The lack of Newcastle United signings was always going to be a talking point with each passing day that goes by.

With 15 days until pre-season training begins and 55 days until the Premier League kicks off, fans want to see quality players arriving as soon as possible, to give them a chance to fit into the squad and ensure as tight a unit as possible starts the season for NUFC.

The presence of Rafa Benitez and trust in him, ensures that nobody is going over the top about the fact there has been plenty of talk/speculation and no action, apart from Christian Atsu’s loan turning into a permanent deal.

That deal had to be done within so many days of the Championship season ending, for Newcastle to get the previously agreed price of £6.2m.

So who is going to be the first ‘new’ signing of this summer?

Reading the Chronicle website on Sunday morning, they make the worrying claim that according to their sources, having failed to sell unwanted players so far, has helped hold up Newcastle bringing in players themselves.

The Chronicle 18 June 2017:

“One of the factors delaying (transfer) business is the number of players Newcastle need to move on.

“Up to eight players who played significant numbers of games this season may go but United know their wages are a sticking point for many interested Championship clubs.”

The ridiculous transfer policy that saw Ashley/Carr giving massive six year contracts to the likes of Emmanuel Riviere and Siem de Jong has massively backfired.

That pair and many others still on Newcastle’s books, are on Premier League wages but are well off the standard needed.

The Chronicle suggest Newcastle are keen to sell eight players who played a part in the promotion season and of course this doesn’t include the many players who were out on loan, such as Riviere, de Jong, Krul and Saivet.

Two players who were out on loan last season have been sold, Thauvin for around £10m to Marseille and Kevin Mbabu to BSC Young Boys with an undisclosed fee.

When it comes to the eight who did play a part in the Championship but allegedly are up for sale, at an educated guess I would put up names such as Sels, Darlow, Hanley, Mbemba, Mitrovic, Colback, Lazaar, Diame, Haidara and Gamez as possibles, with some of them not even featuring significantly in the second tier.

Surely though the Chronicle have to be wide of the mark in claiming that failing to sell is holding up any Newcastle United signings at this stage, in the past the likes of Pardew and McClaren would have just sat there and taken it but you can’t believe Rafa would do the same.

If he has credible signings that he wants to put to bed now, surely Mike Ashley and his minions wouldn’t be putting the block on them now, just as they did in January?

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  • jack

    Why would this make any difference , does that mean if we don’t get rid of these eight players there will be no new signings , the word was that any money made from selling unwanted players would be put towards money already promised , remember every last penny Ashley says , it’s worrying that we haven’t signed anybody as yet and have missed out supposedly on various targets , but surely selling these unwanted players is not the reason we haven’t signed anyone yet , saying that , the promised amount of money could just be all lies again , the sooner someone buys us the better

    • Clarko

      Wage bill.

      • jack

        So just suppose. We don’t shift any of these players , does that mean we won’t be signing anyone , wage bills in the premiere are a lot higher than Newcastle’s , what’s Leicester’s , watfords , Southampton’s , etc , wage bill just doesn’t wash

        • Clarko

          The staff wage bill for the 2015/16 year was £74.7m, the operating costs as a total were £96.5m, that placed Newcastle 14th in the “wage bill” table, in the Premier League. You’re right that figure isn’t (or wasn’t) as high Leicester’s (~£80m) or Southampton’s (~£85m). However, Newcastle have spent a season in the Championship and as a result have not benefited from the Premier League TV money, Watford for example, are set to get ~£108m, where as Newcastle will receive only ~£41m in comparison from parachute payments.

          In the Championship season Newcastle signed 12 players and moved out ~25 players, because some of those leaving were younger players the wage bill (estimating) will not have changed significantly. However, a large amount of those outgoings included loans, the likes of De Jong, Saivet, Krul and Riviere will be returning and will contribute to the wage bill.

          • jack

            Money figure has already been agreed with benitez , plus anything he makes from sales , so why would wage bill stop incoming players , when there’s already a set figure to bring people in , every club In the premier have unwanted players , just look at spurs , Liverpool , arsenal , man city , but you still have to get your business done for the start of new season , so it doesn’t wash where eight unwanted players are preventing New signings, even if it takes two transfer windows to shift them , then so be it , the most important thing is team improvement

          • Clarko

            A transfer budget and a wage budget are two different entities, Newcastle may have the transfer budget, but may not have the wage budget, a healthy wages to turnover ratio must be maintained, the ratio should not be higher than 60%, before the relegation it was at 59.4%, that number will have changed significantly because of the relegation. Newcastle need to offload players.

            Comparing Newcastle with the likes of Liverpool, Tottenham, Arsenal and Manchester City is ridiculous, you’re being ridiculous.

