When will the Newcastle signings be arriving?

That is pretty much the only question on the lips of supporters at this moment in time.

Plenty of speculation of course and quite amusing that nobody in the national media appears to realise that Newcastle have of course already made one signing this summer.

Every report/exclusive talking of United being about to make their first signing this summer, overlooking the fact that Christian Atsu has already been bought for £6.2m.

However, we all of course know that far more is needed this summer.

The clock is ticking and whilst there is complete faith in Rafa Benitez, fans will be only able to rest easy once the club actually gets Newcastle signings over the line.

It is now 48 days since the Championship season ended and 49 days until the Premier League kicks off.

We have nine days before pre-season training begins for Newcastle and 20 days until the first (Hearts away – 14 July) of five pre-season friendlies confirmed so far.

Last summer Newcastle United made signings on the following dates:

29 June – Matz Sels

1 July – Dwight Gayle

1 July – Matt Ritchie

8 July – Jesus Gamez

11 July – Isaac Hayden

21 July – Grant Hanley

2 August – Ciaran Clark

2 August – Mohamed Diame

23 August – DeAndre Yedlin

27 August – Achraf Lazaar

27 August – Daryl Murphy

30 August – Christian Atsu

The signings roughly falling into two groups.

The squad flew out to Ireland on 10 July 2016 and the first four signings (Sels, Gayle, Ritchie and Gamez) were on the plane, with Isaac Hayden then joining them a day later (11 July) after signings.

All five were available for the entire pre-season friendly schedule and all featured in the first friendly again Bohemians on 16 July 2016.

Grant Hanley then signed on 21 July and was then available for the final two friendlies, playing his first game in a Newcastle shirt against Southend on 26 July.

When the season kicked off on 5 August 2016, all six of those signings were included, with Sels, Hanley, Ritchie, Gayle and Hayden all starting, Gamez on the bench.

The six signings that came later, generally took far longer to be involved, their first Championship starts being: Atsu (1 October 2016), Daryl Murphy (21 January 2017), Ciaran Clark (17 August 2016), Achraf Lazaar (never started a league game), Mohamed Diame (13 August 2016), and DeAndre Yedlin (24 September 2017).

The suggestion maybe being that Rafa Benitez looked to get key signings in early and who he looked at as first 11 players (Sels, Ritchie, Hayden and Gayle), then the later Newcastle signings (Murphy, Yedlin, Lazaar and Atsu) who were seen as extra insurance.

Both Diame and Clark arrived very early in August (both signed on the 2nd) ahead of the season but were given a little time before getting starts (11 and 15 days respectively) – both going on to be first team regulars for Rafa Benitez.

The Premier League is obviously going to be that much harder again and you have to think that Rafa wants to repeat the process, getting key signings in place as soon as possible – Hayden, Ritchie and Gayle proving key to Newcastle’s title win last season.

I won’t be too worried if credible first team players aren’t signed next week BUT if we go towards mid-July without them in place, I think it is then going to prove so much tougher this coming season.

Looking further back in time, easily the best season in Mike Ashley’s 10 years at the club, was the fifth place finish in 2011/12.

The summer of 2011 saw Yohan Cabaye signed on 10 June and Demba Ba the 17 June, both players central to Newcastle’s success that season.

Rafa Benitez needs every factor in his favour this season and as someone who has made a reputation as a manager who relentlessly drills his players to get the very best out of them, the chance to work with his key players in pre-season is surely an essential to Newcastle United having their best chance of success.

  • Geordiegiants

    I just wish everyone would be patient. Rafa is here, he is clearly in control now, wait until the transfer window is shut, then make your mind up.

    • Leazes Ender

      The point is that it looks very much like Charnley is doing the negotiations

      • Geordiegiants

        Is he though? And even if he is, he is being as tight as possible to give Rafa as much money as he can to spend on other players. I’m not saying it’s ideal, but Rafa will not put up with second rate negotiations. He has proved it in the past and forced through the Ritchie deal. Charnley is probably in the middle of sorting his severance pay with agents etc, and Rafa is dealing with this new Keith fella.

  • Toon fan

    Sels didn’t sign until 29th. Today is only 24th. Things are starting to hot up. Be patient people. 😁

  • Patrick Church

    NUFC Financial accounting year runs from July 1st to June 30th – this means any deals to be done would be best completed AFTER July 1st so the monies come from next financial year income (which will include the all Premiership fees) – bear in mind that having a big profit attracts big taxes so offsetting this forthcoming seasons income against a couple of big transfers would help reduce the tax burden. This isn’t new and is one of the ways Ashley HAS managed to legally reduce our tax bills. Wait until early July and I’m sure we’ll see some £££ being spent.

    • Leazes Ender

      First of July is indeed the date, Charnley is a creature of habit and sticks to his financial timetable…. Viva la Rafalution.

      • Carlo Ancelotti

        what Rafalution, has it started

        • Leazes Ender


    • Damon Horner

      That actually makes good sense. There may be signings in place with nothing announced a little beyond next week at the earliest.

  • geo smt

    Got a £20 bet no more signings till season starts

    • Êleves

      Hope youre ready to be down 20 quid then

      • geo smt

        Do you think so got a good chance if the news that raff, s not happy and might be off if I get through not week on a winner

  • Carlo Ancelotti

    im far from impressed with the players that have been touted to come to Newcastle, in fact I’m not impressed at all
    best save the money for the relegation fight come January

    • Leazes Ender

      I dont think these lot are Rafa type targets at all…. we’ll see next Saturday week how the Rafalution is looking.

  • Soldier

    maybe HMRC still has Charnleys phone hence no signings, or his contract starts on July 1st

  • GToon

    Interesting to see a few websites and papers mention Rafa is less than happy with the lack of incoming transfers. Hardly surprising is it. And if it is due to the accounting period dates then they ought to move the dates!!!

  • Shipcote Willy

    The reports of Rafa being unhappy have obviously been leaked by him or someone close to him, especially when the story is in the club’s preferred media partner. It could be just Rafa sabre rattling to chivvy up Penfold and Ashley or more worringly it could be Ashley reverting to type. Is Ashley holding back the cash because of the sale or does he just not want to pay the going rate? Whatever the case Rafa is obviously not happy. The next week or so will show which is the case. One thing is certain if Rafa walks it’s another relegation battle and serious unrest amongst the fans.

  • Stephen Paylor

    Too many players on the books. Need to trim the squad and clear the dead wood. I think 38 senior players? Need to drop 15 to make way for 5 new players and a squad list of 28 max