Alan Shearer has been quizzed about his first ever Newcastle memory and what his dreams were when setting off at Wallsend Boys Club.

Saying it was the best thing that ever happened to him as a football player, Alan Shearer says that leading his national team out at Wembley just can’t be beaten.

Whilst he never dreamt that he would captain his country, the one-time NUFC number nine says that he did always harbour dreams of playing for both Newcastle United and England.

As for first memory of Newcastle United, Shearer recalls queuing for around five hours to get into St James Park as a 12 year old in 1982 when Kevin Keegan made his debut, Keegan scoring the only goal of the match.

Alan Shearer interviewed by the BBC at Wallsend Boys Club,  James and Charlie from WBC asking the questions:

‘What’s the best goal you have scored?’

“Probably my volley against Everton at St James Park.

“I don’t know why I hit it to be honest because it was coming from a silly height. I just thought ‘Why not take a pop’, more often than not when you try one of those they go into the back row of the stand. That is probably my best one.”

‘What is your first memory of Newcastle United?

“My first game was Kevin Keegan’s debut, QPR, I stood and queued for four or five hours before kick-off but it was all worth it, because the man himself scored (in a 1-0 win).”

‘Is there a better feeling in the world than scoring a goal at the Gallowgate End?’

“No, there isn’t a better feeling than scoring a goal, I can promise you that.”

‘How important was Wallsend Boys Club to your development?’

“It was hugely important. 

“I went down for a bit of training and they invited me in there. 

“It was brilliant for my development – part of training, part of growing up, I just loved it.

“It was great for me as a player, great for me as a person.”

‘What was your dream when you started to play at Wallsend?’

“My dream was to be a professional footballer. To play for England, to play for Newcastle, I never ever dreamt that one day I would captain England – which was the best thing that will happen to me as a footballer.

“It doesn’t get any bigger or better than to walk out at Wembley in front of ninety thousand with the armband on, leading your country.”

  • wheyayeman

    I miss Sir Al at Newcastle but all NUFC fans remember where they were when they heard we had signed him. I remember I was a YTS trainee with Durham County Council. I was working with a mate out in Easington and we turned on the radio in the car at lunch time and I remember saying to him F off this is unbelievable! Everything in my head was blown. I remember years earlier buying ’90 minutes’ the mag (anyone remember?) And there was an article about Shearer at Blackburn Rovers and rather than bang on about the club and their fans he just waxed lyrical about how the Newcastle​ fans were the best in the world and he hoped one day to play for them. Personally I think reconnecting Big Al with the club he loves would be a fantastic thing for Mike Ashley to do. In the past Shearer was the club’s global ambassador and it would make sense to ask him to do it again now we have a top manager and the club back in the big time at the top of the club brand growth league. There are fans all over the world who love football because they watched Shearer smash them in for club and country and we could do with his name and reputation involved in helping us be the club of choice for aspiring attack minded players we are no doubt seeking to recruit. Thoughts ??