          • jack

            I m not. Being ridiculous , and you are the one who thinks a wage bill for eight unwanted players should stop the signing of new players , you’ve just said yourself that wage bill and transfer budget are two separate entities , and it doesn’t matter which teams I could have mentioned you have to make the comparison , and Liverpool and man utd are heavily in debt , and all mentioned have unwanted players , but you’ve just said wage bill and transfer budget is two separate issues , so case closed

          • Clarko

            I did not say anything about “eight unwanted players” stoping the signing of “new players”, you are putting words in my mouth.

            Now you are trying to compare Newcastle to Manchester United, the most valuable football club in the world, you are delusional.

            I don’t know what you’re implying by the “wage bill and transfer budget is two separate issues , so case closed”.

            You were uninformed, I tried to inform you by using financial figures as to why Newcastle might be failing to sign players and you have completely ignored that information and have responded by saying “if Manchester City can do it, Newcastle can” (essentially).

          • jack

            My first post , was why should it matter that players who need shifting should it affect New signings , and you said wage bill , then you went on to say that wage bill and transfer funds were two separate things , so it’s not me who is delusional , if they’re two separate things then that defeats your first post of WAGE BILL , And man utd may be the biggest club in the world ,but they are also the ones with the most debt too , and Liverpool are not far behind them , and the whole point of comparing is to find a happy medium , so why can’t we compare our situation

          • Clarko

            I am going to have to ask you clarify the following:

            “and you said wage bill , then you went on to say that wage bill and transfer funds were two separate things , so it’s not me who is delusional , if they’re two separate things then that defeats your first post of WAGE BILL”

            What does that mean? What on earth are you getting at? Read it back, it means absolutley nothing. Explain what you want to get across.

            Do you want to know why Manchester United can have the debt that they do? Because they had a revenue of £515.3m in 2016, compared to Newcastle’s £125.8m. That’s also before Newcastle were relegated, stop being silly with your comparisons.

          • Spider

            Jack what you are not grasping is Ashley’s interview end of season every last penny will be available after operating costs, so wages for all players and other staff employed by the club come under operating costs. I knew what clarko was trying to explain why can’t you.

          • jack

            I’m sure your losing the plot , original article said signing New players could be affected by not being able to shift players , read the original article , and read my first post , then read your next post , where you said wage bill in response to my first post , then you become ridiculous , you defeat your argument about wage bill being responsible why we can’t sign players , then you state wage bill and transfer funds are separate , so straightway you defeat your argument that wage bill is responsible , you can’t have it all ways mate , either wage bill is preventing us or it’s not as you point out that they’re two separate issues ,

          • Spider

            I stated wage bills and operating costs because for some reason you are not able to grasp what someone was trying to explain to you, also you said that a transfer figure had been agreed show me where the hell a money figure had been published by the club, you are going off what the daily liars are printing. The only thing that was mentioned was what I tried to explain to you earlier but son for some reason you just can’t work things out for yourself, sorry if that upsets you but it’s true, someone else has tried but still you ignore what he was telling you.

          • jack

            Oh I grasp it alright , you need to read article from first post , it could only happen with Newcastle , every club has operating costs and wage bills , buy you dong hear of anyone else make it an excuse to sign New players ,,if that’s what’s been rumoured ,,and it’s right to compare Newcastle with richer clubs , that’s the whole idea of making comparisons , whereas I said that because they haven’t shifted eight players should not be made as an excuse to not sign players , you stated wage bill , and that’s bull

          • Damon Horner

            Every club on the planet will have pulled the plug on a deal at some point because they’re over-committed on wages but it does more harm than good to announce it so no club ever will, even us.

            The wage and transfer budgets are separate entities but there is fluidity between the two to sanction some deals but the club understandably won’t like the idea the wage budget is as high as it is with some of the players on the books.

            As I mentioned though no club will ever announce it so whether this is preventing new signings can only be speculated at best unless there are well known financial issues then you could assume.

          • Clarko

            Newcastle are a newly promoted club, one (the only one) that was relegated in its previous season, Newcastle are in a unique situation compared to the rest of the clubs in the Premier League. Newcastle will (presumably) need to lower their wage bill before buying.

            I see you ignored my previous post, much like you have ignored the evidence provided.

  • lukegte

    I hope the delays are caused by the supposed interest from potential new owners. Experience tells me the likeliest reason for no signings is MA and his warped idea of running a football club. We will know for sure through the actions of Benitez. If he walks, I like to think fans will too. We’re just going to have to sit tight.

  • P. Swift

    I’m eager to see new signings, but not worried that we’ve not made any (other than Atsu), not in the least. We’re always linked with large number of players, someone was telling me we’ve been linked with over 80 so far. We can’t be going after all of them, so I think 99% of reports are simply made up to get webpage clicks and sell papers. I think Rafa keeps his cards close to his chest and I know it’s not what most NUFC fans are, but we just have to be patient. In Rafa I trust. hwtl.

