Newcastle United are desperately trying to find a club to take Aleksandar Mitrovic, according to claims on Saturday afternoon.

The striker only started 11 of 46 Championship matches last season but United are said to be optimistically looking to get their money back on the player.

Mitrovic cost around £14m and is one of the highest earners at the club, despite Rafa Benitez making clear he doesn’t think the Serbian striker has anything to offer in the Premier League.

Fanatik report that an agent has been engaged by Newcastle to try and shift the striker and has approached a number of Turkish clubs.

Fenerbahce are reported to be one of the clubs to have been contacted and told that Newcastle are looking for 15m euros (Approx £13.5m).

However, the Turkish media outlet says that Fenerbahce would want a loan arrangement first so they could have a look at the player before potentially buying him.

Mitrovic turns 23 in September and has managed only 13 league goals in 59 league appearances over the course of the past two years, including four goals in the English second tier.

Despite that he has remained in favour for his country, scoring seven goals in his last seven international appearances.

Earlier this month Mitrovic confirmed that he was aware of interest from other clubs and would be happy to consider moving on, if both he and Newcastle United were happy with a deal.

Aleksandar Mitrovic:

“I’m very happy to help Newcastle back to the Premier League because that’s where the club deserves to be.

“I heard something about other clubs but for now I just want to rest. I need to prepare for next season.

“If some good offers for me – which are also good for the club – come in for me over the summer, then we will speak about it.

 “If it doesn’t happen then I’m still a Newcastle United player, I have three years on my contract.

“So we have to speak to the club, to the manager and we will see.

“I’m happy there.

“We have a good team there and we are back in the Premier League but we have to see.”

  • rory

    Benitez needs to wake up and realise that sometimes you do need to change your style of play. Mitro is a perfect striker to have up top with someone else, holds the ball up, is unselfish, strong, decent at passing and inspires people around him, as well as being 22. Will find it difficult to back Benitez if Mitro leaves and we play boring football with someone who can’t hold the ball up top.

    • imrevaradi

      sorry.. mitro just not good enough!

    • Clarko

      Change the whole team, tactics, formation and style of play to accommodate a striker who scored 4 goals in 25 appearances in the Championship last season.

    • hetonmag

      Rafa needs to wake up does he, that my friend is a terrible statement to make. Mitro will never be a prolific goal scorer, his heart is in the right place but that alone doesn’t win you points.

      • 1957

        Mitrovic will never do well with Benitez style of play that needs a quick mobile striker to work, he isn’t that player. Given that Benitez is unlikely to change its in everyone’s interest for Mitrovic to move on

        In a different tactical formation with a strike partner he could do a job. Watching NUFC since the 60’s we have had quite a few forwards over the years who weren’t prolific, but were there to support a partner, the two obvious, and successful, ones being Wyn Davies (with Robson) and John Tudor (with MacDonald).

        • hetonmag

          I agree with you regards Rafa but why change the way he sets the team up it’s been successful for him up to now.

          • 1957

            I’m not suggesting Benitez needs to change, merely Mitrovic isn’t as talentless as some would have it, his recent international record shows that. He would/does (for Serbia) look a better player in a different system and for that reason it would be better all including him if he left.

            Being prolific isn’t the end all and be all of being a forward, apart from those I mentioned look at Peter Crouch whose goalscoring record is between 1 in 4 and 5 but moved clubs for ever increasing transfer fees and was an England international.

          • hetonmag

            Fair comment 57.

        • MadMag83

          Spot on. Mitrovic needs support from a more mobile player around him to lay the ball off to and pick up the knock downs etc. Unless Newcastle invest in a top class number 10 then Mitrovic sadly won’t fit into our current style of play.

    • Cuh736

      I’m with you

    • Geordiegiants


  • glassjawsh-got-banned

    Not sure why we don’t want to keep someone who is glad to be here, works hard and plays his rear end off whenever he has the chance, as cover for 1st teamers. He’s an ideal squad player.

