Earlier this week we asked Newcastle fans ‘How relaxed are you with the transfer activity so far?’

The question was posed on Tuesday and although linked with loads more transfer ‘targets’ in the 48 hours since then, no signings have been added to Christian Atsu who saw his loan turned into a permanent move only days after the season ended.

So despite being linked with quite literally hundreds of supposed transfer targets, not one other deal has been completed.

On Tuesday we made the case either way…

‘Optimists would say that there is plenty of time and no need to be anxious yet, with still over nine weeks of the transfer window to go until the end of August.

They could add that in recent years signings tend to be announced mid-July onwards so why any different this time?

Pessimists though would say that there is only six days until pre-season training starts and Newcastle need signings made ASAP so they can have a full pre-season.

They could add that every day that goes by without signings made, could point to problems behind the scenes, with Rafa not being properly backed.

Difficult to make out on individual comments from social media etc, as to just how supporters generally feel about the lack of Newcastle transfer activity so far.’

So just how ‘relaxed’ were Newcastle fans?

We gave options from 100% relaxed down to 0%, with 10% intervals all the way down, this is how the final voting looked:

100% – 9% (of Newcastle fans)

90% – 4%

80% – 9%

70% – 7%

60% – 6%

50% – 12%

40% – 9%

30% – 11%

20% – 11%

10% – 8%

0% – 14%

Taking everybody who voted, on average the ‘relaxed’ rating was 44% in terms of Newcastle’s transfer window.

I must admit I was quite surprised to see a massive 65% of Newcastle fans describe themselves as only 50% relaxed or worse, about this Newcastle transfer window and activity so far.

When it comes to total confidence in what is happening/going to happen, I would say you are looking at those who felt 80% relaxed or higher, which only 20% of Newcastle fans felt was the case.

The trouble with comments on social media is that you tend to get extremes, either total believers or total cynics on any/every subject

I think if you take away the very extremes (those saying 100% or 0%) you probably get a truer reflection as I think it is realistic that everybody must have both some hope, as well as fear, in terms of how this transfer window will pan out.

I would really like to think that in a week or two’s time if we ran this poll, the response from Newcastle fans would be far more positive.

Let’s hope we see progress in the very near future.

  • TheNutJob

    i`m always relaxed about the cloob cos i know an idiot like Penfold`s running it and we`ll get nowhere as long as he is

  • Jimblag23

    I’m relaxed because if Rafa walks because he hasn’t been backed then the reaction will hopefully make Ashley’s ownership impossible and untenable.

    • Alex

      Rafa is a very attractive part of the NUFC ‘package’, so it’ll also make Ashley’s ability to sell the club impossible, too.

      • Jimblag23

        Well maybe more than that I mean if we can’t back a proper manager it’ll be easier for me to walk away for a while as it will be the clearest indication that I simply support a corporation that has nothing to do with football.

  • Leazes Ender


  • Mark Potter

    “Interesting” use of statistics. But you have an 11 point scale, with 50% being the sixth and exact middle of that scale. You can’t put 50% in with the bottom five points to give you a “massive 65%”, that’s completely skewing the data, especially when the 50% point (bang in the middle between relaxed and stressed out) had the second highest votes (12%). Excluding 50% you only get 53%, who show any level of stress (not relaxed).

    Taking your category of 80% and higher being people with “total confidence”, then the opposite is 20% and lower (with total lack of confidence) is only 33% of those voting.

    More have opted for stressed points, than relaxed points, but not unduly so. What strikes me is that the number voting for each point is not so different across the board. The lowest votes are 4% for the 90% option, highest is only 14% for the 0% option. The average for each option is 9.1% of voters, the median value is also 9%. All of the amounts are +/-5% of the median. This is not statistically a large margin, if the sample of people voting is not large. In other words, you can’t jump to any great conclusion based on those statistics.

    We might equally express some surprise that so many people are relaxed, given the amount of very negative press about it. You would think to read some remarks that the transfer window closes on Monday, and we are automatically relegated if we haven’t signed anyone by then, when it doesn’t close until 31 August.