Rafa Benitez has been charged with ‘bringing the game into disrepute’ by The FA.

The charge relating to comments he made about the referee appointed for the game at St James Park.

Andrew Madley, a Huddersfield fan, was appointed to take charge of the crucial Newcastle v Preston game, with at the time Huddersfield a realistic threat to Newcastle getting automatic promotion.

Rafa Benitez saying at the time:

“I was really surprised with that situation.

“We have to trust the referees.

“We have not had a lot of luck with them.

“I always trust the referees and hopefully everything will be fine and we are not talking about the referees at the end of the game.

“We were asking (the EFL on whether they could make a change) and they say that they are happy with it and we have to carry on.

“We don’t have any problem. We will do our best to avoid a situation that nobody will understand.

“We are not complaining about the referees in Press conference, or interviews, or whatever.

“In Spain this thing doesn’t happen when you have a referee from a city that is more or less close in the table.

“Normally they don’t referee those games.”

Official Newcastle United Statement:

‘Rafa Benitez has been charged with misconduct in respect of comments he made about the appointed match referee, prior to Newcastle United’s game against Preston North End on Monday, 24th April 2017.

It is alleged his comments were improper and/or brought the game into disrepute contrary to FA Rule E3(1).

He has until 6pm Tuesday, 9th May 2017 to respond to the charge.’

With the amateurish way The FA go on AND the shocking ineptness of so many match officials this season, there is a delicious irony in it being Rafa Benitez charged with ‘bringing the game into disrepute’, rather than match officials who don’t even know the basic rules (Burton match).

  • Leazes Ender

    The FA is corrupt from top to bottom…. Is this an April fools joke?

  • Dutch Docherty

    Oops, another one for shearer to slag us off as usual. He will totally agree with the FA.

  • Dutch Docherty

    Sadly not an April Fools joke. The FA need more income. Shearer will promote the FA ruling shortly.

  • Jimblag23

    The FA don’t do themselves any favours with regards to credibility.
    This is pathetic.

    • Jezza

      Pathetic beyond belief.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    The FA itself brings the game into disrepute

  • Tony Mann

    Absolutely unbelievable. Is this the same FA that gave Sam Allardyce a huge payoff to go away ? Well now we know where the money comes from! They are an immoral, disgusting organisation.

    • Leazes Ender

      Yes that’s the same crooked FA who had the chance to build the New National Stadium in the Midlands for a quarter the cost. They’re a regional Cockney mafia.

      • Tony Mann

        I think Arsenals Emirates cost about £375 million. Wembley cost £800 – £900 million depending on who supplies the info – up from an original estimate of £200 million. Err….who signed off on that one ? Bet he’s still got a job, and probably a very healthy bank balance as well !!

        • Jezza

          Yes £200 million for the land, building materials and labour and the other £600 million creamed off into various back pockets.

        • bobbi fleckman

          In fairness to the FA, the Labour government started interfering, running tracks, multi-sports and all that put the price up.

          Even so, it’s a great white elephant, small footballing nations have national stadiums, great footballing nations have clubs who have stadiums capable of hosting internationals.

          The FA should have sold it all to Ikea, twin towers as a museum and allowed the internationals to go around the country.

          FA cups finals are better at Cardiff anyway.

          • Danimal

            I started off wanting to have a go at you for your predictable Tory leanings but found myself agreeing with the rest of it. Funny old world.

          • bobbi fleckman

            I’m not a fan of the Tories either, in fact, I don’t think much of government or politicians and think it best if they don’t do much more than the bare minimum.

            I mention Labour as they were in power at the time but it was a complete dogs dinner from all sides. The FA wanted to play at making money from the hospitality industry but didn’t have the first idea about that business and didn’t have the money to develop Wembley in an case so they wanted Government money to help. Government neither had any idea on how to operate a hospitality business or how a sports arena should be constructed but wanted a say for their money. Government started moving the goalposts (anyone involved in specifying a construction project knows that when you change spec, it costs a fortune so get the spec right from the start). Between them, they managed to push the cost up to a level that made no business sense whatsoever.

