Bradford 0 Newcastle 4 – Wednesday 26 July 7.30pm

Elliott 7 –  A quiet first half with very little to do! Should be tested more over the next two games in Germany.

Yedlin 7 – Good going forward, lacks the final product much like last season.

Lejeune 8 – Looks very confident and comfortable on the ball. Wasn’t really tested defensively but good signs from tonight.

Clark 7 –  Comfortable as always.

Dummett 7 – Solid as ever, although more competition is needed at left-back for sure.

Hayden 7 – A good performance, very encouraging. Be interesting to see if he can do it in the Premier League with Shelvey.

Shelvey 9 – Always the best player on the pitch for me, head and shoulders above the rest… no pun intended.

Ritchie 6 – Not match fit yet but plenty of time and three more games to get there.

Perez 6 – Quiet and still looks too lightweight for me.

Atsu 5 – Did very little, had one great chance but dawdled on it when he should have hit it with his right.

Gayle 7 – Little service, looked isolated at times, but scored his usual goal! Great.

Diame 6 – You know you’re rubbish when the fans sing “we’re on the pitch if you score”.

Murphy 7 – Two goals, looks quick, strong and lively. Could have had three but was very unselfish in laying on a chance for Mitro.

Manquillo 6 – Had little to do but did everything he needed to comfortably.

Aarons 9 – A couple of positives runs and two assists for Mitrovic and Murphy. Also, didn’t rise to it when in confrontation with a Bradford player. A promising performance.

Woodman 7 – One good save from a free-kick, other than that had nothing to do!

Mitro 7 – Could have done better from Aarons’ run and a De Jong cross but eventually got his goal via a tap in from Rolando Aaron’s cross. Also missed a right sitter.

Gamez 7 – Slotted in comfortably at left-back.

De Jong 6 – Not much time to have an impact but he was taking free-kicks and corners – a sign he will be kept on??

Mbemba 7 – Just like the rest of the defence, very little to do!

Not enough involvement to have an opinion on the following:

Saivet – N/A

Colback – N/A

Bradford 0 Newcastle 4


Newcastle: Gayle 50, Murphy 51,79 Mitrovic 76

Newcastle United:

Elliot (Woodman 61), Yedlin (Maquilo 46), Lejeune (Mbemba 61), Clark (Saivet 77), Dummett (Gamez 61), Atsu (Aarons 61), Shelvey (de Jong 61), Hayden (Colback 77), Ritchie (Murphy 46), Pérez (Diame 46), Gayle (Mitrovic 61)

Crowd: 7,601 (2,404 Newcastle)

Referee: Geoff Eltringham

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  • glassjawsh-got-banned

    waiting on leazes to tell us all why this is actually horrible and we should feel bad for enjoying it when the toon do well. bunch of happy clappers and whatnot.

    • Jezza

      We shouldn’t feel bad about enjoying this win. There are plenty positives to take from it, especially Murphy’s goals. At the same time we also need to take a sense of perspective. We don’t want the powers that be at St James’s Park thinking that the team doesn’t need strengthening for next season as a result of this big win over very lowly opposition. We will be playing much better teams than Bradford every game next season.

      • Rich Lawson

        Yes,I enjoyed this game,better than your normal squad run outs,Murphy looked good and took his goals well,yet I still dread Spurs at home without significant prem’ class signings.

        • Jezza

          You’re not alone. I’m already having nightmares at the thought of what the likes of Kane and Alli are going to do to this Newcastle team.

          • Andy Mac

            Cheer up Jezza we’ll still have 37 games after that ;-)

  • Mrkgw

    Promising but, we need signings. And quick.

    • Andy Mac

      Agreed we need signings but we need players who make a difference. IMO the only one, so far, who’ll be OK in the PL is Lejeune. The rest are either squad players/ones for the future.

  • Rich Lawson

    Good game for a friendly,was a bit worried at half time but they just crumbled in the 2nd half,the boy Murphy looked good and took his goals well.

  • TheNutJob

    A good result but there`s still deadwood in the team, SloMo, Jack & maybe Perez just aren`t good enough to start
    we still need an accomplished attacking midfielder & striker

  • Leazes Ender

    Can we use 22 players in the premiership.

    • TheNutJob


  • In Germany we’ll actually see what the team can do.
    Mainz and Wolfsburg will push us hard and we’ll hopefully see if we have enough character in the team.

  • Steve Pearce

    I wouldn’t worry about the Spurs match as aren’t we traditionally their bogey away team who somehow give them a thrashing every season. Well done and we can only get better!

    So roll on the season and lets see another 3 signings…