Joey Barton is currently serving an 18 month ban for placing 1,260 bets on football matches over a seven year period.

The ban has effectively ended the former Newcastle and England (one cap!) midfielder’s career.

Whilst he did, relatively, hold his hands up and accept his punishment at first, since the decision he has made a number of ‘not fair’ comments.

The latest has seen Joey Barton use the ‘well everybody else was doing it’ defence.

Barton claiming that other players might not have been betting so regularly but were gambling far higher amounts.

The banned player also claims ‘I didn’t think I was doing anything illegal’.

However, that is a little hard to believe with the amount of publicity surrounding other players found out to be breaking football’s gambling rules.

Even more so when some of the bets saw Joey Barton backing AGAINST Newcastle, when he was getting paid by the club.

Joey Barton speaking to the Sunday Times:

“One thing footballers have in common is they love betting, because they’re competitors.

“I was an outlier on volume but there’ll be outliers on wagers staked.

“I have been in dressing rooms with players, where they’ve a hundred grand staked on mad stuff. On one bet. Scary. A lot bet massive figures.

“I have seen players who have played in World Cups go out on the pitch and not get anywhere near as much of a buzz from that, or scoring goals, as from betting on the horses.

“There are many ways to beat the system. I didn’t think I was doing anything illegal. We all know things that are bad for us yet we still do them.

“From my perspective, it wasn’t fixing and I was only doing what lots of others around me in dressing rooms were doing and openly discussed.”

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    the idiot didn`t pick a winning bet in 10yrs, they should have fined him & left it at that

  • Callum

    Slating barton when he served our club well, sure the mag is actually run by mackems

  • nufcslf

    More money than sense comes to mind. When is the average monkey going to learn that all of this stuff is tracked very easily and right or wrong you simply look like a tit with no foot to stand on when caught. Other than that, carry on and don’t complain if you get found out.

  • Porciestreet

    I think this whole sorry episode stinks and is so stereotypical of the FA to blame everyone but themselves and yet remain whiter than white.
    How many gambling and betting sites are not only advertised as shirt sponsors, but are actually showing current and ex players as the major protagonists in these adverts. How hypcritical to then haul a player over the coals for doing just that, and efectively end his carear in doing so. Bad, Bad, Bad.

    • MadMag83

      Yep, and our new shirt sponsor is a betting company that has previously sponsored his old club Burnley. The FA do little to tackle problems within the game unless pressured into it.

  • Phil K

    And they weren’t/aren’t ?
    You kidding ? Like greedy managers being on the take.
    WE KNOW it’s going on. But it’s when they get so arrogantly dumb as Allardyce that last time being accused of on the take. Or George Graham way back. Most sensibly keep it well under wraps. Certain names spring to mind from the past 70s 80s 90s and nowadays – I suspect having fingers in till. Rumours of players throwing games – last one, those defending them tried to make it a “racist” thing that they were accused. Yet they had the bet, and one of them pointlessly getting himself sent off……conveniently for the bet.
    Its going on NOW – only a fool would say it isn’t

  • Rich Lawson

    ”You stupid boy ” To much money and to much time on your hands,for someone who is so prominent on social media to say he didn’t think he was doing anything wrong is clearly nonsense,the ban does seem excessive tho’ ? Stay away from betting sites and go and coach some youngsters for nowt and give something back to the game to repair your reputation ?

  • Hughie_Gallacher

    I’ve no idea what he means when he equates gambling with competition. It’s not as if you can influence the outcome of a gamble. Well, not legally anyway.

  • Sing in the Leazes

    Ah Joey.
    Joey Joey Joey.
    The cleverest little idiot there ever was.
    Always good value for some choice wise words and some even choicer idiotic behaviour.
    My ‘bet’ is that he unconsciously knew he could get in bother and that it partly drove him on.
    How can someone with so much talent, so much good fortune, so much money compared to what he could have earned in any other universe, be such a knacker? For so many years? All those violent outbursts, all those fights? All those little sermons via social media?
    Because its a form of self-harm. He does it accidentally on purpose. Can’t help himself.
    Many of the game’s greatest talents (Barton is a poor man’s great talent. A Primark George Best. Similar to the real thing, just less genuine quality) threw it all away when they had it all. Couldn’t live with the adulation or the pressure or something.
    No doubt once he’s too old to play at all, he’ll be supremely wise after the event and throw himself into charitable work or whatever. It’s a well worn cycle of behaviour.
    I love how he constantly surprises himself with his predictability.
    Served the toon well I hear you say. He did indeed. Some sterling performances I remember them well.
    Apart from when he was in prison. Or banned. Or starting training ground fights. Or letting his mouth go in the press.
    Other than that he was a good little player.
    But I’m not sure that his ‘service’ puts him beyond reproach.
    I’m proud to support NUFC.
    When one of our own is on CCTV kicking the living daylights out of some random it kind of takes the gloss off that pride.
    Joey Joey Joey. We all liked you mate. Why are you such a divvy?