Mehmet Sepil has told the media that talks with Yoan Gouffran are going well and have been positive.

Sepil is the Club President of Goztepe and is hoping to tie up what would represent quite a significant signing for the club.

The club are minnows of Turkish football but have just won promotion to the top division (Super Lig) after finishing fifth in the second tier, then winning the play-offs.

It is 14 years since Goztepe last reached the top level of Turkish football and in the meantime have played in the second, third and fourth tiers, plus dropped even further  when they played as an Amateur side in 2007/08.

Five weeks ago when Newcastle United revealed their retained/released list, they confirmed that Vurnon Anita and others were going, but that they had made an offer of a short-term contract (believed to be for one year) to Yoan Gouffran.

However, the last that was heard was on 30 June when local north east media reported that the Frenchman had a deadline of 2 July to give Rafa Benitez/Newcastle United an answer.

Yoan Gouffran is now 31 and if he is going to sign for Goztepe then I think we can take for granted that Newcastle’s offer wasn’t exactly lucrative.

Newcastle United Official Announcement – 9 June 2017:

The club has opened discussions with Yoan Gouffran’s representatives, which may see the Frenchman extend his stay at St. James’ Park.

Manager Rafa Benítez said: “I wish to give sincere thanks to all those players from the first team and at under-23 level who we have made the difficult decision to release this summer.

“In particular to Vurnon Anita, who has served Newcastle United magnificently over the last five years. Vurnon is an outstanding team-player, always working for the team and willing to step into whatever position he was needed to fill. He is an excellent professional and I thank him for every contribution he has made over the years, particularly in my time as manager.

“Yoan Gouffran has been an equally committed and dedicated team-player for this club, as well as a hugely popular member of the squad.

“I can confirm we are in early stage discussions now with Yoan’s agent to see if there might be a solution that could work for both the player and the club which may see Yoan extend his service to Newcastle United, but we will know more in the coming days.

  • Clarko

    I’m interested to hear the opinions of anyone reading. Would you rather Newcastle re-sign Gouffran (for free) and spend one lump sum of money on an alternative player or let Gouffran go and have to split that lump sum on two players, a new, alternative player and a Gouffran replacement?

    • Damon Horner

      Think it depends on how much we can use the loan market depending on what we have to spend but if the thought is to use Gouffran as a stop gap there may be a loan player who’d offer the same with probably lower wages, if no such player exists then I’d offer him a year but he might not want it.

    • mentalman

      i’d let him leave, he’s not premier league level and doesn’t have it in him to play a full season at championship standard

    • Soldier

      i wouldn`t re-sign him if he played for nothing

    • Paul Busby

      The question really is, who replaces him?
      More than happy for him to ship off elsewhere, but we need people on the pitch.

      • Geordiegiants

        Anyone could replace Goofy he was bang average, even when playing well last season.

        • Paul Busby

          Right… but anyone isnt no-one… you get my drift?

          • Geordiegiants

            I do.

    • Oooh bobbi fleckman

      Had we not had a lot of players that were bubbling under the 1st team, I’d have kept him as he played very well last season and seems to give his all. I’d have said the same for Anita but we have a lot of spare players at the moment.

      I hope he does well for whomever takes him.

      • MichaelMaximusMoose

        as long as it`s a schitt league he`ll be fine Blobby

      • Clarko

        At left midfield we only have Aarons, who is injury prone and Astu, who was selected behind Gouffran last season.

        You’re right, Anita is in the same boat, played an integral part of last season but is just not quite good enough to stay. However, Anita does have versatility, despite being short on the left hand side I would’ve thought Anita would be the one to get an offer from Newcastle over Gouffran, if any.

        • Kneebotherm8

          Did I read that correctly,you say Anita has versatility,despite being short on the left hand side. I’d suggest he’s short on the right hand side and in the middle too.

          • Clarko

            No, you did not read that correctly.

      • Geordiegiants

        There isn’t many ,if any, players in our team that I would be gutted if they left, from Mitro to Darlow, we havent got one player that would get in a top top six team. Any one that leaves is easily replaced.

  • NUFCDan

    I get the impression he must be looking for one last big contract. Assume we must have only offered him a 12 month extension.

    • Soldier

      he was offered 12 months i wouldn`t give him 12 hours

  • Soldier

    thank God for that

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Dodged the bullet on Gouff,
    Hasta La Vista Yoan don`t look back

  • Desree

    No sense in keeping him. If de jong is fit, i would like to see how he goes at no10. We could put perez on the right or left or move Ritchie left. We have Lazzar who we haven’t seen much of.