Monday 3 July sees the Newcastle United squad getting back together.

The Championship ended 57 days ago, a remarkable finale to a successful season as already promoted NUFC beat Barnsley at St James Park and Brighton imploded at Villa Park.

Who won the title didn’t really matter…well, it didn’t if you are a Brighton fan!

It is always nice to come first and Rafa Benitez & his players couldn’t do any more last season, as the cards that were dealt meant that Newcastle were competing in the second tier.

Supporters left St James Park full of hope and expectation, the club once again with real momentum and who knows what can happen?

The last two promotions have proved how quickly fortunes can change.

Going up in 1992/93, inside a year Newcastle had finished third in the Premier League (then went on to finish 6th, 2nd, 2nd).

Promoted in 2009/10, within two years the Magpies had ended the season in fifth place, coming very close to a Champions League spot.

People say ‘Ah – but things are different now’.

Which is all very strange seen as it was only in May 2016 that Leicester City were crowned Premier League champions, only two years after promotion.

Not making any outrageous claims of Newcastle’s first top tier title in 91 (NINETY ONE) years but nothing wrong with simply showing ambition and seeing where it takes you.

First things first and that season after you go up is obviously a crucial one.

In May we saw both Middlesbrough and Hull bounce back down at the first time of asking, along with a shockingly poor Sunderland team who had somehow evaded relegation time after time, thanks in a large part to the donation of points each season from Tyneside.

No panic on transfers just yet for Newcastle fans but now the team are back at the training ground, I think each passing day from now on without any strengthening of the squad will be a negative.

Supporters have been using the return to pre-season training as a countdown where transfers are concerned and now that has come to an end.

We now look at 40 days until the Premier League kicks off once again and only 11 days until the first pre-season friendly at Hearts.

Whilst there is no panic, I don’t see how anybody can look at no new faces added to the squad as being a positive.

Rafa Benitez will surely have wanted and expected new signings in by now and can’t be happy that at least one or two haven’t been dragged over the line.

It will be interesting to see the Newcastle manager’s body language when he gives his first press conference/interview to camera, here we go again.

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  • Jezza

    There aren’t going to be any new signings this summer. Ashley as ever wants to maximise profits and the best way to do that is to avoid spending in the transfer market. We don’t need to strengthen as far as he is concerned. If the same squad that won the Championship isn’t good enough to finish fourth bottom of the Premiership then something is wrong. Ashley’s plan is to keep all the money back and see where we are in January.

  • If Rafa is allowed to stay for 2-3 seasons maybe we can challenge for the title if we build a solid team by getting 1-2 quality additions per year and building a team around them. Most teams really have 2-3 standout players, and that’s all you need besides a strong tactical manager and players to give 100% each game.

    • Jezza

      You are dreaming. There is no ambition at NUFC under Ashley other than to finish fourth bottom. There will never be any investment in quality players because that money can go to much better use racking up interest in Ashley’s bank account. I’ll be very surprised if Rafa is still NUFC manager when we kick off our season against Spurs next month.

      • Kneebotherm8

        It wouldn’t surprise me if he was gone by then,Ashleys got history with dismissal of popular toon managers constructive or otherwise.

      • I believe no other manager had a backbone like Rafa and Ashley will let him do things his way. Yes, we will not spend 40+Mln pounds on a player, but we can find a star or two in the making and build a great team around them. It’s more important to keep the good players you develop, rather than splash big money for “proven” talent with insane wage demands.

        • Jezza

          “It’s more important to keep the good players you develop, rather than splash big money for “proven” talent”

          Well under Ashley, the club has got a proven track record of doing neither of those things.