It isn’t exactly an exclusive to say that Premier League transfer fees are rising at a ridiculous rate.

Each year and every set of new TV deals (every three years) sees things go up so may notches.

At the upper end, it might surprise you just how many signings of £20m or more, that have been made by Premier League clubs so far down the years.

A great article on Football365 has listed the number of £20m signings each English club have made, a total of 91 transfer in all.

No surprise to see Manchester City lead the way with 25 deals – they, Liverpool, Manchester United and Chelsea, responsible for 75 of the 91 between them.

Interesting to see the ambition shown by Everton who are fifth with five £20m+ signings, including two already in this current transfer window. Whilst Crystal Palace, Leicester and West Ham have all got involved as well.

Bournemouth are set to add themselves to the list with a £20m deal for Chelsea’s Nathan Ake, whilst a number of other Premier League clubs will surely join these 10 (11 incl Bournemouth) this summer BUT will Newcastle join them?

Number of £20m+ signings made by Premier League clubs (see Football365 for details of the individual players/transfers that make up the club totals):

1 – Crystal Palace, Leicester, West Ham

4 – Arsenal, Tottenham

5 – Everton

13 – Liverpool

17 – Manchester United

20 – Chelsea

25 – Manchester City

When it comes to selling players for £20m or more, it is an equally enthralling story, with 52 players sold by English clubs.

Manchester City have the biggest differential – buying 25 for £20m or more but selling only three.

Of those not to feature as buyers but to be on the sellers list, Southampton have sold five and bought zero, closely followed by Newcastle with three sales and no buys.

A massive 18 clubs have all sold at least one player for £20m or more, including some who may not see the Premier League for a while – Villa, Portsmouth, Leeds and Sunderland in that category.

Number of £20m+ players sold by Premier League clubs (see Football365 for details of the individual players/transfers that make up the club totals):

1 – Crystal Palace, Leicester, Leeds, Portsmouth, Sunderland, Watford, West Ham

2 – Swansea

3 – Aston Villa, Tottenham, Manchester City, Newcastle

Andy Carroll – £35m (to Liverpool in January 2011)

Georginio Wijnaldum – £25m (to Liverpool in July 2016)

Moussa Sissoko – £30m (to Tottenham in September 2016)

4 – Everton, Manchester United

5 – Liverpool, Southampton

6 – Arsenal

7 – Chelsea

Newcastle’s record buy still stands at Michael Owen for £16m back in 2005, many Newcastle fans believing that was bound to be beaten in this summer 2017 window but still a watching brief…

  • glassjawsh-got-banned

    Stands to reason that the fat man and his lackeys will use how all 3 of those sold by Newcastle for 20m+ didn’t live up to expectations at their new clubs as justification to not pull the trigger on a 20m+ signing of their own.

    • Clarko


    • Scooter

      the only trigger that needs pulling is on the fat man himself

  • Mag_Ladd

    Did we not sell Cabaye for £20mill as well?

  • Scooter

    if we buy the striker we need it will be broken, chances are we`ll go down the cheap route once again. let`s hope the pig is serious about selling up the guys a cancer on the club

  • Leicester Mag

    When will the happy clappers wake up to the fact that this chuppy leopard will never change his spots. Newcastle United aspiring for profitable mediocrity.

    • Damon Horner

      That’s the thing, what are “his spots”? It looks like most fans see him sitting in a room in SJP counting his and/or the clubs money, holding it closely and not letting it go.

      Fact is that Ashley is a businessman and much like those on Dragon’s Den, if you sell them a business model designed to line their pockets they will invest in that so it could be the case his “spots” is about making money, not refusing to spend it.

      Carr looks to have led the remit in my view that the CL places are out of reach for a club like Newcastle and not possible to attain so the only way clubs like Newcastle can thrive is to buy cheaper (player-club harmony situations like Shelvey, financial instability like Lascelles and Darlow, contractual situations like most players notably the profit from Sissoko) and sell for profit. Something which has failed for several reasons and Leicester winning the league not helping to support this concept.
      I think some fans cling now to the last chance hope that Rafa who has a pedigree can convince Ashley that the CL is where the money is at as it will attract different calibre of players and more generous sponsors as well as imply it could give SD a bigger global market and it depends on whether Ashley would look at that and think it’s worth the investment.

      I don’t think for one minute anybody thinks Ashley has gone sentimental or charitable but maybe he has been convinced of a different approach by a man with a brain, if this isn’t the case we’re really are just going to coast under his ownership.

      • Leazes Ender

        Yes fans are clinging to the hope that Rafa will be their savior and likewise the press…… there’s a bit of a problem there.

        Rafa can play his brand of football with top calibre players not third and fourth drawer journeymen, there’s no change at the top of this club it simply isn’t geared to ambition and hasn’t been since John Hall got bored and handed the reins to Shepherd.

        That is the reason for the ‘dumb silent’ routine from Ashley and Charnley…. let them hope.

        • Damon Horner

          That’s ultimately the main variable between each segment of the fanbase. Some consider Rafa as intelligent, ambitious and persuasive which contradicts the usual outlook emanating from the club and Ashley.

          The key is Ashley’s relationship with Rafa compared with the one he had with Carr.

          • Pelican

            What has Carr got to do with the financial outlay on players? Carr was not involved in the financial side of the club – by his very own words. Carr scouted players, nothing less, nothing more. If you think Ashley isn’t running the football club, what do you think would happen if Charnley sent a bill for advertising to SD?

          • Damon Horner

            Do you believe Carr was just a glorified scout?

            I think he directed the scouting agenda and all related criteria in my view. Ashley doesn’t know football so took advice from somebody who does. Scouts don’t sit on the board.

            He does that with all areas he needs support with like from Bishop for PR and Barnes for legal.