But when you don’t put all your eggs in one basket on a £x value grabbing price its less risky.

    Rafa is doing things right.

  • Paul Patterson

    Er hang on a minute! I don’t see this as a ‘ground breaking deal’, it’s simply a deal and a good one for me.
    I’m pig sick of the constant negativity from some fans. Deals will be done early in the window as will they be done late in the window hence the term ‘window’.
    We now have two players signed up, an exciting young winger (in the mould of Kieron Dyer to me) and a continental centre back, two positions that fans on here have been crying out for to be strengthened and at reasonable costs for the market and our current position as a club. Is this not positive? If it’s negative then there are a lot of other club guilty of the same.
    More will follow these players in and players will no doubt depart. Some people just need to sit back and let the window pan out and not wake up of a morning with a gripe when there isn’t one there, if it all goes t**s up after that then fair enough . .

    • Andy Mac

      The problem with your positive is that the players brought in aren’t top priorities. Wasting £3-4m on a RB when we really need a top class striker and playmaker is not good business IMO. Get the main targets in first then by all means buy “squad players”.

      • Paul Patterson

        Come on, you must know it doesn’t work like that. The club will be working on multiple deals and some will be done sooner than others

        • Andy Mac

          We’re on this site because we’re both NUFC. However if PL survival is No 1 priority then a squad RB isnt going to be the difference between staying up and going down.

          The point I’m making is get the “differentiators” through the door first !

    • HarryHype59

      It was going well until you stated;

      “In the mould of Kieron Dyer”

      Aside from spending more times in the sick room than De Jong, Keyrong was a disruptive little sh*te

      • Paul Patterson

        Yeah, my point was the potential.

  • Damon Horner

    I don’t think anybody is in denial, I just think there are fans who know we won’t have daft money to spend on “premium” players and know it’s not the only way to improve the team.

    • TheFatController

      Apparently you can’t buy bargains or sensibly , you have to outspend Boro and wolves with each purchase …

      And if you haven’t outspent Boro and wolves by 19th July, it means you never will.

      Ashley told rafa he could spend the money any which way he wanted. Probably in reply when Rafa asked him if he could do what Boro and wolves do

      • TheNutJob

        what a load of bollix

        • TheFatController

          Are you missing the irony in my post …?

      • Damon Horner

        If this team crack on and do ok then I really don’t care if they £20mil or £20k. Seems to be a lot of boardroom experts on here.
        You can assess the squad quality and feel free to worry about it, it can be called a risk but I am happier about the guy calling the shots on the risk then I was previously, that’s for sure.

  • TheNutJob

    spot on, to many fans living in the dark ages.
    how many players have we bought 4, how many will start 1, what we looking at now
    a striker for 5 million
    Get real !

    • IAmYTM

      If you run out of sugar at home do you sound an alarm and lock yourself in a room? The dark ages? I think you need to relax my friend

      • Soldier

        and you and your ilk need to wake up

        • IAmYTM

          Wake up to what?! Lol you two are panicking over stuff that hasn’t and might not yet happen. As for your comment on same old rubbish every year pretty sure we bought 11 players last year.

          • Soldier

            championship players & pocketed £30m profit, Ashley laps up people like you

          • IAmYTM

            And when did the window shut? Or is it still open? Thought so. At the end of the day Rafa is still here so he’s clearly happy with how things have progressed so far.

          • TheFatController

            Can you show proof athat £30m went into Ashley’s pocket, nak acciunt offshore?

            I only ask as Rafa referred to it the other day, saying he still had the £30m from Jan’s window. I thought it went there, not Ashley’s pocket

            But the proof Ashley pocketed it will be enough …

    • TheFatController

      What if the striker is to replace Murphy or rivière ? What’s wrong with £5m then ?

      • Soldier

        you`ll find out when we go down again next May

        • TheFatController

          I’ll put my faith In Rafa, it’s his budget and his buys. He’s done enough to earn my respect…

      • Geordiegiants

        I don’t think we could buy anyone as good as Murphy for £5m.

  • Soldier

    Nufc is going nowhere under Ashley, it`s the same old rubbish every year
    the team is well short of quality & what are we doing, buying 2nd rate players

    • TheFatController

      Same old rubbish maybe, but at least without Carr and Maclaren, without buying and selling without manager consent, without any effort with youth and reserves

      I recognize you’re right to refer to not spending over £50m in summer windows the last two seasons and we may only spend that this window, but at least it’s being spent more wisely / constructively – I’ll take that but yes, I’d prefer £100m spend

      • Geordiegiants

        Think I agree with you there, we might not be splashing the cash, but on the face of it, Rafa seems to be spending a bit more wisely.

    • Geordiegiants

      We will never achieve any greatness under the cancers grip.

  • Alreet

    When the record is being smashed at 195 mill it just means that everything is doubling up season on season. Yes we need to get the players in but we do still need to do it at the right price.

    Gone are the days of a few mill for cabaye and 9 mill for cisse. We do need to get them in but not at fraudulent prices.

    Bas dost. 30 mill should get him and get mitro off for 16 mill.

    If we get a good striker and another midfielder before close it wont be a bad do.

    • Geordiegiants

      Bad Dost, I hope not. I would give Mitro on a free.

  • Wor Monga

    There’s no end to the negative whinging on here…first they said we needed 8 and we got one who we already had, and wasn’t good enough to start anyway…then we got #2, but he was only 8.5million so he won’t start, and that’s your lot now…then we got #3, but he was only 12 million from the championship so he won’t start either…and now it’s an ex-mackem for only 2.5 mill so there’s no way that he’ll start…and now they’re saying that’s it it’s doom and gloom none of them will be able to start and relegation is a certainty…

    …and now look Souness even agrees with us…well he would wouldn’t he cos nobody knew more about negativity in football than that parasite!!!

    • Geordiegiants

      For once some sense!

  • magpiefifer

    Ashley may not like it,but market forces prevail – if we need quality FIRST TEAM players we’ll need to pay the going rates.
    The alternative is to have a squad that is not as strong as it needs to be to prosper/survive in the PL.

  • HarryHype59

    Boro picked up around 105m in TV money last year so can easily afford this player.

    • Andy Mac

      Yes but let’s not forget the PL payment for this coming season will hit the accounts in this financial year 2017-18. So is there any harm in dipping into it before the end of the season ? If we dont make £20m profit in June I’d be surprised ?

      • HarryHype59

        There is no harm, but Ashley would need to advance the money to Rafa. The money is paid over this season in installments. The club picked up an eight figure fee recently, will get monthly payments and two larger payments in the Jan window and at the end of the season. Cash flow is the issue here.

  • disqus_GFJ5SSXQ7o

    So we sign a young winger who has impressed for club side, impressed in U21 European champs, has supported and loved the club as a boy yet The Mag features an article of this kind. If someone else had made this signing instead of us some would slate the clubs lack of ambition, get a grip

  • Down Under Mag

    This lad looks a decent player and what’s more he WANTS to play for us. There’s also the possibility that his brother might want to join him if things go well and he keeps improving himself. I have zero problem with signings of this type as long as we can offload the dead wood at the club. Personally, given our situation, I think we will get a lot more mileage out of young players like this, keen to prove themselves and who actually seem keen to play for this club than some merc from abroad who has no interest in the clubs fortunes one way or the other as long as he gets his pay and a high priced move away from the club in a year or so.