The ever increasing amounts of cash from Premier League deals, has led to all fans raising expectations of transfer activity, something which doesn’t always bear close connection to the reality according to Sean Dyche.

In charge of Burnley for the past five years, Dyche saw his team promoted or relegated for three seasons in a row, until the season (2016/17) just gone, they stayed up in relative safety on 40 points in 16th place, level on points with Watford in 17th but six points clear of relegated Hull City.

Sean Dyche uses Newcastle as a prime example that all clubs aren’t equal, despite the relatively fair share out of Premier League TV cash, pointing to United’s fifty thousand crowds and money NUFC can command from other revenue streams, as well as a billionaire owner.

The Burnley boss talking about a Burnley fan approaching him who said ‘we’re the same as Newcastle now, because we get the same TV money’.

Sean Dyche also points out that Brighton already have a higher wage bill than Burnley, before they even get promoted.

The Lancashire club have taken a careful route where money is concerned, a bit like West Brom before them. Not risking too much once stepping up into the Premier League but ensuring then that they had resources to then give a good shot at getting back up.

Promoted in 2013/14, Burnley only spent around £12m on the squad and were instantly relegated the following (2014/15) campaign.

However, as a second tier team they then invested £22m and came straight back up in 2015/16.

Last season they did raise the bar a bit and around £40m was spent last season, not huge by Premier League standards but an indication to Newcastle United/Mike Ashley as to just what any team has to spend to have a chance of survival, never mind of trying to progress further than that.

Dyche’s comments about Mike Ashley will make many Newcastle fans smile, as he has made clear he won’t invest any of his own money in trying to make Newcastle competitive.

The only times he has pushed the boat out has been when relegation has threatened.

Sean Dyche speaking to the Burnley Express:

Newcastle are coming up and we’re not going to catch them (financially), they’ve got owner’s money, same with Brighton.

“Brighton’s wage bill is above ours already – then you have got a smaller one in Huddersfield

 “I believe their owners are wealthy but are running it steady, they want to run it more like a concern.

“So two of the three coming up are going to be above us immediately financially.

 “A fan said to me ‘we’re the same as Newcastle now, because we get the same TV money’.

 “But they have got a fella behind them who is a billionaire, on 50,000 attendances and all the corporate and shirt sales.

“That is how fans sometimes think…‘why are they spending more than us when we get the same TV deal?’

“But often they have a benefactor who says ‘go for your life’.

“We are one of the rare clubs who looks more like a business model than most and it is sort of because it has to.

“The board here are not trying to keep it all back, they are saying the ongoing running of the club is as important as the here and now.

“We can’t go ‘here is £100million, go and spend it all – it doesn’t always go well.

“There is a business angle and a football angle, and trying to combine the two is where it gets really tricky.

“The hand goes in the hat and we just hope there’s another rabbit there.”

  • Leazes Ender

    ‘….. and money NUFC can command from other revenue streams, as well as a billionaire owner.’….

    • Leicester Mag

      That would be the billionaire who pays nowt to advertise his Lonsdale string vest and crotchless (after 2 washs) boxers?

      • Leazes Ender

        2 washes…. that’s four years for bobbi flekmans kecks

        • Whickhamrobbie

          funny guy .

    • Alex

      I fell off my chair laughing when I read that. For the last decade, nobody south of Durham has really understood what goes on at Newcastle, and merely perpetutates a myth.

  • TheNutJob

    who gets the shirt money, Nufc or the Pie man ?

  • giimps

    Methinks mr Dyche has been believing the press and media ,not seeing the reality, our buy low sell high philosophy has cost us 2 relegations and only now does it look like the club is beginning to emerge from the undergrowth, we, as a club were level with Spurs in terms of earnings when Cashley turned up, thanks to him and his barrowboy mentality we are nowhere near and won’t be for possibly decades to come, I’m not just blaming him though, his ability to choose the most unsuitable people on the planet to manage and run his business and our club has cost him dear, only due to the foresight of Rafa Benitez and his team coming in and offering their services are we starting to see light at the end of the tunnel, otherwise imho we could easily have done a Blackburn or Leeds……my only hope is that if there are buyers round the corner, Mike don’t revert to type and try to screw them for every penny while pillaging the club for its wares before he goes.

  • Geordiegiants

    Uneducated pr’ck!

  • Mal

    He’s simply reducing expectations I reckon.

  • Shipcote Willy

    Dyche obviously does not know Ashley. What’s the betting Burnley will spend more than us? If Pardew was here he would be spouting his usual mantra ‘ Can’t complete with clubs like Burnley’

    • HarryHype59

      The have around 65m more in TV income and a lower wage bill. It is safe to say they are better placed to bring in new players than NUFC.

  • Phil K

    Dyche is a good example of you persevere with an Englishman who’s sensible and tactically solid, you’ll do OK. Burnley would probably been down between Div 1 and Championship without him

  • HarryHype59

    Burnley will collect £109 m TV money for last season , Newcastle will pick up 41m in parachute TV money. The operating costs for Burnley will be lower than the 96m Newcastle had in 2016.

    Newcastle have a billionaire owner who says Rafa must generate his own funds selling the toxic duff buys rotting in the reserves.

    I know which club has more cash to spend this season and it isn’t the team in black and white.