It is a month since Sunderland fans were celebrating the departure of David Moyes.

Moyes having helped to put together one of the worst teams in Premier League history, the Mackems finishing rock bottom and relegated long before the end of the season.

Hope springs eternal though and Sunderland fans have been holding out hope of getting a credible new Manager.

Having seen the likes of Middlesbrough getting a decent choice like Garry Monk, who would the Wearsiders get?

Scottish Premier League Managers tend to end up at struggling League One clubs  (Robbie Neilson left then second placed Hearts in December to join MK Dons who were battling relegation to League Two), or at best struggling Championship clubs (after leaving Champions Celtic Neil Lennon next turned up at Bolton who were fighting relegation to League One).

When Sunderland were given permission to speak to Aberdeen’s Derek McInnes (previous job was Bristol City where he was sacked mid-season as they were relegated to League One after finishing in bottom spot of the Championship), the Mackems put a brave face on it and tried to build him up as a credible choice.

However, after having a look at where he was heading to, even somebody from the Scottish pub league has done a runner!

Sunderland fans comment on latest hilarious episode at their club via Mackem message board Ready To Go:

‘We’re a shambles of a club can’t even tempt someone away from a Scottish club.’

‘Getting turned down by the Aberdeen manager…’

‘This has to be a joke?’

‘We are a joke.’

‘That tells you right there there’s no money to spend.’

‘Pardew is still available.’

‘He’s rubbish anyway, didn’t want him etc etc.’

‘Sums the football club up.’

‘You couldnt make this up.’

‘Right decision for him to take. More experienced managers than him have wrecked their careers by coming to Ellis Short’s Sunderland.’

‘Nobody want to work under these that has ruined our club.’

‘There are better candidates.

You don’t know the full story.

He might think that the new owners would ditch him.

Some of you lot don’t take rejection very well.’

‘Can’t persuade him to come to us on more money?

I guess what we have to offer behind the scenes is terrible cause currently his team train at a school footy pitch!’

‘IF and it’s a big if the takeover stuff is true and it happens, it’s weeks if not months away from completion.

Simple fact is a manager is the Scottish premier league has turned us down we are embarassing as a club.’

‘Not surprised at all. We’re an absolute joke.’


‘We’re heading down to League Two.’

‘Oh well. The manager none of us had heard of and weren’t that bothered about has decided to stay in the pub league.’

‘So funny about the lads who had never heard of him but then lumped a wedge on at the bookies and bragged about it.’

‘Hardly a surprise, once he saw the state of the club it was a no.’

‘Wow. I knew we were knackered but this takes it to another level.’

‘I’ve said all along that there would be a reality check this summer.’

‘No striker. No goalkeeper. No manager to sign any . No money to sign any. The only way is up. Or down.’

‘Sold our best prospect for a bundle of cash that will go straight in the owners back pocket and turned down by the Aberdeen manager.

Thanks Ellis, you’ve turned a top flight club into a financial mess and national laughing stock.’

‘How can you get 30m for Pickford and then he turned down by the Aberdeen manager?’

‘He’d have been an improvement on Moyes – who wouldn’t? – but I don’t think he would have done well. We need someone with experience of the Championship at the very least imo.

I have no idea who I would choose but I’m still delighted we have nobody rather than Moyes.’

sunderland fans

‘Moyes has a lot to answer for.

Taking us down was always going to half kill off this club and he took us down without a whimper.

Wonder if those that wanted us to go down to get rid of the deadwood (we have managed to sell our best player…yey!) and rebuild from the bottom are still thinking it was a class idea?

We have swapped places with the Mags who we laughed at.

But not only that we are in a far worse position without a manager (and we laughed they had Rafa) and nowt to spend.

Absolutely brilliant SAFC. As part of the rebuild I hope they are sacking more than just the tea ladies. Those at the top need to be held accountable for this mess.’

‘This whole constantly running fiasco takes some beating.

