Newcastle United have released their retained list on Friday afternoon.

Vurnon Anita has been allowed to leave without a new contract being offered, whilst Florian Thauvin has now formally moved to Marseille.

Sammy Ameobi, Haris Vuckic and Lubomir Satka are also not being offered a new deal.

However, the club say that they are working on a new deal for Yoan Gouffran.

Newcastle United Official Statement:

‘Newcastle United has published its list of retained players following the 2016/17 season.

The club has confirmed that Vurnon Anita, Sammy Ameobi, Lubo Satka and Haris Vuckic will all leave St. James’ Park when their contracts expire this summer.

Florian Thauvin has completed a permanent move to Marseille following a loan spell at the Orange Vélodrome.

Youngsters Jamie Holmes, Stefan Broccoli and Ben Smith will also depart, along with Academy players Gideon Adu-Peprah and Daniel Lowther.

Meanwhile, the club has offered new professional contracts to midfielders Sean Longstaff, Dan Ward and Jack Hunter, goalkeeper Paul Woolston, defender Michael Newberry and forwards Tom Heardman and Luke Charman.

Scholars Yannick Aziakonou, Owen Bailey, Owen Gallacher, Nathan Harker, Mackenzie Heaney, Ben Kitchen, Oliver Long, Lewis McNall, Callum Smith, Craig Spooner have also been offered new deals.

Joining the Academy on two-year scholarships are Max Allen, Ryan Barrett, Thomas Cole, Sam Joyce, Deese Kasinga Madia and Jack Young.

The club has opened discussions with Yoan Gouffran’s representatives, which may see the Frenchman extend his stay at St. James’ Park.

Manager Rafa Benítez said: “I wish to give sincere thanks to all those players from the first team and at under-23 level who we have made the difficult decision to release this summer.

“In particular to Vurnon Anita, who has served Newcastle United magnificently over the last five years. Vurnon is an outstanding team-player, always working for the team and willing to step into whatever position he was needed to fill. He is an excellent professional and I thank him for every contribution he has made over the years, particularly in my time as manager.

“Yoan Gouffran has been an equally committed and dedicated team-player for this club, as well as a hugely popular member of the squad.

“I can confirm we are in early stage discussions now with Yoan’s agent to see if there might be a solution that could work for both the player and the club which may see Yoan extend his service to Newcastle United, but we will know more in the coming days.

“Thanks also to Sammy Ameobi, who came back in January and made a contribution to the second half of the season. He was always so positive and did everything he could to help the team achieve success.

“To all those players released by the club today, we wish to thank you for your loyalty and commitment and wish you the very best for your future in football. I say to them all, keep working hard and you will find the success that you seek and deserve.”

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    The Rafalutions started,
    we`re signing Gouffran

    • HarryHype59

      Wow! When can I renew my season ticket!

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Leazes has been waiting a long time but the Rafalutions here !

  • TubbyMunky

    Goofy? New deal?? hopefully just washing Rafa’s car.

  • Shaun

    Hmmm Anita leaving is slightly surprising, does this mean that Sterry is now considered a first team RB to compete with Yedlin? Or are we going to buy another? I don’t envisage rafa wanting to use too much of his budget on a position that isn’t a major problem, does he still have faith in Gamez perhaps? And it’s a shame about vurnon he was a decent player, I hope he’s replaced with a younger utility player in the squad whoever that may be. Also does the fact negotiations are under way with gouff mean our winger search is going poorly??

  • csh

    I would have thought Anita would have been more useful to us than Gouff…

  • Jimblag23

    It’s ironic that Anita would be a good free signing for a newly promoted squad.
    So glad that we’ve finally got rid of Vukic though!

    • Mal

      Agree about Anita. Perhaps he’ll end up at Brighton

  • Soldier

    what a joke offering Gouffran a deal

    • Alex

      Did he play badly last season?

      • Kev-82

        Other than a few decent games at the start of the season, he looked extremely average at best against Championship teams, he’s definitely not good enough even as a squad player in the Premier League.

        • Soldier

          you are perfectly correct

        • Alex

          I’m playing devil’s advocate a bit, and kind of agree with you, too.

          However, read what Rafa has said and also read between the lines: “if there might be a solution”.

          Clearly, that means it’s going to be a very limited offer, and likely Rafa sees the left hand side as a potential problem to fill. So, ensuring some kind of cover with Gouf hanging around for a while, would be sensible. Also, he could fill-in in a number of forward positions. Better Gouf than someone trying to play out of position.

