Who would Newcastle fans like to see win the Championship play-offs?

It is arguably the hardest four team showdown that there has ever been to call, none of the four looking to have a clear advantage over the other.

Likewise, there is no clear outsider who looks to have little/no chance.

The bookies have called it though and make Fulham the clear favourites, based on their late run into the Championship play-offs and scoring plenty goals, including a 3-1 win at St James Park.

Prices to win Championship Play-offs from BetVictor:

7/4 Fulham

5/2 Sheffield Wednesday

3/1 Huddersfield

9/2 Reading

When it comes to our preference though, who do you want to win them?

Here are a few suggested reasons…



No real reason to dislike them, apart from taking six points off Newcastle this season.

Newcastle would get most away tickets of the four at Craven Cottage, when you include their ‘neutral’ section.


Likely to invest heavily in players and being in London maybe would prove to have best recruitment of the four, especially if able to borrow decent players off top London clubs – so would maybe be the toughest competition for Newcastle to finish ahead of.

Won’t bring many fans to St James Park.

Long distance for the away trip, although not bad by train.

Sheffield Wednesday


Will definitely sell all tickets for St James Park.

Easy to get to away match.

For older Newcastle fans in particular, this one has the biggest nostalgia appeal.


Would likely spend big similar to Fulham and would have a good go at staying up – meaning a team/club that potentially could compete with Newcastle when it comes to staying up/establishing yourself in the Premier League.

They took all six points off Newcastle this season.



Should sell all away tickets when visiting St James Park.

Would be an easy to get to away match.

Not likely to risk massive amounts of money if going up and would arguably be more likely to struggle in the Premier League and finish below Newcastle.


David Wagner and to an extent their fans, proved a bit irritating as they competed for the automatic promotion spots.



Not likely to risk massive amounts of money if going up and would arguably be more likely to struggle in the Premier League and finish below Newcastle.


Won’t bring many fans to St James Park.

Hardest to get to away match.

Jaap Stam made a few irritating remarks about Newcastle this past season.

  • SH.ER

    the easiest one!! Huddersfield

    • Jezza

      I want Huddersfield too simply because they are a Northern club and there aren’t going to be too many in the top division next season. With two Northern clubs already relegated and another one likely to follow we could do with something to redress the balance a bit.

      • HarryHype59

        Aren’t Sheff Wed also a northern club.

    • Wor Lass

      Yeah, they were a push-over at home!

  • Paul Busby

    Ideally any club that isn’t in or near London. Too much of the sport is in and around that horrible area.

  • Wor Lass

    Fulham from a football point of view, Sheff Wed from a travelling point of view, Huddersfield from a “most likely to get points” point of view – Reading, not bothered.

  • MadMag83

    Huddersfield. Poor team really, most likely to be relegated. They’ve over achieved just reaching the play offs given their pre season expectations.

  • Hughie_Gallacher

    I’ve always liked Fulham, an unpretentious club who are forced to live in the shadow of the dreadful Chelsea.


    Definitely not Udders Field – did not like the fact Geordies were not welcome to stay for a pint after the match. We welcome all away fans to spend the weekend when they play us.

  • toonterrier

    Boro and Scumberland next season

  • Andy Mac

    The choice is between Huddersfield and Reading, The others took six points off us so no brainer plus we want Cairney dont we ?

  • Kev-82

    I would have said Huddersfield but it would be nice to see them miss out as karma for them messing with the relegation battle by making 10 changes, a full team against a 10 man Birmingham would have got at least a point and that would have sent Birmingham down.

  • HarryHype59

    Sheff Wed for me as I like their large and loyal fan base. The EPL needs clubs with big support.

  • GToon

    I’d like any team not from the south to go up. Much as I’m amused by the demise of our friends from down road, the addition of the only other team from the “extended north” going down in the shape of Hull doesn’t really appeal to me. To be honest I’d rather the mackems and smoggies were in the EPL and us able to beat them both. Having a team in the top league contributes to the local economy and I’d rather see a prosperous north east with three teams in the top league rather than some team from London that isn’t much more than a housing estate with a football pitch near it. When you go to these places you don’t even know where you are once you are in London.

  • Sing in the Leazes

    Fulham please – they were the only team to genuinely outplay us at home this season. We got a right pasting.
    So they deserve it.
    And they played lovely football too – very nice to watch.
    And I want to play in a league full of good football if possible and there are too many clubs around who play in an ‘effective’ style that is no fun to watch.
    So for the sake of football itself – Fulham please!
    Worrying about whether they will be competitive with us, or easy to get to, or managed by a tit is all very well but it’s a bit petty. Let’s be bigger than that!
    One of the most beautiful things about our great club is the commitment to attacking football we have maintained for most of our history. Jack Charlton, Kenny Dalglish, Graeme Souness, Sam Allardyce, Alan Pardew, Steve McLaren – why?? You killed us with your dour negativity.

    Rafa be warned… the biggest challenge next season will be keeping the ‘faithful’ toon army onside when you stick with your safety first grind ’em down approach. We can be a fickle bunch when we aren’t winning!