Amongst the many, many tributes posted following the sad passing of Cheick Tiote, was one from Nile Ranger.

The pair were together at Newcastle United, until the club finally had had enough of his behaviour and Ranger was kicked out in March 2013.

In his tribute to Cheick Tiote posted on Nile Ranger’s instagram account, it said:

“Sad to hear the news about my brother Cheick Tiote.

“He would go through a brick wall and give you a two footed tackle in training a day before a cup final!

“What a guy though, top man and a professional. My condolences go out to his family.”

Nothing wrong with the actual wording of the tribute but the fact Nile Ranger is in prison, could be a major problem.

Only two weeks into an eight month long prison sentence for an offence of fraud after admitting conspiracy to defraud a woman out of more than £2,000 by obtaining personal banking details and transferring the cash to another account, Ranger is being investigated by the Ministry of Justice.

The Southend Echo report that prisoners in British jails are not allowed social media accounts and mobile phones are banned, although thousands are smuggled in and confiscated every year.

A Ministry of Justice spokesperson:

“This behaviour is unacceptable and we are working to get the content removed from social media. The prison is also investigating.

“It is a criminal offence to bring a mobile phone into prison, or transmit sounds or images from within a prison using a mobile phone.

These offences carry a maximum penalty of two years in prison.”

  • Geordiegiants

    Scum, pure scum!

  • The Nut Job

    Rangers an idiot, but so are those investigating his post you`d think they`d have better things to do in the current climate
    he could easily have got a mate on the outside to do it

    • Steve Smith

      I imagine they’re more interested in ruling out the possibility of a smuggled mobile phone rather than the Twitter post.

    • ken

      Agree he’s an idiot but I think the authorities are more worried about how he can get onto social media from prison, if he can do it then others with worse intentions can as well.

    • Wor Lass

      What a loser – he can even get into bother trying to say something nice!

  • Brian Standen

    Fact Nile Ranger was a team mate of Cheick – Check out that 4-4 with arsenal, prob only time Ranger showed his true potential – he is as entitled as anyone to pay respects! In fact for once allow him some credit

  • Mrkgw

    Maybe he asked someone to post the comment on his behalf?

  • edward alderson

    why bother talking about this low life,waste of space