It was a major surprise when Derek McInnes turned down Sunderland after being interviewed for the managerial vacancy.

The Aberdeen boss had been given permission to speak to Sunderland and spoke positively about the Wearside club, only to then get cold feet and decline their offer.

It is usually seen as a massive step up going from the Scottish Premier League to a Championship club with hopes of getting into the Premier League.

Only last December, Robbie Neilson left Hearts when they were second in the league, seeing it as a career progression to join League One MK Dons who were fighting relegation to League Two!

Even Neil Lennon who had won numerous trophies with Celtic and left them as champions, found his next job was with Championship Bolton who were fighting relegation to League One when he joined them.

So no wonder Sunderland fans were left humiliated when Derek McInnes preferred to stay in what is a very poor Scottish Premier League, especially when he would have been paid three times as much if moving to the Stadium of Light.

The dismal state of Scottish football means that Celtic are guaranteed a stroll to the title and whilst Aberdeen proved best of the rest, the fact they were 30 points behind the champions emphasises that nothing is going to change.

Stephen Glass was a stylish winger who had no luck with injuries, a £650,000 signing for Kenny Dalglish in March 1998 from Abersdeen, then playing under Ruud Gullit, before eventually seeing his time end at Newcastle under Sir Bobby Robson in summer 2001 and moving on to Watford.

Glass thinks Derek McInnes has shown ‘ambition’ by turning down the Mackems.

Stephen Glass talking to the Sunday Post:

“It shows you what the club (Aberdeen) has got…but it shows you Derek’s ambition as well.

“Not to jump at the first opportunity is rare these days.

“Obviously he has spoken to Sunderland, heard what they had to say, what they would offer him financially, then decided to say no to them.

“For whatever reason, he hasn’t liked the whole package and felt he was better off staying at Aberdeen.

“That suggests to me that he believes he can get a better offer, he has certainly earned the right to believe that.

“You would imagine he has been given assurances that he will be backed financially at Aberdeen.

“He clearly believes that he can continue to get improvements under those circumstances, which, again, shows his ambition.

“Now it’s about finding replacements for some of the guys that have gone and I think he can do it successfully.

“It’s there for Derek to have a real go at it.

“Not to go and splash crazy money around, but to use the increased funds he does have wisely.”

  • Gallowgate1982

    does anyone care abut Sunderland or Derek Mcinnes?
    Why has the Mag degenerated into a shi88er version of the NUFC Blog ?
    I used to buy the paper version of the MAG religiously and it was witty and had a core of great writers …now it is the pits and I think its time for me to stop visiting the website.

    • Albert Stubbins

      surely Clarko’s rantings alone are a good enough reason to stay? he can correct your grammar online and give you invaluable info about players no f****** has heard about- he’s a real hoot as well- or is this Magexit for good?

  • 1957

    This is relevant to NUFC because…

    Our red and white friends are in trouble, let’s leave it at that and not obsess about it.

  • disqus_GFJ5SSXQ7o

    More news about Sunderland then NUFC on this site, sad thing is we call them obsessed about us

    • Vodkamagpie

      It’s interesting news, we will be always connected with Sunderland/Middlesbrough, and rightly so.

  • Rich Lawson

    Big fish in a small pond,he can be in Europe with Aberdeen next season,maybe have another cup run or get sucked into a downward spiral of uncertainty at the mackems which will do his reputation no good,seems a good decision and not just jumping at the presumed better salary,fair play to the bloke,at least he talked to them ?

  • Hughie_Gallacher

    Maybe the refusal of McIness to take the job at Sunderland isn’t all that surprising. When there is so much talk of an imminent takeover, how could he be assured of his position with the new owners?