    • Clarko


    • Alex

      If we want cover and a squad player, then Id still grab £13-15m for the Serbian flop, put that towards a good striker……and hang on a bit longer to Murphy.

      • Clarko

        Sell both Mitrovic and Murphy and put the money recouped towards a first team striker.

        • Cuh736

          Who will then be the back up striker? You don’t think we need a third option in the epl?

          • Clarko

            As said above, buy a first team striker, Gayle would be second choice striker and acquire a loan striker (for example Abraham) to be third choice.

          • Allan Kidd

            Difficult to get a young striker on loan, if he is going to be third choice…his own team wouldn’t let him come under those circumstances…they are looking for game time andexperience for the players.

          • Clarko

            Third choice with Benitez’s rotation policy, with the injury prone Gayle ahead of you, with cup competitions, they’re not bad odds, especially if you’re moving from a club where you’re 4/5th choice. The loan striker doesn’t have to be “young” either, just available and of quality.

          • MadMag83

            Armstrong could be the third choice unless he’s going out on loan again.

          • Clarko

            Exactly, you get it. Although I assume due to our pursuit of Abraham that Armstrong will be going out on loan again.

        • glassjawsh-got-banned

          then only have an injury prone Gayle as cover. Brilliant!

          • Clarko

            Buy a first team striker, Gayle would be second choice striker and acquire a loan striker (for example Abraham) to be third choice.

    • Geordiegiants

      Because he can’t hit a barn door, his finishing is pure shyte.

  • Mark Potter

    Why do you focus on the fact that an agent is involved, to suggest that the club are “desperate”? Surely agents are now normally involved for both sides, as well as the player. That’s why agent fees paid by clubs are so high. You don’t think that Rafa would personally phone round clubs across Europe offering players for sale, surely? The original article earlier today from which you have just copied this story, did not suggest any hint of desperation.

    Since previous reports mentioned that Rafa had spoken to Mitro about his situation, then we can assume that agent is in talks between Fenerbahce, Newcastle and Mitro’s own representatives. Why do you think transfers are so complicated these days?

    • TheNutJob

      Rafa`s busy tying to get Penfold to open the cheque book

  • TheNutJob

    another player we`re likely to take a hit on, they must be frightened to put Diame on the market, he`d be lucky to bring in a Quid

    • 1957

      We will have to pay someone to take SloMo…having said that he is a Benitez favourite, how else did he play so much, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him in the team in August

      • TheNutJob

        if we signed Sergio Ramos would Rafa play Lascelles ha ha

  • Steven05

    Two points that I believe are pretty much true:

    Rafa has won everything.

    Despite the hope and affection which we may hold for him, non of us would be happy for Mitro to be our only striker on the pitch

  • Cuh736

    Mitrovic has a better premier league record than Dwight Gayle…

    • Clarko

      Mitrovic has a goal every 235 minutes in the Premier League. Gayle has a goal every 182 minutes in the Premier League.

      • 1957

        Arguably given most of Mitrovic’s appearances in the PL were under the management of a clueless idiot, he did well to score 9 goals.

        • Jimblag23

          And Gayles were under Warnock and Pardew 😂

        • Clarko

          That is irrelevant to the conversation, Cuh736 stated that Mitrovic had a “better Premier League record” than Gayle, which just isn’t true.

          However, Mitrovic has played under Benitez this season, in the Championship, and only managed a goal every 280 minutes.

      • Cuh736

        Mitrovic: attack

        Goals 9
        Goals Per Match 0.26
        Goals With Header 4
        Goals With Right Foot 4
        Goals With Left Foot 1
        Penalties Scored 2
        Goals From Freekick 0
        Shots 79
        Shots On Target 30
        Shooting Accuracy % 38%
        Hit Woodwork 2
        Big Chances Missed 8

        Tackles 24
        Blocked Shots 18
        Interceptions 7
        Clearances 32
        Headed Clearance 25

        • Clarko

          My statistics are from transfermarkt, I would say that minutes per goal is the most important statistic when it comes to judging the “record” of strikers. If you do not agree with anything that I have said then you are free to counter my points, but all you have done is list a group of irrelevant statistics such as “goals with right foot” and “blocked shots” without explaining how they are important or how it suggests that Mitrovic has a “better record”.

