A deal for Newcastle United to sign Tammy Abraham is reported to be imminent.

Rafa Benitez made a personal visit to the England Under 21 training camp in order to try and finalise the one year loan move from Chelsea, with the 19 year old allegedly deciding on Tyneside ahead of the south coast and Brighton.

On the face of it, for most people, it looks a win-win-win all round.

Chelsea get cash and one of their younger players gets valuable experience/matches and progresses, the player gets regular football and improves his game, whilst Newcastle get a player next season who they wouldn’t otherwise be able to attract (buy) at this moment in time – who can hopefully help get the goals that will ensure NUFC make a comfortable step up into the Premier League.

However, the proposed deal hasn’t been met with enthusiasm by all Newcastle fans…

One objection has been that Newcastle should be giving game time to their own promising young players instead.

It is of course a no-brainer if your club already has a player who is of the equivalent of who you might bring in from elsewhere but bottom line is that 19 year old Tammy Abraham scored 26 goals (23 in Championship) for Bristol City. Meanwhile, 20 year old Adam Armstrong scored six goals for a Barnsley side who finished a few places above Bristol City.

In addition, Adam Armstrong is away with the England Under 20s, whilst Tammy Abraham is with England Under 21s.

This isn’t a case of writing off Adam Armstrong but there is no room for sentiment, a view which Rafa Benitez will surely share. It is simply a case of which of the two young strikers is more ready to play Premier League football next season and there is only one answer to that, isn’t there?

Newcastle United and Rafa Benitez have already made clear that loan deals will be a key part of the club’s transfer strategy, at least in the short-term, so fans need to accept that this is a positive tactic of what we can look forward to.

Another argument against Tammy Abraham, or any other loan signings, is that you are simply improving another club’s player to their advantage, with no long-term benefit for Newcastle United.

Newcastle’s most successful loan signing of recent times was surely Loic Remy. Mike Ashley allowing no players to be bought in summer 2013 and the striker arriving on a season’s loan from relegated QPR.

Remy helped set Newcastle alight and brought out the best from the likes of Yohan Cabaye and Moussa Sissoko, NUFC at last having a quality striker as the focal point. It wasn’t a problem with loan signings that this ended in tears, instead with Newcastle flying near the top handful of clubs, Mike Ashley chose to sell Yohan Cabaye and rubber stamp the lack of ambition by signing nobody in that January 2014 window.

On top of this lack of ambition shown during the season, no effort was made to land Loic Remy permanently and the momentum was then totally lost when he was replaced by bargain signing Emmanuel Riviere, who any sane person could see was never going to cope with the Premier League.

Loan signings most definitely have their place for most teams in the modern day Premier League, at least whilst they are still allowed to be loaned from one PL club to another – you have to go with the flow and do the best for your club.

Romelu Lukaku is very much a case in point.

The striker was loaned out as a 19 year old by Chelsea and did a brilliant job at West Brom, scoring 17 Premier League goals in 20 starts (plus 15 off the bench).

Next season he was on loan at Everton, a then 20 year old Lukaku scoring 15 goals in 29 P starts (two off the bench).

In two PL seasons scoring 32 goals in 49 starts (plus 17 off bench).

Even so, many people were astonished that Chelsea then still let him go AND the fact that Everton paid £28m for him.

The next three seasons have seen Lukaku score 63 goals in 117 starts (plus seven from bench), including 53 goals in 104 Premier League starts (plus six off the bench).

Maybe Tammy Abraham won’t be a success next season if he comes to Newcastle but I certainly don’t think the loan aspect of the deal should be seen as such a negative.

If the striker proves a big hit and scores a load of goals for Newcastle then he could well fancy staying long-term and potentially be a great asset if signed permanently.

The record of Chelsea, with Lukaku and other players, suggests that it is very very unlikely that they will get a chance at Stamford Bridge, no matter how well they do out on loan. The demand will always be for players who have proven themselves at other clubs, buying ready made players, rather than developing their own.

Yes, if Tammy Abraham was a success at Newcastle and scored loads of goals and became available for a permanent transfer, he would cost a massive fee BUT that is the real world now, if he had shown himself to be a proven scorer in the Premier League then he would be worth every penny.

It is unrealistic to think that long-term Newcastle can survive solely on bargains but in the meantime a loan deal for Tammy Abraham and similar level players makes every sense for Newcastle.

Everton tried before they bought and it has been success all round, loads of goals and a player who is worth two or three times what they paid.

Newcastle need every positive they can get ahead of the new season and loan signings can help deliver a successful year ahead (and beyond) under Rafa Benitez.

(All contributions from Newcastle fans welcome, send articles (as well as ideas/suggestions) to [email protected])

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  • Steve Smith

    “….a loan deal for Tammy Abraham and similar level players makes every sense for Newcastle.”

    We don’t know what level Tammy Abraham is at.

    If he can replicate his Bristol form in the Premier League then brilliant, it’s a worthwhile loan.

    If he can’t then we most definitely are in a situation where we should have been either bedding in a permanent full time player or developing a younger player of our own.

