It feels like you are constantly swimming against the tide as ever more transfer claims are thrown at you.

I guess most football fans experience similar feelings but I can’t help but think that Newcastle supporters are singled out more than most by the media.

Being such a mental club with an owner who initiates drinking games before projectile vomiting into a pub’s fireplace, it is little wonder that newspapers can run pretty much any transfer story about NUFC and people to think that it could just about be possible.

Thursday morning sees a belter though, with The Sun claiming that if Middlesbrough miss out on Nottingham Forest’s Brett Assombalonga, they will then go for Newcastle’s Dwight Gayle.

Hmmm, so if they then get knocked back on Newcastle’s number nine, with Boro then make a move for Alexis Sanchez…and failing that go for Lionel Messi?

I now I am being (intentionally) ridiculous but The Sun did start it!

The alleged rationale of the newspaper’s tall tale, is that Rafa Benitez wants to bring in a new striker and so Dwight Gayle would be open to leaving because he wouldn’t be guaranteed first choice.

Scoring 23 Championship goals despite only starting 26 league games after a £10m move a year ago, safe to say that a goalscorer like Dwight Gayle in his prime (aged 27), in this transfer market, would be comfortably out of Middlesbrough’s reach even if he wanted to leave.

Which of course is the main point, why would Dwight Gayle be wanting to leave Newcastle at this point and why on earth would Rafa Benitez be happy to let him go?

Along with Ciaran Clark and Matt Ritchie, Gayle was one of three inspired signings by Rafa a year ago, the trio key to the title winning promotion AND all three well capable of the step up to Premier League action.

Actually all three have already shown to at least some extent that they can do it in the Premier League and to be fair, the Newcastle Manager has precious few of those in his current squad of players.

Last season saw precious little back-up to the number nine, Mitrovic a major disappointment on most occasions when given opportunities, whilst Perez isn’t a striker and struggled much of the season anyway, with only stop gap Daryl Murphy proving he was really up to the job when given his rare chances to shine.

So, next season, it looks obvious that Newcastle do need to bring in at least one quality striker – but not at the expense of Dwight Gayle.

NUFC need a forward who can play with Gayle, as well as a lone role if necessary. Identifying who that ideal player actually is, is something we can only ponder on.

It could be a make or break decision/transfer as to exactly how well Newcastle can do this coming season and you just hope that Rafa Benitez will get full backing financially if he identifies who he’d like to fit that role.

With Dwight Gayle being the main poster boy for selling both Newcastle strips and tickets this summer, safe to say that there is no intention to sell him.

Newcastle United need more goal options come August, not less.

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  • Steve Pearce

    Well it could be worse – The Dung could have linked him with the conference-bound Sunderland…..

  • Paul Busby

    IF (and its a very big if) we had someone special lined up (and I’ve seen no evidence) then you could let him go for ~£25m? Probs more to be honest, we really have no need to sell our top striker.
    Despite probably having a little bit of a cash pot over at Boro, I dont see that being in their pricerange.

    Good one newspapers, go back to complaining about brexit.

    • Mark Potter

      If he isn’t Prem quality, just a good Championship player, who exceeded himself playing in an exceptional team, who provided him with lots of assists, then he cannot be worth more than £10m. And Boro could afford him with their parachute payments, in an attempt to get straight back up. If, on the other hand, he does have the ability to play in the Prem (and his phenomenal goals per shot ratio before Xmas, and the quality of some of his goals suggest that is so), then he wouldn’t go back to the Championship.

      It’s an awkward one to know, as it is not clear to me why he didn’t score goals at Palace, but Rafa was obviously convinced he would score lots of them when he brought him in. And turned out right. Sad to say, but we would still be in the Championship if we had to rely on our so-called Prem level strikers (Perez and Mitro). Boro can have one of them, or Diame, if we can get improvements. But then again Perez is going to Arsenal or Barcelona… Poor lad is deluded.

      • Paul Busby

        I think my point was more that we actually have no need to let him go, so you do the same thing Swansea have done with Sigurdsson and slap a stupid price on him that no-one will pay.
        I reckon he will comfortably get around 15 goals in the prem, but who knows really, maybe we get a top draw no10 and Mitro scores 20…

        Perez isn’t going anywhere, kid still got a lot to learn. Deluded for sure if that’s what he thinks.

      • NUFCDan

        Palace play hoof ball. The managers he had while at Palace were Warnock, Pulis and Pardew – managers who have absolutely no idea how to set a team up without a big lad up front. A fair few of Gayles appearances for them were on the wing.

  • Jezza

    If the right offer comes in for Dwight Gayle, Ashley will sell. No question. To be fair though, there is no way I can see Gayle ending up at Middlesborough.

  • Rich Lawson

    More t##s in the sun than just page 3 then,even the paper it is printed on makes my flesh crawl.

  • Anita kick up the Hoop

    In all seriousness.. I would happily sell Gayle IF we got a big money offer for him .. I’m convinced he isn’t capable of leading the line as a lone striker at Premiership level.

    • Rich Lawson

      And you’d do that without a credible replacement(s) being signed ? Surely the bloke has done enough to be given another shot to show if he is indeed prem’ class?

      • Anita kick up the Hoop

        I didn’t say I’d Sell without a replacement BUT I would sell… he’s already proven he struggles on his own at Premiership level .. his stock Is as high now as it will ever be .. he’s injury prone into the bargain .. my honest opinion is he’s done well doing the job he was bought for BUT the clever thing to do now would be to cash in and buy a upgrade .. Danny Ings would be my choice

        • nufcslf

          Wouldn’t the fear be that fatty would simply just pocket the money. I would like to think he did enough last season to at least start this coming one. Will be interesting to see how Rafa deals with it all.