          To cement my point:

          Mitrovic has a goal (total of 9) every 235 minutes in the Premier League compared to Gayle who has a goal (total of 15) every 182 minutes in the Premier League.

          Compare the two players during their time in the Championship with Newcastle and Mitrovic has a goal (total of 4) every 280 minutes compared to Gayle who has a goal (total of 23) every 93 minutes.

          Take into account their whole club career and Mitrovic has a goal (total of 84) every 185 minutes compared to Gayle who has a goal (total of 68) every 145 minutes.

          • Cuh736

            I have edited the post to guide your focus. Consider the stats over the number of games played. Mitrovic’s record actually betters gayle’s.

            This is for a player who has played all his life in england vs Mitro who made those numbers in just his debut season.

            I know gayle was the hero of last year, but lets be objective.

            I listed out the full stats so that if you’d gone online, you wouldn’t have thought I was picking specifically to favour my argument. Goals with feet, blocked shots, etc would be beneficial to any on who wishes to make a broader argument on for example, contribution to the team.

            Are performances in the championship a reliable yardstick for success in the premier league? And you failed to add number of games played there to back

          • Clarko

            Minutes played is a more precise measurement than games played, it gives a more accurate representation of the data, therefore Gayle has a better goalscoring “record” than Mitrovic, that is factual information and cannot be argued against.

            “Are performances in the Championship a reliable yardstick for success in the premier league?” The statistics from the Championship season are probably the most reliable statistics when it comes to comparing the two players, they are playing in the same team, with the same players, under the same manager and are playing against the same opposition. It would be logical to assume that the player who performed better in the Championship will most likely perform better in the Premier League.

            As I said earlier, Gayle has a better goalscoring “record”.

          • Cuh736

            Championship football is quite different from the prem, you know that is a fact. Gayle was hidden for 120 minutes against recently relegated hull. That’s all i’ll say. I won’t get started on Mitro not starting enough consecutive games to get his season going after his (minimum of) 4 game absence at the start.

            Mitro has 0.26 goals per game in the prem, Gayle has 0.23 goals per game. So, if you won’t take that as a better scoring record since we’re narrowing down…

          • Clarko

            You are ignoring the more accurate statistics. The statistics you are using suggest that Mitrovic played 3060 minutes of Premier league football, he didn’t, he played 2115 minutes of Premier League football. Your statistics suggest that Gayle played 5760 minutes of Premier League football, he didn’t he played 2735 minutes of Premier League football.

            Gayle did not play 64 games of football, he appeared in 64 games of football, he only played ~30 games of football, his goals per game is 0.5, not 0.23.

            Again, it is factual information. Stop ignoring it. You’re being silly.

      • Cuh736

        Dwight Gayle: attack

        Goals 15
        Goals Per Match 0.23
        Goals With Header 1
        Goals With Right Foot 10
        Goals With Left Foot 4
        Penalties Scored 2
        Goals From Freekick 2
        Shots 80
        Shots On Target 28
        Shooting Accuracy % 35%
        Hit Woodwork 2
        Big Chances Missed 9

        Tackles 37
        Blocked Shots 22
        Interceptions 18
        Clearances 15
        Headed Clearance 8

      • Cuh736

        What’s your source? And what on earth made you think goals per minute equals having a better record?

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    You can bet we won`t be buying a striker until Mitro`s gone, sell before you buy that`s the order from the Pie Man

    • Geordiegiants

      He has a budget he has to adhere to, so he does definetly need to off load players in order to buy.

