Life was far more simple for Newcastle fans in the past.

At least when it came to transfers anyway.

Back in the day, Newcastle fans would read stories in newspapers that the club was after a certain player but by and large, transfer speculation was minimal.

The bottom line was that you just waited for the Evening Chronicle to announce that NUFC had signed whoever.

The fact that you weren’t restricted to small ‘windows’ of opportunity to buy players probably helped as well, clubs being able to buy players during most months of the year, meant there weren’t these modern day artificial hotspots.

An illusion has now been created, with Newcastle fans and those of every other club led to believe that they are being kept up to date on the progress of transfers.

Obviously it is very much in the interests of Sky Sports and all of the newspapers, both online and on old-fashioned paper, to have you hooked on minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, coverage as to what is/isn’t happening.

Is it really any different though to before this technology centred media transfer storm came along?

Yes, every minute now you can read new updates on how this and that transfer is progressing but when you strip it down, what are you actually being told?

At a conservative estimate, at least 99% of what you read/hear never happens.

Acres of coverage is given to ‘deals’ that never ever happen and were never going to.

Supporters want to believe that they are being kept in the loop and that the very latest update is the one that will prove to be true.

However, in nearly every case you are no better off than I was back in the 70s/80s waiting for the Evening Chronicle (not that they have a clue now!) to drop through the letter box to see if NUFC had signed anybody.

Football supporters, including Newcastle fans, are just as much in the dark as to what is going on as we were in the days when a phone was only something connected by wires to the wall, not something you could carry around 24 hours and instantly download the latest transfer exclusive…

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  • Leazes Ender

    Four days to go before we start googling the players deemed good enough by Ashley for a club chasing tenth place.

  • Toonrobbybobson

    Plenty time yet. Problem is still football going on – players/agents/managers/owners on holiday. Never usually until July that things start to begin to move a bit.

  • Steven05

    As for the author’s point, football is a small example of the bigger picture. How often are we ever told the truth? What is truth? It’s what are told is the truth. Until further notice anyway.

    • Leazes Ender

      … we really exist?

      • Rich Lawson

        No,we’re just an illusion created by some t##t playing on his X-box.

  • S.G.M.

    Anyone who didn’t already know this is simply a muppet.

    • Peter Stabler

      In other news, water is wet and politicians tell lies, i’m sure I saw a bear with a newspaper under it’s arm heading for the woods.

  • Rich Lawson

    Don’t believe any of it until the player in question actually flies in to take a medical,links with all these injury/suspension prone mercinaries just spoil the build up to my season.

  • East Durham Mag

    What do you mean we can’t believe what we read in the press? Staggering!

  • The Vicar

    I cannot remember exactly who, but many years ago we (NUFC) had a player on our team sheet who had not and did not sign for us. Speculation was considerable, and I expect that when it came to printing the programmes it looked certain, but it didn’t happen.

  • Emphraser

    Best part is when The Mag gives updates years later on anyone rumoured to arrive, De Boer to Palace being the latest.

  • Sing in the Leazes

    To be honest I don’t pay much attention even after they sign.
    Half of them come to nowt anyway.
    Better to see who gets picked on the first day of the season, watch them play, and make your own mind up then.
    What did anyone really gain by knowing we signed Hanley, Hayden, Selz, Murphy or Clark last summer? The only useful insight to be had was after they played and we had some actual data to go on.

  • Jezza

    Yes it was always hard to get transfer news back in the old days but I seem to recall that there was still lots of speculation in the papers and by word of mouth on the terraces. I was exiled up in Edinburgh in the latter half 80’s so I couldn’t even read the Journal or the Chronicle during the week and had to rely exclusively on the Sunday Sun which you could sometimes get up there. It was a real revelation in those days when Teletext and Clubcall came along.