  • Mathew Barlow

    I agree, plus if we were to sign a 19 yr old on loan with no buying clause this early in the window it shows we have a clear strategy. Our loans in the past were usually late in the window, inadequately plugging a gap from a player sale. Rafa will know he cant bring in the quality he wants in all areas permanently in today’s market. He’ll get opportunities like every1 does in rafa’s rotation policy but better to loan a hungry young player for depth then to spend a load signing said player and having less money for other positions.

  • Keeganontherebound

    Good article. I think it’s a very clever move. We’d get a good striker in for a season without spending too much money, leaving us with more to invest in permanent reinforcements in this window. OK, so there is the outside chance that he’ll go back to Chelsea and use what he has learnt from Rafa against us but frankly we’re not boxing in the same category as Chelski at the moment. One step at a time…

  • Anita kick up the Hoop

    Loan signings between clubs in the same division should be banned full stop!
    The lad in question looks full of potential and even before we were linked with him I Had conversations where I likened him to a young Andy Cole for his movement and instincts in the box … if we were signing him on a permanent deal I’d be delighted.. fattening him up for market on behalf of Chelsea leaves me cold, if I was Adam Armstrong or his father I’d be hearing alarm bells.

  • Damon Horner

    Scoring the goals to keep us up is all that’s important. There is too much focus on the politics over pretty much every subject and this is no difference, our own failing academy players and how much the parent club benefits from any performance are factors but not too important this season.

    Abraham will not come in as a Mr Big demanding he plays as first choice because he has a Chelsea contract, he will see this as a PL opportunity, remain patient and aim to out-do Gayle when he gets the chance, anything else will see him fall from favour with Rafa no doubt.

  • HarryHype59

    Newcastle can only obtain Abrams on loan as in truth the club couldn’t afford to buy him this season.

  • Kev-82

    I like him but I worry we won’t go out and get the striker we need to be leading the line each week. For me I’d be trying our best to get Ihenacho or Batshuayi as both are rumoured to be available, if we fail fair enough but I’d at least hope we could show some ambition to try and get one of them.

    • Stephen Paylor

      Batshuyai for me would be perfect. Moreno at left back, Cairney in midfield Townsend on the wing would be my 4 big signings this summer

  • Nut

    In the current market we can’t possibly afford to buy all the players we need at the quality level we desire. We can plug the gaps using the loan system to some extent and then gradually bring in quality players as we identify them and as they are willing to come here.

    Unfortunately relegation will have hurt us and players will still think twice before joining until we are certain of staying put in the premier league.

    Ideally if we can bag a Europa League place for next season then we can once again begin attracting higher qutility players and aiming to break into the champions league places, those are where Ashley wants the club as it will widen marketing abilities.

    Just trust Rafa to get us there.

  • 1957

    This is a case of Benitez being totally focused on the task in hand, he is prepared to sign a young striker on loan rather than rely on his own home grown one.
    You can see why, both on loan in the Championship last year with similar standard of clubs and Abraham’s record was streets ahead of Armstrong’s. If the signing is completed, it will probably mean Armstrong is off on loan again and, although I don’t profess to know Benitez thinking, he will need a really good season wherever he is or his Newcastle career will be over before it has started.
    This is what we have needed for years at the club, a manager who is knows what he wants and is going to be ruthless in getting there.

    • Kneebotherm8

      The difference is,is that there’ll not be any premier league clubs in to get Adam Armstrong on loan,whereas Abrahams will be in demand with at least us and Brighton interested and probably more,I’d guess. That says it all doesn’t it?

  • TheFatController

    Should we sign him, it proves the wisdom of Ashley saying Rafa and Charnley have the money to spend as they see fit.

    Thus now there is no negative reaction to a loan signing suggesting we are ‘doing it all on the cheap’, instead we realise money is likely being spent on permanent signings in other positions, maybe one more striker still to come in.

    I’d prefer him with us than at Brighton.

  • Geordiegiants

    I’m not 100% sure how it works, but I don’t think we get prem money until the end of the season. If this is the case we need to be searching these markets, this season only.

  • Mrkgw

    Despite the arguments in favour, I’m wholly against it for the very reasons stated. I’d prefer the stability and consistency brought about by full transfers. Yes, there is little loyalty these days but I don’t favour loans unless in the form of star turns. This guy hasn’t actually signed yet and is weighing up his options first. Lets not forget, he was on loan at Bristol City last season (not Barcelona!) and yet, he seemingly holds the cards here and is playing our club. Pull the plug. Undoubtedly.

    • HarryHype59

      I broadly agree with your comments, however money for the rebuilding job is going to be tight due to loss of TV money arising from the last relegation. If this lad keeps us up the club can use the TV money to kick on.

  • Albert Stubbins

    so are you Dean- HE’S NOT EVEN HERE YET!!

  • Toon Terrier

    He is talking to Hughton at Brighton, not far from his home now so the discussion could prove irrelevant

  • Leazes Ender

    When does the Rafalution start?

  • magpiefifer

    He’s likely to sign for Brighton – would probably get a nose bleed going further north than Watford!!!