Tammy Abraham was said to be joining Newcastle United, the signing appearing to be a certainty for a number of weeks.

Brighton were also credited with interest, only for Swansea to come along and are now reported to have landed the striker on loan.

We are used to the twists and turns of the transfer market but this time a different reason has been put forward for a player not signing for Newcastle.

The Mirror coming up with the following (this is how it appeared, including nonsensical wording at the start):

‘It Geordie Shore is turning into a problem for Newcastle boss Rafa Benitez.

The city’s reputation as a partying hotspot has seen the promoted Magpies miss out on a prime transfer target.

Television dramas and drunken antics in the city’s Bigg Market and Quayside has seen Chelsea advise their young striker Tammy Abraham against joining the Toon.’

This is now being reported as fact and you can understand why it makes a story but is it true?

Well, only Chelsea and Tammy Abraham will know for sure, his agent maybe/probably, but do you really believe it?

Yes Newcastle has got a well known nightlife but the story looks very lame to me and just a lazy tale which the gullible will swallow.

Every City has distractions that could potentially lead a player astray.

Young good looking fit men with loads of money, they can afford to live whatever lifestyle they want off the pitch and will be a story for the media if they step out of line.

London surely has more dangers lurking than anywhere else in the country, whilst the Mirror conveniently fail to mention that Bristol is also a place that is famous for its nightlife.

An 18 year old Tammy Abraham went to Bristol City and scored 26 goals last season, despite whatever distractions the local nightlife offered.

The reality surely is that the truth just doesn’t make as good a story, with the alternative reports now totally forgotten, that Swansea have guaranteed a certain amount of time on the pitch (as well of course Swansea possibly willing to pay a higher loan fee), which Rafa/Newcastle would’t/couldn’t agree to.

Wanting their striker to progress, they would hardly want Tammy Abraham going from playing 48 first team games (including 40 Championship starts) for Bristol City, to potentially making occasional substitute appearances this coming season at Newcastle (or Brighton).

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  • 1957

    The last paragraph sums up the situation for me…but no one can be guaranteed time on the pitch they have to earn it.

  • Jimblag23

    Swansea is maybe a bit low key but London and Bristol have major scenes, obviously! This story is so stupid.

  • Rich Lawson

    Has he not just signed for someone he new at Chelsea and presumably he and his club still have a good relationship with ?

    • Geordiegiants

      He hasn’t even signed for them.

  • Grahame Johnson

    Atzu having a season up here and then signing for us blows this out of the water,as Tammy showed when arguing to take the penalty for England’s under 21s his temperament and behaviour may not fit any club, he will not want to blend into the background after the spot light of number 1 at bristol

    • Wor Lass

      Grahame, his attempt to take the penalty was nothing more than good-natured banter. He wanted a goal but accepted that Baker was the nominated pen taker and was the first to congratulate him after he scored. I reckon you`re right about the profile he wants, though. He wants to force his way into the reckoning at Chelsea and he won`t do that as a bit-part player. Swansea must have promised him plenty of game time.

      • Geordiegiants

        He hasn’t even signed for them. Where is this info coming from?

        • Wor Lass

          I think he`s said that that`s where he`s going and the Swansea chairman has said they are trying to sign him so it looks a done deal. He knows Paul Clement from his coaching days at Chelsea.

  • Mark Potter

    Good article. Taking the opposite situation, we were told that Abraham’s loan was all sewn up by Rafa personally visiting him at the training camp, before the championship got underway. People wanted to believe that was true, and it was down to Rafa. Now when deals don’t go through they want to blame other people.

  • Steve

    I’ve got a good feeling that this was more to do with add-ons for Abraham and his family, which was reported before he flew out with the England team. There’s a big culture around young players especially, who think they are superstars before they reach their twenties. Andre Gray is another great example. I read today that he hasn’t signed a new deal with Burnley and is apparently demanding £100k per week! It might not be true but what has he actually done to justify that!?