        • Cuh736

          But he has been a squad player in the pl… and was better than most

          • HarryHype59

            To be honest there was consensus that he was no where good enough when the club was in the EPL. He is a semi decent Championship player at best.

    • HarryHype59

      Agreed! He isn’t good enough for the top flight! When is this Rafalution starting?

  • Franzcarrsuperstar

    Classy statement from Rafa. These things are handled much better now…

    I think being objective then Vurn leaving is probably right, but he has been a good servant and wish him the best.

    I wouldn’t read too much into the Gouffran thing. May be a short contract that he might turn down anyway, and I thought he was good last season. Works hard, so as back up if that is what it comes to, no worries.

    • steve

      “I have to make a special mention of Shola Ameobi, who has been an incredible servant to Newcastle United. Such loyalty and commitment in the modern game is rare and Shola was not just a great player on the pitch but a key figure off it too.

      “He is a leader of men, a great role model for our younger players and I wish him well for the remainder of his career.”

      Let’s stop pretending everything Rafa does is better, the statement is near identical to Pardew.

      • Mumbles

        Well said. Its easy to let the worship slide because we all respect the man, but it is nauseating after a while.

        • Jimblag23

          Shola played his whole career for us.

          • Mumbles

            Crossed wires – I didn’t mean shola. I meant people attributing all good things to Rafa and all bad things to anyone else.

      • Franzcarrsuperstar

        Where’d you dig that from? Keep a copy nearby?!

        Wasn’t really a dig at Pardew actually. More the administration in terms of the way we handled things with Gutierrez, Ryan Taylor etc., which was a joke. That was post-Pardew (although he was complicit in some of the treatment of Jonas).

        So my point was merely that we have a much more professional approach again now, and I do think some of that is down to Rafa

      • Wor Lass

        The problem with Pardew wasn`t his ability to make seemingly heartfelt statements about players or tragic events (he was always good at that), it was the fact that he did whatever Ashley wanted and couldn`t maintain any level of consistency in results after the 5th place season. He was also a bully and a narcissist.

  • Cuh736

    Remember Anita is not a right back. He probably wants to go somewhere he can play in midfield regularly and, if that’s the case, big ups to Rafa for being a decent man and letting the player go. I’m sure there is a backup plan. Besides, we have Yedlin

  • Cuh736

    For Gouffran, Rafa clearly saw something in him last season and still sees it now. I personally don’t mind keeping him. He’s a solid part of the team, and he works for the team.

    Rafa also mentioned popularity in the squad. It’s important to not make “too many changes”, and definitely pays to have players who have been in the squad for a while, whilst bringing in New faces. Vivid example, man city last season during yaya touré’s exile vs man city after yaya’s return

  • Damon Horner

    To me it makes sense to retain both for a more limited and reduced contract, obviously both players would be free to leave.

  • TheNutJob

    5yrs and all the 2 of them have proved is they are nowhere near premiership standard

  • HarryHype59

    Does any one know what fee the club is getting for Thauvin? I’ll wager it will be significantly less than repeated 13m paid for him.

  • Albert Stubbins

    anita twice the player gouffran is- wtf.

  • Tony Mann

    Thauvin is not Rubbish. He is an international player with way more promise than his compatriot Sissoko. A damning indictment of our shockingly abysmal coaching.
    This kid is going to be VERY VERY good. Sadly – not for us.

    • HarryHype59

      He didn’t want to play for us judging by his body language in the few games I saw him play. There was something very strange about that whole transfer. He maybe suited to the weaker French league, but looked unsuitable for the EPL.

      • Geordiegiants

        He openly said he didn’t like it here, he wanted to be back home.

  • Mrkgw

    I’d have retained Anita as he is a good utility player and generally, gave his all in black and white. Will be sorry to see him leave.

    • brin mcardle

      Anita going is i think a mistake

  • Geordiegiants

    There is not one single player in our whole entire squad, that is not easily replaced with a better player. We have a handful of decent prem players, but non of them are world beaters.
    From the back I would keep:
    Elliot and Woodman.
    Lascelles, Clark, Mbemba, and Yedlin, although it possible Mbemeba will leave.
    In the middle, Shelvey, Hayden Ritchie and Atsu.
    Up front, Gayle.
    A few bench fillers, Dummett, Goofy and maybe Murphy.
    Although I know it’s easier said than done, the rest need to go and be replaced with better quality.