    • Guest 2

      Like the Club told us they had over 80 applicants for the Manager – and landed us with McClaren!

      Whatever happens we’ll hear it from SKY / Mirror as they are the ‘preferred media partners’ – i.e. those willing to pay for access.

  • GToon

    So this is the “Rafa can spend every penny generated by the club” being put into practice I assume. Do the other 19 clubs in the EPL have to do the same or is it, as usual, just NUFC? Already Everton seem to be setting their stall out. Even Brighton, for all the hype surrounding Stockdale, seem to be able to sign a new keeper which is something it seems Rafa wants to do but strangely seems incapable of. I wonder why.

    • Damon Horner

      Possibly because it would be harder to negotiate deals for Pepe Reina and Willy Caballero than it would be for Mathew Ryan.

    • nevfur

      With a big wad from Lukaku Everton can afford it

  • Damon Horner

    Chronicle speculates a negative and it is given the air time as probably true but you can bet you life if they linked us with a quality signing you’d be calling it dubious!

    Stop looking for problems that aren’t there yet.

    • Guest 2

      Problems do exist and have done so for the 10 years Fatty has been here.

      • Damon Horner

        Nobody said there was never any problems under Ashley, you might want to read the comment back.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Been having a toby around, Liverpool are going to pay £35m for a player who last year cost £11m
    Everton have paid £30m for a keeper, Arsenal quoted £50m for Lacazette Newcastle may pay £9m for a player who cost £1m last summer
    i think the Pie Man has schitt his man nappy when he`s seen what players cost & wants out to continue running his tat shops
    5pairs of trainer socks £2.99, spend £30 & get a free Shyte Direct mug
    that`s his forte, football most certainly isn`t

    • Wor Monga

      You seem to be very well clued up on the SD prices there mukka…been looking for some new trainers then?… have we!!!

      • MichaelMaximusMoose

        Google is a wonderous thing Monga, you should try it some time

    • Tel Boy Telboy

      I have to agree with some of your comments, Ashley knows full well he needs to spend upwards of 20 to 30 million just to get an average / decent player through the door and wants out.

  • Marveauxless

    Regardless of how much money we have to spend we are limited to a 25 man squad and no Chairman is going to pay the wages of a player who cannot play. We were always going to need to free up space in the 25 man squad before we could bring in replacements

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      thats correct, Nufc have to offload before buying

  • Salty

    The chronicle continuously posts articles quoting links with players as lifted from other sites without any original insights. Yet when a negative post like this comes out our moaners are all over it. Why? The chronicle prove time and again they have no inside information. As Damon alluded to, some signings are taking longer as we are aiming higher, the Reina deal being a case in point. Of course we have players to offload. Of course wages will be an issue- without higher wages getting players to the north east would be impossible and then would come even more complaints. Some deals have Been done. Man U signing layers isn’t difficult. Who has heard of the new Brighton keeper? Hardly a Reina or caballero. And who of us would have paid £30m for Pickford? As last year, I will trust Rafa to get the business done and enjoy the summer while it lasts.

  • glassjawsh-got-banned

    it’s June. story over.

  • Leazes Ender

    Charnley is notoriously slow with negotiations…. or is it Rafa and this new bloke, don’t bother reading the press in the silly season we will get what we get as they work their way down Carrs list.

    • TheNutJob

      he, he i think you are right

  • benton mag

    This sight is definitely run by makems unbelievable speakless

  • Thefootballerwhocouldfly

    Here we go again…..couldn’t get the the signings over the line…..#AshleyOut

  • Jezza

    It wouldn’t surprise me one bit. I said all along throughout last season that Ashley’s transfer policy this summer would involve Rafa having to sell before he could buy. There will be no new money made available for reinforcements, Rafa will only be allowed to spend what ever comes in from player sales. Nothing has changed.

  • Jezza

    Same old Ashley. Nothing ever changes.

  • nufcslf

    Stinks of Mr. Cashley, but I am playing the wait and see game on this one with even the thickies we have in charge know what would happen if the season starts with what we have is it.

  • Down Under Mag

    Firstly, we hav ea full squad and of course we need to offload before we can buy new players. We’ve got a full squad and very bad players on very long contracts earning far above what most clubs willing to take them could pay…not surprising that we are struggling to offload them.
    Secondly, it’s still very early and while the club may have made some progress under Rafa, Ashley still won’t like the thought of paying all those extra wages when we aren’t playing games.
    There’s also not much chance other clubs will want to pay for players they aren’t using either which means even offloading squad players to loan deals won’t happen until closer to the season kicking off.
    I think the more worrying thing though is the sale talk – this could really stop us doing any meaningful business and I echo the sentiment that Ashley is looking at the prices being paid for average players and panicking. I poted the other day that we’ve seen this spending delay tactic used before and it’s a worrying thing to see as it could really hurt our chances.