It is now 17 days since (25 May) that Newcastle were said to be on the verge of signing Tammy Abraham.

It was reported that both Newcastle and Brighton had been given permission to speak to the Chelsea striker and that the Magpies were strong favourites to win the ‘race’.

Much has been said since, including Rafa Benitez allegedly visiting Tammy Abraham at the England Under 21 training camp to seal the deal.

It was also said that Rafa’s close relationship with Chelsea’s Director of Football had helped get the deal over the line.

The summer transfer window, don’t you just love it!

Instead of course, we are almost three weeks on and nothing has happened…and if you listen to Tammy Abraham himself, nothing looks likely to happen, at least for some time.

Speaking from the England Under 21 camp, Abraham says that he still doesn’t know what he is going to do next season, with it sounding as though it won’t be until after the upcoming U21 Euros before he will have a think on what is best to do.

This doesn’t quite bear much relation to an imminent decision that revolves around only Newcastle or Brighton.

The U21 European Championships run from 16 June (this Friday) until Friday 30 June, only four days before Newcastle start pre-season training.

Maybe Newcastle did/do have interest in Tammy Abraham but the odds must surely now massively against any deal happening for a move to Tyneside. You get the feeling if it was so straightforward then it would/could have been all wrapped up before this U21 tournament takes place.

Tammy Abraham:

“I’m not sure what I am doing next season.

“If I am coming back (to Bristol City), going elsewhere on loan or staying at Chelsea. I haven’t decided yet.

“You have to stay open and things may come at different times but I have to dream big and that’s what I’m going to be doing.

“A couple of the boys were telling me I’d get unto the (England) Under-21s team this season but I wasn’t really thinking about it.

“I was thinking about doing as well as I could for Bristol City and getting a spot in their side.

“Making my debut (for Bristol City) felt great. You’re playing with excellent players and they make you perform well on the pitch.

“They make you feel good, great service, and as soon as I went in the players made me feel welcome and I felt settled.

“When I first came to Bristol, knowing it was Championship football, playing against experienced men, I knew it would be tough.

“You’d be hard pressed to find players as tall as me at academy level but that all changed when I came here.

“It is going to be tough but our aim is to win (to win the U21 European Championships) nd do the best we can.

“I wouldn’t say we are under pressure but we are going to do our best. I have confidence going into it but it’s never going to be easy. Hopefully I’ve done enough this season to get into the team. If I have, I’ll work as hard as I can.

“It’s still my ambition to be at the top level, and be playing for England – especially a competition like the World Cup.

“You know there are other players out there but to be picked for England it shows you are doing something right. It’s a good feeling.”

Joining Bristol City on a temporary basis last summer, Tammy Abraham showed astonishing form for a then 18 year old.

Despite playing for a team battling relegation for much of the season, the on-loan forward scored a total of 26 goals for the second tier team.

This included an impressive 23 goals in only 40 Championship starts.

The striker has represented England at Under 19 and Under 21 levels.

Not surprisingly, Abraham won Bristol City’s player of the year, young player of the year, and top goalscorer awards.

The 6ft 4 striker looks to have a big future ahead of him but will that include spending 2017/18 at St James Park?

The club has already made clear that loan deals will form part of Rafa Benitez’ strategy this summer as Newcastle return to the Premier League.

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  • Wor Lass

    The lad`s obviously hedging his bets – maybe he thinks there`s a chance he could make the Chelsea squad. There`s nothing wrong with that if you`ve got multiple options but if he isn`t keen to come we should move on. The clock`s ticking.

    • Geordiegiants

      The clock hasn’t quite started yet. It starts on the 1st of July.

      • Wor Lass

        I was always ahead of my time! lol

        • Geordiegiants

          Ha ha nice one!

      • Wor Lass

        I`ve just done some digging – the clock actually started ticking on 9th June. You must have done what I did and looked at the Birmingham site which comes first on a transfer window search. They`re wrong! What a Carry On!!

        • Geordiegiants

          Looks like you’recorrect, there have been a few big signings today.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Forget him & move on
    if he thinks there`s a better option than playing in front of 52,000 & getting 40 grand a week at his age i`d love to know what it is

    • Mumbles

      Playing for his parent club? Can’t blame him for wanting that.

      • MichaelMaximusMoose

        he`s got no chance

        • Mrkgw

          Quite agree Moose.

        • Mumbles

          I agree, but maybe he doesn’t!

  • Mrkgw

    What an insult. Rafa needs to pull the plug on this – he doesn’t deserve the luxury of messing our great club about. I wonder how Bristol City managed to pull off the loan at the time and his indecision just shows how little he thinks of Newcastle. I absolutely do not want him with us next season.

    • Mumbles

      I’d love to hear this inside information you have on how he is messing us around.

      Why are you so angry about him not deciding on his own future yet? For all we know he hasn’t even been approached. Your post is an excellent example of why all this newspaper rumour and speculation is just poisonous.

      • Mrkgw

        Who said anything about inside information? His messing the club about is plain to see. Rafa allegedly travelled south to speak with him in person and if reports are to be believed, he then spoke with Brighton. That is fair enough but indecision as to whether or not the player signs for Newcastle is plain ridiculous. Do you think that Rob Lee, Les Ferdinand as two bygone examples hesitated? Not likely. As I said, pull the plug on this prospective deal fast.

        • Mumbles

          I understand your view, and it makes sense, but I still think it’s wrong to be angry and dismissive of a young player based on allegations and ‘reports’.

          Maybe he thinks the toon aren’t good enough for him. If he comes out and says as much then have at him, but right now your anger at him is based on third-hand gossip!

  • Toon fan

    Maybe Batshuayi is coming to Newcastle?

    • Stephen Paylor

      would be a dream signing for me

  • lukegte

    He is at a critical point in his career and has no affiliation with NUFC. He is absolutely entitled to keep himself available and delay a decision in the pursuit of the best option for his future. He may feel he is more likely to get a game at a club like Brighton and he wouldn’t have to move so far. He may feel Bristol already know him and his aspirations and he wouldn’t have to adjust as he’s already been there for a year. He may feel Newcastle would see him as backup to Gayle or someone else they plan on bringing in. He is doing the right thing.

    • Mumbles

      Absolutely. Well said.

      The key word there is he MAY do this or that. We just don’t know. Let’s enjoy speculating about what might be happening, but people really need to stop believing everything they hear.

    • Whickhamrobbie

      spot on did loic remi not mug us off then finally sign on loan only to lookm half decent . he is a pro player with no affiliation so who cares

  • Jimblag23

    Forget this guy. If he doesn’t back himself to force his way into our side I’d rather not go for him.

  • TubbyMunky

    The lad has a big decision to make. It’s a big move (in geographical and playing terms), and he wants time. I’d rather he took his time deciding, so if he does come, he has weighed it up from every angle.

  • Toon Army AZ

    There appears to be much uncertainty over the new “norms” of Premier League transfer fee inflation. Perhaps players and agents are waiting for a few more transfers to happen to establish the new norms before committing. They don’t want to inadvertently leave money on the table.

  • Albert Stubbins

    if he can’t make up his mind between us and brighton I’d rather not have him- pillock!!