          • Danimal

            Well you’re ahead of me in twice as many reasons as I had imagined. I already knew you were the only person in the world who understood the wisdom of Mike Ashley’s stewardship of NUFC but now I learn you are a construction expert too. I just can’t compete. I’m surprised you’re not a fan of the Tories as they’ve spent seven years doing the bare minimum for anyone who has needed help.

          • Jezza

            You’re being over generous by saying they’ve done the bare minimum.

          • bobbi fleckman

            I was happier with the Tory / Lib Dem coalition, I thought that was quite a good government.

            I’m not construction expert, I count beans for experts including construction experts.

        • Desree

          Multiplex did the job, an aussie firm, family owned. They sold the business in 2009. They now have that much money they are setting up their own investment house. Sepp Blater was just the tip of the iceberg.

      • Steve Smith

        They ended up building St George’s park that way though. The National stadium has always been in the capital. The value of the land in London is hardly going to depreciate any time soon regardless.

        • Leazes Ender

          St Georges Park was the trade off for votes between the North West clubs and London.

    • Jezza

      Yes, agreeing to a 400 grand bung to abuse his position as England manager to flout FA rules isn’t bringing the game into disrepute but saying “we haven’t had a lot of luck with referees” is. Sickening and disgusting. The FA are a national disgrace.

  • Grahame Johnson

    To think the toon has had to deal with so much this season on and off the pitch and referee’s who are not even Sunday league standard thrown into the mix makes promotion a bit special.

  • Scottpaige

    Where is Warnock’s charge then?????? After his comments towards the ref when we beat them last week???.

    • 1957

      The FA will eventually get around to Neil, the problem they have with him is his regular criticism of refs is often vague and only a precursor to resurrecting his long standing feud with Reilly who wrongly disallowed a last minute goal for Sheffield United against West Ham which would have given them a point and although no one knew at the time the correct decision would have kept Sheffield up.

  • Steve Smith

    I wonder if they’re also looking into the disparity in penalty awards this season also. Especially considering how we tend to have the most possession, shots, goals etc in our games.

  • Tony Mann

    Guys – have I missed something ? I’ve read Rafa’s comments again and again – will someone tell me what is disreputable about them ?

    • Scottpaige

      FA just pick and choose when it suits them. !!!!.

  • Taz

    The FA are a corrupt moronic bunch of [email protected] . Can’t really waste any more time on this one

  • Soldier

    from the transcript of what Rafa said it`s impossible for him to be found guilty, the charge is laughable to say the least

    • Wor Lass

      When it comes to vindictiveness wielded in pursuit of proving you`re the boss, nothing is impossible for the FA.

  • Geordiegiants

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. This sort of PC nonsense is the reason for Brexit and The Don being voted in as president.
    Until it stops more and more people will lean towards the right.
    This is not opinion this is fact.

    • 1957

      We were on a cruise and shared a dinner table with some Americans at the time of the election. They constantly told us how stupid we had been voting to leave the EU and how Clinton would trounce The Donald…they didn’t see how the average person is sick and tired of the status quo (not the group).

      The FA are a classic example of a organisation that has lost the trust of its constituents.

      • Geordiegiants

        That is definelty the case, we all want to live in a civilised world, even the most extreme right winger probably. It’s just some of the decisions made by these people in their ivory towers are way way over the top and out of touch with reality.

        • Danimal

          Sorry to interrupt your UKIP/Daily Mail love-in but please just listen to yourselves lads. If you’re looking for something that’s over the top and out of touch with reality, I think trying to relate a sillly decision by a bunch of old farts at the FA with a dangerous and worrying Europe-wide surge towards racism and intolerance might be a good place to start. Perspective for God’s sake. Cheers.

          • Geordiegiants

            I used it as an example of the way things are going in a civilised society. My political view may or may not be right, left or middle. I’m saying this sort of ridiculous Political Correctness is exactly the reason the world is heading in the direction it is. These bunch of “silly farts” all pee in the same pot as our politicians. That is not an over the top statement. Rafa never said anything bad or derogatory at all, he was just stating the obvious, then saying he was not going to go on about it. That is not racsist or intolerant. The charge of bringing the game into disrepute on the other hand, is intolerant.

          • bobbi fleckman

            I can see what you meant, I don’t think it’s political correctness but just an example of decision makers being increasingly detached from reality and it follows that the decisions/ policies they make do not address real world problems.