    • HarryHype59

      Transfermarkt value Mitro at 8m, 6m less than NUFC paid for him. The other players Rafa wants to sell such as De Jong, Riviere and Saivet are valued significantly lower than the initial fee Penfold paid.

      Even if Ashley agrees to take a loss on these players, it will very difficult to move them on due to their competitively high wages. Mitro is on 60k a week and Sels was on 50k.

      The club has a number of player “toxic assets” we are stuck with. That is why I thought the “every penny through generated through players sales” statement was misleading.

      • Clarko

        When Newcastle bought Mitrovic for £15.73m transfermarkt valued him at £9.35m, their valuation cannot be taken as fact.

        Where/what is your source for the wages you have listed for Mitrovic and Saivet?

        How is the statement misleading?

        • HarryHype59

          Transfermarkt may not be “taken as fact” but it is broadly accurate. I notice you don’t question the validity of their valuations when it suits your argument on other posts.

          Has it dawned on you that Transfermarkt’s valuation of Mitro was the correct one and Newcastle just might have over paid for him, just they have for numerous other players? Hanley 6m!! Sels 6.5m! The club will struggle to get the £15.75m you quote, back on someone who was a squad player the championship

          The wages for Mitrovic and Saivet have been quoted in numerous media and newspaper sources. The Chronicle mentioned Saivet wages when he was loaned out. Unless you can prove they are not getting those wages I will quote them as I see fit.

          Many of the playing assets at this club are toxic, as such they will be hard to move on!

          • Clarko

            Transfermarkt’s market valuation of players cannot be taken as fact, nor can they be taken as “broadly accurate”, for example they value Mbappè at £29.75m, his actual value is in excess of £110.00m, you can see this with the Mitrovic transfer, Newcastle paid 60% more than what they valued him.

            I use the statistics and transfer fees from transfermarkt as they are actual facts and are not some fabricated number produced by the site. There is no predetermined value for a player, the correct value is the value on which both clubs agree on.

            On the June 4th the Chronicle quoted Saivet’s wages as being “£35,000 per week”, not “£40,000”. You did not provide a source for the wage of Mitrovic. You fabricated the wages.

            Where did the statement state “Rafa had high value marketable players he could easily shift”, you’re a liar. You have lied numerous times in your post. You have absolutley no credibility.

          • HarryHype59

            Calm down dear and answer me this simple question. How much do you think NUFC will get for Mitro? Bear in mind you said

            ” He scored 4 goals in 25 games in the Championship?

            According to you the club paid over 15m for Mitro, Transfermarket valued him at around £ 9.8m at the time. His value has fallen to 8m due to not being a first team regular in the Championship!

            So then, whose valuation was an accurate reflection of his true market worth when NUFC signed him, Charnley’s or Transfermarkt?

            I await a calm measured and POLITE response, otherwise I am going to have to dismiss you as a forum nutter! No insults, no derogatory comments just because someone has the temerity to highlight the flaws in your arguments!

            BTW Saivet’s wages were reported to be €45k a week in the chronicle in Sept 2016.

          • Clarko

            Why don’t you stop lying dear? How can I have a discussion with someone who invents figures to try and prove their point?

            Your whole section on the value of Mitrovic is drivel really. All the figures I used were from transfermarkt, so any “according to you” statements are imprecise. I also don’t get your point or your question? Other than you asking me to predict the future.

            To clarify this again, the transfermarkt valuation of players is not reliable. Neither I or transfermarkt suggested that Mitrovic lost “£8m” in value, I do not know where you got that from, probably the same place you got your player wage numbers from.

            “€45,000” is not the same as “£45,000” you lied or fabricated that value, you’re the one who claimed Mitrovic is on “£60,000” per week, you’re the one who has to prove that, you can’t.

            You have not highlighted any flaws in my argument.

          • HarryHype59

            If you got your heed out of your rear end you just might see the reality of the squad values.

