After a year out on loan, Newcastle United have sold Kevin Mbabu.

The 22 year old had impressed many Newcastle fans in his limited chances at the club, playing well against both Chelsea and Manchester City.

However, after a season on loan at BSC Young Boys, he has joined on a permanent basis.

It was 11 days ago (see below) when the player stated that he expected a transfer this summer on a permanent basis.

Newcastle United official statement:

‘Kevin Mbabu has joined BSC Young Boys for an undisclosed fee.

The 22-year-old defender enjoyed a successful loan spell at the Stade de Suisse last season, helping Adi Hütter’s side to finish second in the Swiss Super League.

Mbabu has signed a three-year contract with Young Boys.

He joined Newcastle as a teenager from Servette in January 2013 and, after injuries restricted his initial progress, Steve McClaren handed him a surprise debut in a Capital One Cup defeat to Sheffield Wednesday in September 2015 before pitching him in for a Premier League bow against Chelsea three days later.

He also had a loan spell with Rangers and made a total of five appearances for the Magpies in all competitions. The club wishes him well for the future.’

The Mag – 4 June 2017:

Kevin Mbabu and BSC Young Boys completed their season on Friday night, a 2-0 win over Lausanne Sport in the final game.

This left them runners up in the league, 17 points behind champions Basel and 16 clear of third place Lugano.

Kevin Mbabu (watch his personal highlights video of this season below) started the game and was subbed after 78 minutes, however, it was comments he made to the Swiss media in the aftermath that have made a few headlines.

The Newcastle defender saying that he expected the final details of a permanent move to Young Boys to be settled shortly and a three year contract signed.

Despite only five first team appearances for Newcastle due in part to injuries, fans were impressed with what they saw, especially in Premier League matches against Chelsea and Manchester City.

Kevin Mbabu has had a decent season back in Switzerland, making 25 appearances and helping his loan club to finish as runners-up in the league.

In the 25 games this season, the Newcastle loan player has scored two goals but picked up 11 yellow cards as well as one red.

It was anticipated Mbabu would present Rafa Benitez with one of his more interesting/positive dilemmas with regard to returning loan players, as the United boss looks once again to oversee major changes in terms of players in and out.

News earlier this week appeared to give extra appeal regarding when Rafa has to decide on Kevin Mbabu, with the Newcastle Manager having made clear that he sees adding pace to his team/squad is essential to be able to compete in the Premier League.

In last Sunday’s Swiss league match against FC Thun, Mbabu was measured at 36.1km/h when chasing down an attacking  player and making a crucial saving tackle.

According to official records/data, only Gareth Bale (36.9km/h) has been measured as achieving a higher speed during a competitive match.

With Vurnon Anita set to be released and the recruitment of DeAndre Yedlin, Rafa Benitez has already recognised the need for added pace in his defence, so wouldn’t Kevin Mbabu have been worth a chance to be part of Newcastle’s plans going forward?

In  those appearances against Chelsea and Manchester City, Mbabu suggested like Yedlin, that he has the pace, stamina and ability to do that modern day full-back role of getting up and down the full length of the pitch (just watch the video below for more proof of that), to be  a key part of the attacking pay as well as defending.

Edge Technology Press Release:

‘Kevin Mbabu, the Newcastle United player currently out on loan in Switzerland with Young Boys, has been recorded with a top speed of 36.1km/h.

The record has been made during last game against FC Thun, sprinting for a defensive task, and finishing by a spectacular sliding tackle.

It makes him the second fastest player in the world, just behind Gareth Bale (36.9km/h), measured on a official football game.

Kevin Mbabu has been training with a personal performance coach since 2017, in order to improve his skills, speed and explosiveness.’

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    when you look at the schitt on the books this lad was worth another season at Nufc
    let`s hope Shyte for brains Penfolds got a sell on clause

  • Anita kick up the Hoop

    Pathetic stupid decision .. how has Dummett, Anita and Gouffrann played so many games for the club yet this exciting talent gets shunted out? .. madness .. Colback plays most weeks yet we let Mehdi Abied go !! .. we buy dross like Hanley for over £5 million, Gamez and Lazar .. pathetic .. really annoying

    • Clarko

      What’s that assessment based on? He has played 143 minutes of Premier League football, have watched him play for BSC Young Boys?

      • Anita kick up the Hoop

        It’s based on my knowing a decent footballer when I see one .. what’s yours based on..”in Raffa we trust” .. sheep mentality

        • Clarko

          “It’s based on my knowing a decent footballer when I see one”, well that’s what I asked wasn’t it, where have you seen him? Because you certainly haven’t seen him play for Newcastle.

