We don’t normally (ever!) give free advertising but with this variation on the new Newcastle United home shirt we are making a one-off exception.

The general reaction of Newcastle fans was that the new 2017/18 shirt was easily the best design of the Puma era at St James Park.

A very nice design and the special 125 anniversary badge adding to the look.

The new strip also saw us thankfully rid of Wonga, as the struggling payday lender couldn’t now afford to continue their sponsorship, after the UK government belatedly clamped down on the way that industry did business.

However, the new shirt sponsor, FUN88, doesn’t exactly enhance the new replica kit and sadly spoils it a fair bit.

In kids/junior sizes (although very few teenagers can get into these sizes in my experience!) you are alright, as the rules mean you can’t display gambling firms’ logos on replica football shirts sold to children.

A recent survey saw the new Newcastle United home shirt one of the most expensive around as well, the first 12 Premier League clubs to release new strips this summer – only Man City and Man Utd were more expensive, their new adult shirt sizes costing £60, a fiver more than Newcastle’s on £55.

Wednesday though has seen potentially the perfect answer for you…

Once again, we are only doing this as a service to you and not getting any cash off the company concerned, but you can now order adult sizes of the new Newcastle United home shirt WITHOUT the sponsor’s logo.

You can buy the logo-less NUFC shirt from Zalando and it costs £70 (well £69.99), some £15 more than the ones the Newcastle United club shops are selling with FUN88 on.

However, if ordering in the UK by post, you can actually get the lovely new shirt without the logo for only £3 more than the normal sponsor one.

The official NUFC club shop charges another fiver minimum for UK delivery, making it sixty quid in total to order online/by post.

However, Zalando is postage free in the UK.

As well as that, when we have looked into it, they have an offer on whereby if you register for their newsletter (you can then de-register quickly afterwards), you get 10% off your first order (if over £50).

So to get the shirts delivered, it is £60 for the FUN88 one or £63 for the one without the logo, hmmm….

To register for the Zalando newsletter and get your 10% discount code go HERE

To view and order the new Newcastle United home shirt WITHOUT the sponsor logo go HERE

Would you prefer this…

newcastle united home shirt

….or that one?

newcastle united home shirt

Looks lovely doesn’t it!

  • Jimblag23

    Don’t normally advertise? You creamed yourself as soon as the kit was announced.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    the Chinese will be knocking them out soon & be on their websites for £20
    i bout a Real Madrid 2017 shirt for a tenner & there`s no difference to the official one i bought in 2015, only the year of course

  • Leazes Ender

    Are you getting money from Charnley for the advertising of ticket info then?

  • Steven05

    Most of us weren’t exactly happy with wonga. Some fans are now complaing that we have a betting firm. I accept the new logo could certainly look a lot better, so if the negativity is based solely on the look, then I totally understand. We all think the Blue Star and Brown Ale logos are a million miles better than any others, but they are also a fair few miles behind being able to provide the size of sponsorship money that others can offer. It won’t matter what’s on the front of our shirts tho in February at Wembley when we beat Everton in the League Cup Final!!

  • Toonrobbybobson

    Sorry but they arent wonga and if we become toxic against sponsors we harm the clubs prospects going forward in attracting necessary funds to compete.

    • Pelican

      The sponsors get their brand advertised on screens via players wearing the shirts. The fans are not an army of drones walking around like free advertising boards.

      • Toonrobbybobson

        You’re trying to tell me the club doesnt pitch we have X number of fans wearing tops each season based on sales numbers and that doesnt add to the price that is negotiated?

    • Steven05

      Absolutely correct

  • Mrkgw

    The shirt looks better to me, with the added extra of the sponsor’s logo.

  • They legit or…’fall-apart-in-5-washes’ “legit” ?

    • Oooh bobbi fleckman

      I think they may be legit, it is a German company and there was a hoo harr about gambling adverts in Germany and a few other EU markets. It may be a required that these are made for those markets that restrict gambling. I wonder if Wonga fancy covering these markets?

  • Blackburn1066

    The Logo on great