Breaking your transfer record is going to be a common theme for Premier League clubs this summer.

Liverpool have just done it with Mohamed Salah arriving from Roma.

Their scouse rivals Everton have also done the same with the purchase of Jordan Pickford from the mackems.

Chelsea look knocking bets to do the same if/when buying back Romelu Lukaku from Everton.

Whilst Arsenal also look sure to do it as well, as they attempt to placate their long suffering supporters after finishing only fifth and winning their third FA Cup in the past four years.

It is not only the elite though, as all 20 Premier League clubs will surely be trying to compete and bring in the best possible signings, accepting that you can’t expect to bank the massive TV cash amounts the top tier clubs will receive AND not have prices going up significantly.

Two clubs that Newcastle will surely be expecting to see beneath them if having a successful return to the Premier League, are fellow promoted sides Brighton and Huddersfield.

However, as the likes of Bournemouth, Swansea and others have already shown in the past, any club with PL cash will spend money, no matter what their background/history is.

Whilst the fees may not be at the levels of Liverpool, Everton, Chelsea and others, both Brighton and Huddersfield have already shown that they realise ambition must be there when it comes to this summer’s transfer market.

Brighton broke their previous transfer record when signing 26 year old German midfielder Pascal Gross from Bundesliga side FC Ingolstadt 04, then repeated that when signing 25 year old goalkeeper Mathew Ryan from Valencia.

Huddersfield have followed suit and signed 28 year old Belgian international striker Laurent Depoitre from Porto, whilst they are widely reported to be formally completing a £10m permanent deal for Aaron Mooy once he and Australia exit the Confederations Cup.

Newcastle so far have of course only signed Christian Atsu for £6.2, a decent signing but widely seen as a squad player – not a first eleven starter for the new season.

Newcastle United’s current record is the £16m paid out 12 years ago for Michael Owen, which in turn beat the £15m record previously set in 1996 for Alan Shearer.

There is no demand from Newcastle fans to break the transfer record on just anybody BUT the fact Mike Ashley has failed to allow this (breaking the transfer record) to happen in his 10 years of ownership, does have a big flashing light next to it.

Yes Newcastle have spent money in this past decade but most of it has been wasted on ‘bargain’ buys from abroad, seen as better value than those who have previously shown they can do it in the Premier League. Newcastle simply need players this season who are good enough, whether from the UK or beyond, whether or not they could possibly increase in value in the future.

The expectations of many Newcastle fans have been dragged down by Ashley’s ownership, with people not recognising what is going on beyond our club.

The bottom line is that spending say £20m on a player this summer, would be roughly the equivalent of spending £10m on one two years ago.

Bearing in mind he was willing to allow Newcastle to spend £13m each on Shelvey and Townsend because Newcastle were in big relegation danger in January 2016, surely it is worth doing the same now in going that extra mile this summer to be ambitious and at the same time, ensure no more relegation possibility.

If Rafa can find the odd bargain here and there then great BUT they have to surely be alongside other signings where that 12 year old transfer record is broken.

Failure to do so could mean a really really tough challenge for Newcastle United, even though we have Rafa Benitez in charge now.

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  • Mrkgw

    Would like to have seen Mooy move to Newcastle.

    • ben olsthoorn

      Agreed. Mooy is a big game player. Watch his international performances for Australia

      • Stephen Butler

        I reckon he has been off a bit in Confeds cup

    • Vodkamagpie

      No thanks, to slow, 10Mil is ridiculous for that

    • Stephen Butler

      yep that’s what I reckon he is as good as Shelvey

  • Porciestreet

    Sorry to have to say this, but I havn’t and still don’t trust Cashley to put “Newcastle United” first. The crafty git is most definately moving on something and it’ll probably be distastefull as even when dead in his box, he would still be a danger to our club.

    • Geordiegiants

      He is going to leave us tied up with his jumble sale when he is gone.

  • Leazes Ender

    We dont have any advertising money to spend …… unfortunately Ashleys brands and SD have it.

    • Geordiegiants

      And the likes of Bobbi say he takes nothing and it’s worth the advertising not to pay interest.

      • Leazes Ender

        HMRC might be interested in how that works

  • Carlo Ancelotti

    I`m a 100% certain we wont be below the bottom 6 this coming season & we may get past the 3rd round of the cups, anything else is a bonus

  • Mark Potter

    Sure Brighton and Huddersfield have broken their transfer records, they are clubs which have spent some time in lower leagues, with squads consisting entirely of lower league players. But you fail to mention how much they spent on the players you named which you say broke their records:

    £2.55m for Midfielder Pascal Gross from FC Ingolstadt 04, which wasn’t in fact a record, as they had paid more for players in the EFL before
    £5.10m for goalkeeper Mathew Ryan from Valencia

    £4.25m for striker Laurent Depoitre from Porto

    If, as you say, £10m players two years ago now cost £20m, then what quality of player are Brighton and Huddersfield buying? Who cares if they are “records” for their clubs.

    I don’t care whether Rafa buys players for more or less than we paid for Owen, what is important is whether they fit in the squad, adapt to the Prem and life in the NE. If he buys 6-7 players and Owen still has the record, it’s irrelevant if come Christmas we are not in the bottom three. We can build from there.

  • magpiefifer

    Can we expect anything different from Ashley!? The leopard won’t change his fat spots,so, as many have said, our expectation levels have been lowered – despite Rafa being the manager.

  • Rev

    Well we’ll know in the next few weeks when the season tickets are gone. Would anyone seriously put money on Toon paying the going rate? From what i see we are fishing in the loans and between 5-10 million ponds and hoping that we can break even by offloading a few high wage earners. We are not going to see a 20 million+ marquee signing because the cash needs to be spent on 3 players to make surel we stay up and can plan for next year. Hull and Boro players are out of our league … trying working that one out!