Moyes left a month ago and it’s taking a month to be rejected, what a set of hopeless incompetents.

Pre-season is virtually upon us and we’ve no team and no manager it beggars belief.’

We did stink the Premier League out, our debt is unbelievable, our direction and leadership non existent.

A big following means nothing, just ask Leeds, Sheff Wed or Portsmouth.

In the eyes of the footballing world we are rubbish.’

‘Short has put loads of money into this club, but made the big mistake of employing the wrong people to spend it. Doubt he is having a massive input in the manager search as he’s trying to sell the club.’

‘We kmow nowt about you but we already miss you.

To have taken aberdeen towards the top of the spl is incredible, a giant amongst football.

Rest easy sweet prince.

No one trusts our stability, management team, or future. So we will appoint an out of work gaffer who can bin it off after 6 month.’

  • TubbyMunky

    The Hillbillies at the Stadium of S***e will be crying into their cheesey chips tonight..

  • Alreet

    It really is hard not to scream and wet yourself laughing at the mess south of the tyne.

    They have been a farce in the last 4 seasons relying on us giving them 6 points a turn.

    Its a shame but still funny as u like.

    Best advice to be a club worth anything again would be a cheap buyout. Get rid of Short then gut the team from the medical staff to the coaches and most of the team.

    Problem is if no one wants to manage em what hope of a buyout.

    In the mean time we are back where we belong. Se you some sunny day scummers.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose


  • Hughie_Gallacher

    I can’t recall the last time a manager of a Scottish team turned down such a prominent job in England.
    If, by some unlikely chance, the job is offered to Pardew, he would be absolutely crazy to take it. The knives would be out for him from the word go.
    Mind you, as he proved here, he has the skin of a rhinoceros.

    • Geordiegiants

      Your not kidding, and only his mother loves him, just like a mackem really.

    • MadMag83

      I thought the same about McLaren, and was proven correct. An unpopular appointment will never have the support of the fans and any small run of bad results will have the fans calling for him to be sacked.

      Mind you, if Pardew is smart he’d sign a long term deal for big money. Then when he gets sacked he walks away with a big severance package for a few months work.

  • HarryHype59

    The Short regime makes Ashley look like Abramovich.

    • Geordiegiants

      Ha ha ha ha ha lol, that’s a bit over the top, but I know where your coming from!

  • Jezza

    Time we showed them a bit of charity. How’s about letting them have Colback back on a free transfer.

  • Porciestreet

    DON’T blame Moyes…..! It’s not his fault he inherited a bunch of deadbeats from yr T lady up to the Chairman. Now look at me,…am I laughing,…? No , because you idiots brought this all on yourselves with the P!55-taking over the last few years and the inevitability of a massive fall from grace which was always just around the corner………..Changed my mind…I’m p!55ing myself.

  • Geordiegiants

    Ha ha ha ha, I am genuinely lol sitting here reading this. It seems every time the scum get something over on us we come back bigger better and stronger. From the Gabiadini and Gates days, to the Rudd Gullit days all the way to now. It’s so funny the little minions down the road get a little lift out of our demise. One of them actually wrote something along the lines of. “I’m more gutted the mags went up as champions, than I am we got RELEGATED” Priceless, you really couldn’t ask for a more inferior neighbour.

  • Albert Stubbins

    Sunderlands a massive club though? lol lol

  • Albert Stubbins

    Is Schteeeeeeeeve available?

    • Jimblag23

      I reckon that’s who they’ll get.

      • Harry Gibson

        I really hope so, it would be so funny.

  • Taz

    Lets all laugh at Sunderland……ha ha ha ha , S.M.B’s

  • DC1964

    What goes around……………!!!!

  • Blackburn1066

    Get some Cash on the Unwashed going for another drop, It’s a banker£


    I like the comment saying “we are a joke”. We have been trying to tell them that for years. They will always be a joke.

  • jimmyjames

    love their manager .think hes doing a great job