A certain Newcastle home shirt has been rated the best ever Premier League design in the 25 year history of the Premier League.

The last few decades have presented Newcastle fans with the very best of replica shirts to buy and wear, or just admire, right through to some monstrosities.

FourFourTwo magazine took on the challenge as neutrals of going through the various clubs and their design, before arriving at this top 10 below.

In third place is the Chelsea design of 2001-2003, whilst the runner-up is the West Brom shirt of only two years ago, which was replica of their 1968 design.

However, way out in first place were NUFC and the superb Newcastle home shirt of 1995-1997.

newcastle home shirt

A tremendous design, perfect sponsor, brilliant football, charismatic players, the only thing missing was that 1995/96 and 1996/97 saw Newcastle United finish as runners-up twice, instead of champions.

FourFourTwo rate the best Premier League shirt designs of the last 25 years:

Ranked! The 20 best Premier League shirts EVER

10th SOUTHAMPTON, 2001-2003, HOME

9th LIVERPOOL, 2013/14 (HOME)

8th WEST HAM, 1999-01 (HOME)

7th LEEDS, 1995/96 (HOME)

6th ARSENAL, 2005/06 (HOME)



3rd CHELSEA, 2001-03 (HOME)

2nd WEST BROM, 2015 (1968 REPLICA)

1st NEWCASTLE UNITED, 1995-97 (home)

“Probably the greatest shirt of the Premier League era, and certainly the most Geordie item of clothing ever: with a Newkie Brown label plastered over the top of the magpie stripes.

“It’s an adidas masterpiece that can perhaps provide a little solace for fans who still rue the fact they didn’t win the league while wearing it.”

What is your favourite Newcastle home shirt design, or is it an away one that ticks all the boxes for you?

All comments welcome below and on social media.

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  • MadMag83

    It was my first football shirt. Happy days.

  • The Nut Job

    It`s the best shirt ok,

  • Paul Smith

    Lets be honest… All the Newcastle home shirts have looked basically the same since forever. There’s only so much you can do to mix it up when all you have to work with is black and white vertical stripes. You have a choice between how wide each of the stripes is and what type of collar and that’s about it. What this vote really is about is which sponsors message looked the best on the shirt.

    Still got this shirt but the Brown Ale Sponsorship thing on the front has completely come off in the drier. It’s just a plain black and white shirt these days.

    • Kid Spotlight

      ‘All the Newcastle home shirts have looked basically the same since forever.’
      Might I accordingly suggest SPECSAVERS as the perfect sponsor?

      • Albert Stubbins

        lol- good comment- the barcode ones of early 90’s are a case in point.

  • Mrkgw

    Glad to say that I still have mine, tucked away safely with a number of others.

  • George Stainsby

    It’s a cracking looking strip. I love the Bukta one, too, mainly because that was the strip from when I first started going to the match with my dad, and I love the 50s FA Cup shirts. The Asics strip looked good, too, but if it was exposed to anything sharper than a balloon, it would get ‘clicked’! The eldest chose the ’96 top for her birthday this year. Great kid…

  • Northumberland mag

    The 86/87 shirt holds a special place for me being my first, but I personally loved the thin and thick striped shirt from the early 90s and loved the blue away one when we first joined the premier league in 93

  • Rich Lawson

    Got it for christmas when it came out,still wear it to this day,never been tempted by any of the later ones.

  • Albert Stubbins

    With Beardsley plastered on the back and the no.10 adorned underneath (actual sewed on crest instead of cheap glued on badge on front)- it simply doesnt get any better!! NUFC- loved the 83/4 blue star one maybe even more though!!