There are (officially) 1,300 Newcastle fans heading up to Edinburgh for tonight’s match and interesting to see what Hearts fans have had to say about it.

Surprisingly not much said about the actual match itself or who will be playing on either side, more to do with how many travelling supporters and how much alcohol will be consumed!

Enjoy it if you are in Edinburgh tonight, a great city to visit and the bonus of Newcastle’s first pre-season match.

Hearts fans comment via their top hmfckickback message board:

‘Friday night, few pints, sunshine, big noisy away support, a no-pressure game and hopefully a few goals. Roll on the new season!

 2-2, Lafferty & Stockton for us, someone and someone else for them.’

‘C’mon Hearts!

Lets show this sideshow of a team what we are made of. 2-1.’

‘Glad Newcastle are bringing there first team up as well, despite being a friendly it has the makings of a good game.

 Hearts to win 3-2.’

‘John Robertson’s testimonial against Newcastle. Kevin Keegan playing and being received with sustained applause. 

Nobody shouting any kind of abuse at all at such a legend.

All a bit dull though.   English team from just down the road we’ve all seen before and every week on TV.   It might well be unaffordable, but couldn’t they find a more exotic team to play?’

‘I’m sure exotic teams around the world are just gagging to send their first team on a plane for a one off friendly with us!’

‘Brechin City at home would do for me. Cannae get much more exotic than that.

Rafa who?’

‘Interesting friendly and hopefully the start of a link up between the two clubs.’

‘If the game was on a weekend afternoon Newcastle fans could probably fill a three-sided Tynecastle Park on their own. The East Coast Main Line afterwards would be carnage though.’

‘Gutted can’t go to Newcastle on a jolly.’

‘Initially thought we should have just gave Newcastle the full Roseburn however there was 12,100 at the Man City game and I would expect a comparable crowd. Think we should have kept a section back to see how sales are going on both sides.

They have one of the best travelling supports in England so would imagine they’d bring up decent numbers for a weekend in Edinburgh a couple of hours up the road.’

‘Got to remember Man City are a bigger draw than Newcastle.

We’ll probably end up with 10k.’

‘Newcastle are likely to bring more fans seeing as the majority of their fanbase is in the North East as opposed to the Far East like Citeh.’

‘It will be a disgrace if we cant fill our ends for a friendly with Newcastle!!’

‘Why are we giving so few tickets to Newcastle United for this, i.e. 1300 is the number I believe they are receiving, and their fans are rather upset, rightly I’d say. It isn’t that long since we played Sunderland in a friendly at Tynecastle, and they filled the full Roseburn, when we played Middlesbrough at Tynecastle they brought a big away support, as would Newcastle if we gave them the tickets.

If the ticket money takings are to go towards funds for the new stand surely it makes more sense to try and maximise sales from this game. Give Newcastle the number they want, sell the remaining seats available and job done.’

‘I’ve spent a bit of time in their neck of the woods recently and to a man and woman they all like a weekend in Edinburgh. I think they will bring a sizeable crowd.I hope we can sell our tickets cos I think it will be a good night.

Hopefully they put out a decent side which may give us an indication of how we are just now.I know it’s only a friendly and the second half usually peters out.’

‘Understandable that they wanted as many Hearts fans as possible but misjudged the appetite for such games set against the appetite of some Geordies wanting to gan’ oot and get mortal.’

‘I’m guessing Newcastle fans will get in our end and I’m guessing it will be fine. They’re just Scots without brains after all….’

‘Loads of Geordies come up to Edinburgh for the weekend even without the football.

If you have ever travelled on the Kings X to Edinburgh train on a Friday afternoon it’s filled with hen and stag parties who get on at Newcastle. The train then becomes like a football special with Police patrolling the carriages.

Going by the state of some of them they shouldn’t be getting tickets in the Hearts sections. Potential for trouble quite high imo.’

‘Nah i don’t think there will be any issues Geordies have been up a good few times and I’ve yet to see any bother, even in the pubs before and after the game.’

‘A lot of talk still about Benitez being unhappy over transfers and promises on funds not being kept.

Maybe one of his last games in charge.

Meantime Newcastle fans are great. Looking forward to it.’

‘I actually like and admire the North East clubs. Their fans are so loyal and passionate about their clubs.

Newcastle over 50000 and Sunderland around 40000 in the Premiership they both deserve a lot better than they get.

Not sure how many fans Sunderland brought to ER but I’d be surprised hf it was any less than 2000 out of the 9000 crowd.

They do like a bevvy though but no harm in that in itself.’

  • Kneebotherm8

    He got that one mixed up, Scots are Geordie’s wi’ nae brains.

    • Toonbadger

      beat me to it. Hearts fans are spot on, I was up there not so long ago in a sports bar in Leith and had a cracking time with the hearts mob

      • Kneebotherm8

        I luv Edinburgh, its a great city.

  • ToonTom

    Happy days – 25 years ago I was a season ticket holder at Tynecastle (I’d been living in Edinburgh for some years). Feb 1, 1992 I trooped out of Tynecastle after a 2-0 defeat to Rangers saw off the Jambo’s title challenge, put my radio on (no mobiles then) and heard Oxford 5, Newcastle 2 and we were bottom of the old Second Divivision. That Wednesday night, drunk in Maggie Dickson’s in the Grassmarket, someone said Kevin Keegan was our new manager. One of the best moments of my footballing life!
    I reckon it’ll be a magic atmosphere at the re-built Tynecastle tonight and just wish I was there!

  • Leazes Ender

    Great away trip, great city, went there the last time I think Ginola had just signed…. aah we’ll not see the likes of those signings ever again with the Cockney bass in charge.

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      Ah Daveed v Ferencvaros

  • magpiefifer

    I’ll be there tonight – not sure what to expect,but another chance to see the Lads during my exile from SJP while Ashley is around!

  • Jimblag23

    Does anybody know if the game will be streamable?

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      Hearts TV £5.99

      • Jimblag23


        Thanks though.

  • toonterrier

    The geordies didn’t vote for Sturgeon. That was the brain dead jocks. But then again we didn’t plead with the fatman to ruin our club. That’s one mistake each,

    • Kneebotherm8

      Sturgeon’s caviar compared to rotten egg Ashley.

  • Rich Lawson

    2-1 to the ”sideshow”