Newcastle United transfers, or rather the lack of them, is the topic on everybody’s lips.

Obviously everybody would like to see quality players through the door as soon as possible but there is wide spread of opinion amongst supporters, when it comes to handling the lack of activity.

Most people are somewhere in the middle but some are feeling like the sky is falling in already, with no new faces as yet and only five days until pre-season training begins.

This has then provoked a reaction from others, with some arguing there is no need to panic and you only have to see the lack of activity so far from the likes of Arsenal and Tottenham as proof of nothing to worry about, yet.

You can probably sympathise with all view because as Newcastle fans we are used to the fluctuating emotions following our club, with the modern day transfer windows part of that.

However, when it comes to Newcastle United transfers, or lack of, you can’t judge the amount of activity next to that of clubs such as Tottenham and Arsenal.

If a club is already in the Premier League, then by definition they already have a full team of Premier League players.

Yes these clubs will always be looking to improve but as you go higher up the food chain, you generally find that clubs make fewer and fewer signings.

There will be a smaller group of players to go for who could potentially improve your team, whilst also much of your efforts are going instead on keeping your best current Premier League stars happy.

The message is quality not quantity.

When you are a recently promoted club, the opposite is surely true. By definition you have a team full of Championship players – yes they may have potential to be better than that but the fact still remains, you will need greater numbers of new players than a Tottenham or Arsenal, as you strive to cope with the step up to the top tier.

The three clubs promoted in 2015/16 were Burnley, Middlesbrough and Hull City, across the summer 2016 and January 2017 windows, these three brought in eight, thirteen and fourteen new players, respectively.

Burnley are a bit of an exception as they have made it a policy of trying to keep a solid squad together whether promoted or relegated, meaning new signings are kept more to a minimum than your average promoted club.

If you look to the previous promoted teams, you had Bournemouth, Watford and Norwich coming up from the Championship in 2014/15. In the summer 2015 and January 2016 windows, they brought in seventeen, eighteen and thirteen new players, respectively.

In contrast to what happened with these six promoted teams of the past two seasons, look at the clubs who finished at the top of the Premier League in 2015/16.

Leicester City were champions, with Arsenal and Tottenham next highest.

A bit like Burnley, Leicester are a bit of an oddity. In their case, it is due to Leicester coming from such a low point (promoted only in 2013/14) to be champions and in particular having Champions League football to deal with as well last season, as a result they made eight signings in the summer 2016 and January 2017 windows.

In comparison, Arsenal and Tottenham, clubs who are stable and have been established at the top for some years, only made five signings each in these last two transfer windows.

This summer Arsenal have brought in Kolasinac from Schalke and Tottenham are yet to make a signing, with Newcastle having only the one in squad player Christian Atsu.

It is a daft comparison though as Newcastle need to bring in a significant number of players, whilst Spurs and the Gunners simply need to tweak their teams/squads and look to bring in real quality in whatever position, unless a star player leaves.

A far better comparison is to look at Brighton and Huddersfield in the coming weeks, to measure Newcastle’s transfer activity against, although we all hope that NUFC’s aspirations are higher than the other two promoted clubs.

So far, Brighton have beaten their old transfer record twice this summer, with midfielder Pascal Gross and keeper Mathew Ryan recruited. Huddersfield have also beaten their transfer record with striker Laurent Depoitre brought in from Porto and they are set to beat it again with a permanent deal for Aaron Mooy reported to be imminent.

Newcastle of course need quality players but we also need a decent number of them, with hopefully five or six regulars from last season dropping to the bench as better players arrive.

We don’t have the luxury of a Premier League standard team already in place, to think otherwise would/could be a fatal mistake.

As to when these new signings need to arrive by, that is a very open question.

However, the more time they have with their new teammates and Rafa Benitez the better.

Five days until pre-season training and sixteen days until the first pre-season friendly at Hearts, the clock is ticking.

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  • Paul Patterson

    A very measured article.
    If we haven’t signed anyone by the first pre-season game then I’ll start being concerned.
    Until then, unless Sky Sports break the news that Rafa has walked, I’m happy to sit tight..

  • Leazes Ender

    Three days to go then the Rafalution starts.

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      exciting isn`t it

  • Vodkamagpie

    And yet I still feel Newcastle will spend over 100mil

    • Pelican

      Where is £100 million going to come from? The last time the club was promoted there was no net spend on players for 6 years. It was only after 6 years of no net-spending that the club could spend £80 million. Not that this is the norm for Football Clubs, just those that have revenue streams taking away by the club owner.

      • Vodkamagpie

        Rafa will find the 100Mil somewhere, that’s why he is here, that’s why they hired him, to buy players, to win games

        • MichaelMaximusMoose

          Mmmm, here`s me thinking he was brought in through sheer panic by the Fat lad
          who as you well know has already stitched him up once in January

          • Vodkamagpie

            20Mil bid for cairney turned down in January, yes ashley really stitched him up, mmmmm

          • Pelican

            You may have missed an article on this very site, stating that Jokanovic’s quote regarding a £20 million bid was likely lost in his badly translated English. If the club had £20 million to spend, almost certainly Benitez would have wanted it spent on Townsend, who he was quoted as saying he “liked”.

            Just in case you bring it up… Allardyce confirmed no bids were made for Townsend – only a loan offer, which was never on the table as far as Palace were concerned.

          • Vodkamagpie

            Townsend, correct me if Im wrong, he left Newcastle because we were in the championship, he wanted to play premier league football, kind of pointless bidding for a player that doesn’t want to play for you, correct.

          • Pelican

            Townsend was out of the Crystal Palace first team and Newcastle were occupying top spot in the Championship. You don’t find out if a player wants to play for you or not, without making the correct bid and gaining permission to speak to the player. Benitez clearly rates Townsend.

          • Vodkamagpie

            Townsend, the same player that left 6months ago, that deserted us, abandoned ship. Honestly, I dont think it takes a genius to figure out that he wants guaranteed premier league wages, unfortunately that seems to be the type of player he is.

        • Lhc

          Ashley finds it hard to part with a 100 quid never mind 100million, he’s that type of bloke, ne chance of 100mil!!!

  • toonterrier

    How many Premier league clubs have billionaire owners. How many have cheapskate owners. How many prefer to bank any money the club makes rather than strengthen the team. Hands up Mr Ashley. ( fat useless money grabbing git).

  • Down Under Mag

    To be honest, Spurs and Arsenal aren’t being bankrolled by someone’s oil fund, they are just spending what they earn and what they can afford to get away with. We on the other hand are no doubt looking to turn a profit. That is the difference! Footballing concerns come a distant second in Ashley’s priority list…until we see otherwise then there is no reason to change our opinion of him!