          • Anita kick up the Hoop

            I’ve seen him play for Newcastle, I’ve seen Gamez play for Newcastle, I’ve seen Lazar play for Newcastle, I’ve seen Hanley play for Newcastle, I’ve seen Anita play for Newcastle and I’ve seen Dummett play for Newcastle.. I know which one I’d have given a run during our championship campaign.. but like Abied he’s out without ever getting a fair crack .. it’s a mad policy

          • Clarko

            I am not talking about Gamez, Lazaar, Anita, Hanley Dummett or Abied (although this argument can be applied to 4 of those players). I am talking about Mbabu, and how you came to the conclusion that it was a “pathetic stupid decision” to sell him based on 239 minutes of senior football at Newcastle, only 143 of those minutes in the Premier League, have you ever asked yourself why he didn’t get a “crack” after being with the club since 2013? Maybe he just isn’t good enough.

          • Damon Horner

            The fact his next move was to Switzerland either indicates his level or he is homesick but he did chase Eden Hazard around once and he has a youtube video so must be amazing.

          • Cuh736

            Aside from yedlin, he can compete with every other full back on our current team for a starting spot. Poor decision for me, letting Mbabu go. And yes, 239 minutes of senior football is enough to say he is quality when those minutes were all brilliant to average performances, coupled with greatnoutings at junior level. That is how you find youth talent. Ask yourself… how many minutes did Rashford get before being declared a rising star? 239 is fair

          • Clarko

            You are absolutley delusional. You are judging a players ability on 239 minutes of senior football, that is stupidity at its peak, something I cannot reason with or debate.

            You go on to make a comparison with Marcus Rashford, a 19 year old who has made 71 appearances, played 4483 minutes of senior football for Manchester United with a player who is 22 years old, who made 5 appearances (3 in the Premier League), played 239 minutes (2.65 games) for Newcastle United.

          • Cuh736

            Rashford had played only 90 minutes of senior football before the decision to play him against arsenal.

            Young players are not judged on number of senior football minutes, in order to be picked to play senior football! If he does well enough at youth level to deserve a place on the senior team squad, and then has 239 solid minutes, he deserves more. That’s the way to test out young players.

            what part of this didn’t you understand?

          • Clarko

            “Young players are not judged on number of senior football minutes” and “yes, 239 minutes of senior football is enough to say he is quality” contradict one another.

            That’s the part I don’t understand, how you can judge a players ability on seeing him play 239 minutes of football.

            He obviously didn’t do “well enough at youth level to deserve a place” in the senior squad if he only played 239 minutes in 4 years at the club.

          • Cuh736

            Never mind

          • Clarko


  • Wor Lass

    He gave his all and looked promising in those two games mentioned but enough different managers and their staff have looked at him and decided he isn`t going to cut it – including Rafa. Maybe part of his problem is his disciplinary record. Looking at his performance stats on Transfermarket it looks like he`s had two red cards and served three yellow card suspensions ( so that`s at least 15 yellows) in Switzerland. That makes Mitro look like mother Tereza!

    • NUFCDan

      Yep. That highlight reel above was just full of him diving into challenges – mistime one of those in the PL and you’ll be sent off.

    • Geordiegiants

      And he was up on a rape charge I think last year.

      • Wor Lass

        He wasn`t charged with rape – a film was shown in court of him and his girlfriend in bed with a girl who had accused a mackem player of rape (by his defence team). Aarons was in the room with his girlfriend and took the video! I must lead a sheltered life. No wonder Aarons is always too tired to play!!

        • Geordiegiants

          Ha ha the simple life eh?

  • 1957

    A player I would have persevered with for at least another year, the times, I saw at U21 level and in his 2 first team appearances, you noticed him, he was enthusiastic and athletic if a little bit raw. IMO he was equally as competent as Dummett at LB, just didn’t get a run in the team for various reasons.

    If Benitez can’t get a good quality LB in letting this boy go is a mistake.

  • Damon Horner

    All those furious at the move, maybe he wanted to leave….?

  • Franzcarrsuperstar

    I would hope this is a positive sign that he is not at the level Rafa is trying to build. He’s 22 now, so I think he would have shone by now if he was going to be good enough.

  • Stephen Paylor

    A little sad i suppose. I hoped when went down it was a chance for Mbabu to get some time. Jesus Gamez coming in meant Mbabu was out and either Gamez is staying or we are signing another right back. With Anita off we are now in need. Maybe Callum Chambers or Sagna on the free?