    • HMRC

      add to that he missed 20 games last season & the season before at Palace

  • HMRC

    Don`t laugh it off, far stranger things have happened at Nufc


    Totally agree with this Article, why would Gayle even consider leaving the self proclaimed 8th biggest club in the world to come to the Boro?? …you Jawdees are SOOOOOO funny :D especially considering this article is coming from a supporter of a club who’s last claim to fame was winning the Intercontnental gypsie fairs horse and cart invitational charity event in 1969 makes it seriously amusing! ..tell me again how great it was watching your team winning the league back in 1926?? is anyone actually still alive who went to those game? id imagine if you were aged 10 back then youd only be 101 so its possible :D :D the last North East team to win and English domestic cup ;-) ..O, and just out of curiosity, whens the next Boycoutt planned? we could do with another airing of your world famous banner been shown around the world on tv, it’ll be great to cry laughing again and clear the smog from our lungs ;-) :D

    • Mark Davies

      Dont think he quite fancies playing in a half full ground in a lower league. On top of that he doesnt feel his children would be safe in that nonce haven of yours.

      To be honest though, the comments of any fan of your club means nothing to me. When will you lot ever get it through your thick sculls that our only real rivals are the mackems and not a small town somewhere near yorkshire.


        “To be honest though, the comments of any fan of your club means nothing
        to me. When will you lot ever get it through your thick sculls that our
        only real rivals are the mackems and not a small town somewhere near

        Its “thick s”k”ulls” (thats a Kiccky Kuh not a lickle suh ;-) :D ). …as in ….”The Thick Skulls who spelt Boycott as Boycoutt” and aired it on the TV for the world to see ,,and you wonder why us Smoggies laugh at you Jawdees :D :D :D

        • Mark Davies

          Ooooh sorry Mr perfect. I stand corrected and have amemded. You may want to check how to spell geordies though dopy.

          Not too sure what pollution land is laughing at though. You do realise that you went down and have barely a hope of being promoted?

          Still, you enjoy those huge crowds you get, the mass unemployment, vile air and kiddy fiddling.

          • East Durham Mag

            Mark they have a huge chip on their shoulders and they were the biggest team(self proclaimed) in the north east last season. One season in the PL now back in very familiar territory. Shame.

          • Mark Davies

            Thats right. North east top dogs or some claptrap wasnt it

        • Albert Stubbins

          Boro talking about trophys!!!- lol- youve got to laugh. The fact they sound like scousers with a bad bout of flu is even funnier!!


            A Trophy we’ve actually seen the Boro win ;-) just out of interest, is anyone on here actually 102 years of age? id love to hear your thoughts on watching you team lifting a trophy as a 10 year old child not long after the first world war ended lol :D :D

          • Albert Stubbins

            you’d love to see any ten year old lift a trophy- now p*** off i’ll tell everyone about the time the big brave boro were crying in their own pub when their friends from up the A19 landed unexpected.


            The only time you Jawdeees ever seen the Boro lads crying was in fits of laughter when your lot were at the Riverside all stood up singing to the seated Boro fans……”Stand up if you shag your kids” ….you’s didnt quite work that one out properly when you all sang it did ya!! :O still sat here crying with laughter now! :D :D

          • Geordiegiants

            I’ve noticed in a few of your posts you’ve got a thing for ten year olds. Nothing’s changed down there then, the land that time forgot.

          • WayneClayton

            Was just thinking the same myself about his obsession with 10 year olds. “Pampers” to them was lingerie 😂

    • Steven05

      I honestly don’t give Boro much thought at all, but I do hope you do well next season and take one of the promotion spots

    • Geordiegiants

      Good luck next season. Is Marietta Higgs still alive?

      • WayneClayton

        Is Marietta Higgs still alive? Nearly spilled me pint 🤣

        • Geordiegiants

          Ha ha lol! It made me giggle as well. I remember going to ayrsome park in the day with mask and suits, singing what’s it like to …. your kids. All good fun and craic, it seems these lot are stuck in the same time with a new ground.

  • 1957

    If we signed a good striker who was clearly going to be first choice, Sam’s idea of someone playing alongside Gayle is a pipedream under Benitez, you could see why Dwight might want to move on. At 27 he needs to be the main man not back where he was at Palace, mainly warming the bench.

    I would expect that he would hope to get a PL club though, not a return to the Championship

  • HarryHype59

    Boro will pick up 100m TV money despite getting relegated. They actually could afford to buy Gayle.

  • Wor Lass

    I`ve already said not to worry – Das Boot`s come up for air. And he won`t mind being sub!

    • Albert Stubbins

      ha ha- class- wasnt that the name of the bandit in Phoenix nights as well?

      • Wor Lass

        Yeah, I think it was. He`s been good value for a laugh – along with Gomis and Big Andy – for a while!

  • Albert Stubbins

    I would take a decent offer for Gayle to be fair- injury prone and not explosive pace needed for a player of his stature at this level. Has been brilliant for us but i think rafa would consider a decent offer.

  • Down Under Mag

    Money talks…if we get a big enough offer then nothing would surprise me. If fatty think she could turn a profit with a cheaper option lined up (or maybe Riviere scores one or two in pre-season) then he will think he’s hit the jackpot lol

  • Tonnie Paul Ewing

    Comfortably out of our reach🤔 how do you work that out? We payed more for Rhodes than you paid for gayle so give over with ya nonsense #UTB