            However, I think in this case, you are pushing it a bit ;-)

    • Mrkgw

      Here here. Absolutely right.

  • hetonmag

    Instead of putting Rafa on a disrepute charge they should give him a medal for keeping his own council in the face of some atrocious decision’s.

  • Jezza

    When Ferguson was in charge at Manchester and he criticised a referee the FA’s reaction was always the exact opposite of what they have done here. They would have punished the referee not Ferguson. This just shows how utterly corrupt, unscrupulous and rotten to the core those ex public school stuffed shirts at Lancaster Gate really are. I have long considered the initials FA to stand for something other than football association.

    • Tony Mann

      Jezza, how do these ‘people’ get the job? Are they voted in? Grandfathers rights? Chosen by interview? Few bob in the back pocket – sorry – sky rocket ?

    • Mrkgw

      Very well said.

  • Kev-82


  • Tony Mann

    Is there such a thing as a vote of no confidence in the FA?

  • magpiefifer

    What a complete load of manure from a bunch who don’t know what day of the week it is,and who aren’t worthy of tying Rafa’s shoelaces!

  • Tony Mann

    Just been on the FA website. I have no idea who sanctions their authority, what are their parameters to do what they do and who decided they could ‘just do it’ – (sorry Nike). Can we not just leave, start again and love the beautiful game again at prices we can afford? Alright, the bottle of wine (Aldi £6.00) has affected my judgement, but then that’s what it is.

  • David Mark Bewick

    “We trust the referees”, “We don’t have a problem”, “We aren’t complaining”. Well there’s a 50k fine if ever I’ve heard of one! After that shocking outburst I think Rafa will be lucky to keep his job! Seriously wtf do that bunch of p*@#ks do all day? What a crock of sh*t.

  • East Durham Mag

    An out of touch bunch of old farts with one rule for one and different rules for another. They bring the whole of football into disrepute with their arcaic ideals and practices. Warnock made worse comments post match are they going after him i wonder? Most fans despise these dinosaurs and want a modern non biased F.A. Don’t hold your breath lads.

  • Mrkgw

    The FA are a bunch of pathetic old dinosaurs who simply cannot take criticism. Would they do this to favoured clubs? No. Out of touch and in need of a reality check.

  • Mark Scott

    FA clearly just fancied an end of season slap up tea on Rafa’s cheque-book…

  • Toon Army AZ

    Maybe it’s my American English, but what’s wrong with what Rafa said?

  • Sean Lynch

    About time the old boys network were brought up on disrepute charges themselves!
    Such as failing to check the level of competency of their match officials.
    Failure to perform the roles they are tasked with.
    And failure to stop making themselves look like complete fools with the most ridiculous claims of others bringing the beautiful game into disrepute.

  • Mike

    Eh? whats wrong with the comments? idiots

  • Paul Patterson

    “I thought Scotty had a bad game today, I thought he was very, very poor, in general and his positioning and interpretation.

    “Mitrovic comes on, never looks at the ball and three times it should be a foul on Morrison but he never sees it. Why? Because he’s not educated.

    “And it’s no wonder if Mike Riley (ex-referee, now manager of the Professional Game Match Officials Board) is his tutor.”

    Neil Warnock after our game last week. Enough said!!!

  • Rich Lawson

    Rafa must have had his hands in his pockets when he said it ? Disrespectful Spaniiard to an organisation that has supported us all season with their decisions !!!

  • Jezza

    Just had a troubling thought about all this. The FA have come crashing down on Rafa when he has done absolutely nothing wrong while they are clearly overlooking actions by other managers at other clubs that do potentially constitute a breach of rules. There is no question that the FA have got it in for us. Not just over this farcical charge against Rafa but also things like the McManaman/Haidara incident. It makes me worry what they will do if anybody connected with NUFC is eventually implicated in the tax investigation. It’s possible they will decide to make an example of a club to demonstrate they are determined to “clean up football” or some such nonsense and which better club to hang out to dry than those frightful working class oiks from the far north who everybody hates anyway.

  • Mr wobert

    Reading all the comments about Rafa and his alleged disrepute, how the f~~k
    Can a statement of truth be called disrepute? Let’s wait and see if they find him guilty at his hearing, if they dare!