            Answer me these simple questions, a yes or no will suffice;

            1: Is Mitrovic’s current market value less than the club paid for him?

            2: Is the collective value of the players Rafa wishes to move on less than the club paid for them? Saivet, De Jong, Hanley,

            3: Are the wages these players are on at Newcastle considerably higher than the prospective buying clubs are willing to pay?

            I assert a significant number of the players Rafa wishes to move on are toxic assets due to low values, comparatively high wages and long term contracts.

            Evidence e.g. Transfermarkt and other media sources supports my view. By ignoring these facts,you making yourself look foolish.

            BTW rentagob, you still haven’t proved Mitro isn’t on 60k a week.

          • Clarko

            This argument was about you fabricating wages, using an incorrect valuation and you misrepresenting Ashley’s statement. I am not giving my answers/opinion to your questions until the former is addressed because otherwise what’s the point right? What would be the point of me carefully structuring my argument for you to then lie or invent some information. It is pointless to argue with someone who won’t accept when they’re wrong, look at your last comment, you made up a wage for Mitrovic, I asked for your source and now your argument is “you haven’t proved Mitrovic isn’t on £60,000 a week”, it is just childish, you are acting like a child.

            Once you acknowledge that you have made mistakes about the wage, valuation and statement, we can move on and I’ll answer your questions on the other subjects.

          • HarryHype59

            You are so obsessed with pedantic detail you always miss the glaringly obvious.

            1: It is highly unlikely any club will match the wages of Saivet , which were reported in the Chronicle in Sept 2016 to be €45k a week. On current exchange rates that works out around £38k a week. This makes it difficult to move the player out of the club yet alone recoup the reputed £4.5m paid for him.

            He like others in the “dross list” he is a toxic asset. A bad buy on a long term contract, who the club will take a huge hit on.

            2: The “generates every penny” statement implies the so called Rafalution is self funded. Even if Rafa has a 70m “war chest” (which I doubt very much as NUFC had a £75m wage bill in 2016) ) that won’t be enough to bring in the number of quality players needed to avoid a relegation battle.

            It may have slipped your notice but fees are rocketing at a time when NUFC have far lower TV income than last years EPL teams. Watford get 107m for finishing 17th last year.

            I don’t have an issue with banter or peoples disagreeing with me. You however have some weird alpha male delusions of being “top dog” on this forum. It is all rather pathetic!

            BTW how long were up to last trying to prove Mitro isn’t on 60k a week? Still can’t disprove it can you?

          • Clarko

            Again you are trying to argue an agenda (and a different one at that), I am not arguing until you acknowledge that you have made a mistake(s).

            1. So you lied about Saivet making “£45,000″ per week?

            2. The statement reads, “I’ve confirmed to Rafa Benitez he can have every last penny the club generates through promotion, player sales & other means”. How does that statement imply that Benitez has “high value marketable players he could easily shift, to finance new acquisitions”? It doesn’t does it? You made a mistake.

            3. The Telegraph list Mitrovic as having a £33,000 per week salary in their “Premier League’s best-value striker” article, this is corroborated by The Northern Echo piece called “The lowdown on Aleksandar Mitrovic”, they state that Mitrovic has a “basic wage of around £33,000-a-week”. Not “£60,000” per week, another mistake?

          • Clarko

            You were mistaken in your claim that Henri Saivet made a “£45,000” a week wage were you not? It is also worth to note that the source you are using that quotes “£38,000” a week is old, there is a revised article quoting “£35,000” a week.

            The statement by Ashley does not “imply” that Newcastle have “high value marketable players he could easily shift, to finance new acquisitions” does it? You made a mistake.

            The Telegraph list Mitrovic as having a “£33,000” per week salary in their “Premier League’s best-value striker” article, this is corroborated by The Northern Echo piece called “The lowdown on Aleksandar Mitrovic”, they state that Mitrovic has a “basic wage of around £33,000-a-week with further incentives based on results”. Not “£60,000” per week, another mistake?