If you wanted something to put the icing on your cake after Sunday lunchtime’s matches, just have a read of these comments from Sunderland fans throughout and after the Newcastle and Brighton matches.


Their worry as Newcastle went one up (23 minutes) and then two up (59 minutes), whilst Brighton were goalless at Villa Park.

Then on 64 minutes, Brighton score a penalty and Villa down to 10 men, the Sunderland fans are on dreamland.

The 89 minutes mark is reached and Jack Grealish scores an equaliser for 10 men Villa, the Mackems are crushed.

Dwight Gayle putting a cherry on the top with a third goal in the 90th minute for Newcastle, just to rub it in!


Comments from Sunderland fans via their Ready To Go (to the Championship for a long time) message board:

‘Haway Brighton Albion.’

‘7 points ahead with 3 games left, how have they managed to lose the title from there?’

‘They haven’t yet mate.’

‘See Lansbury’s miss? Mags will love that.’

‘League is full of bottlers.’

‘Believe in Hughton.’

Ask the toon fans or Keegan sure they no all about throwing away a big lead at the top of the league.’

‘Mags 2 up, ha’way Brighton man.’

‘Brighton pen.’




‘Haway, please hold on to this lead.’

‘Villa down to 10 men. Haway Brighton cant mess it up now.’

‘Nobody remembers who came second….’

‘I have about five mags at work who for once won’t be gloating. For once I can do some gloating tomorrow morning.’


‘Genius that. How long have you been sitting on it?’

‘Well done Chris Hughton.’

‘With both sides Premier League clubs next season who will have the best chance of attracting top players?

If I was a top player I would consider Brighton. They are a club most definitely on the rise. They have good momentum as a club now I feel.

What I am saying is they may be a tougher club for the mags to beat if they can have a good transfer summer.’

‘A mutual friend put £150 on them to win the league. It would be delicious to see him lose that today.’

‘Villa scored…’

‘The jammy black and white….

‘Brighton the bottlers, horses safe for now.’

‘Brighton will score don’t panic.’

‘Be mad if Brighton still got a winner.’

‘The standard of the teams at the top of that league is abysmal.’

‘I hate you Brighton.’

‘The Rafa love in will be sickening now.’

‘Switching phone off for a couple of hours.’

Spawny Mags. Put it up there with your Intertoto certificate.’

‘Team in spending £55m and having a wage bill greater than many Premier League sides in winning Championship shocker.’

‘It’s a nightmare this.’

‘Why can’t things go against the mags for once?! Why do they have to be so lucky consistently?!’

‘I hate that Grealish.

Brighton have blown the title mind, stupid dropped points.’

‘All that matters is getting promoted, no-one is bothered about who wins the Championship and I’d have thought the same if Brighton won it.’

‘Managed to finish top by the skin of their teeth on the last day of the season where they should have won it comfortably by about 10 points minimum.

and Rafa will be hailed the messiah.’

‘He’ll demand tens of millions to just be able to keep them up.

I seriously couldn’t care less, I admit I’d thave loved to have seen them mess up promotion but this means absolutely nothing to me. We’ve won it loads of times and promotion was all I cared about.’

‘Im more annoyed about that than us gannin down.’

‘Let’s be honest, they laboured to the title in a league they should have dominated. And that’s the truth.’

‘Teams have done their very best to gift points to the mags all season, coupled with numerous flukey goals. Hopefully we can be as spawny next year.’

‘Hope Brighton get relegated now.’

‘As much as I hate Newcastle I can’t blame them for celebrating like. I’m sure we’ll celebrate next season if by some absolute miracle we go up.’

‘Really are making ourselves look like a bunch of bitter knackers mind.’

  • Toonbadger


    • Jezza

      You’ve got to laugh haven’t you.

  • Geordiegiants

    “I’m more annoyed about that than us going down”.
    Need we say anymore? 😱😭

    • Mrkgw

      And in that lies their problem. They need to take a closer look and interest in themselves for a change. They aren’t for real are they.

    • Hughie_Gallacher

      To be fair, one of their more sensible posters, Mr Jardine, said that they were making themselves out to be absolute knackers with their bitter comments. As usual, though, he got called ‘a mag’.

    • Jezza

      If they’d been given a choice at the start of the season, either:

      Sunderland stay up and Newcastle promoted, or

      Sunderland relegated and Newcastle stay down.

      You have to wonder which one they’d have opted for.

      Fortunately it worked out as the best combination of those two, ha ha.

  • csh

    lol @ “for once I can do some gloating tomorrow morning”.
    About relegation?

    • Jezza

      I wonder if they had a plane on standby to taunt us about only going up in second place ha ha.

  • Mrkgw

    So funny – our Mackem friends really have got issues.

    • Porciestreet

      The only real issue I have with 5under1and is, they’re too bloody close.

  • Waxi

    Well lets see blunderland walk this league if they think it’s so easy. Villa Norwich Fulham Sheff Wed Huddersfield & Reading would all have given any of the bottom three in the EPL a good game. Add to those the smoggiest and Swansea or Hull and you have eight teams who could win it so can’t wait to see how the mackems get on next year. The stats don’t lie it is the hardest division in the world to get out of so lets see. don’t be bitter at us mags just get your club to spend big and your lot will still struggle. Good luck. I have that champion feeling today for some reason.

    • Jezza

      True. Statistically very few teams coming down from the Premiership go straight back up the following season. To do it while also making £40 million profit on transfers is an incredible achievement.

      • Waxi

        A lot of people have had a pop at us Jezza but when you think of some of the refereeing blunders we have had this season and it made the job a whole lot harder. Lets hope MA spends that £40 million and adds another £60 million to it to give us a chance to do something next season other than a relegation fight.

        • Steve Smith

          And the fact that 15% of all brighton goals have come from penalties compared to only 2.5% of ours.

          • csh

            Great point there, Brighton have been awarded 11 pens compared to our 3. That must have had a huge impact on their points total.

          • Porciestreet

            And todays was no exception… Another dive….!

  • Andynufc

    That’s one trophy the mackems won’t even catch a glimmer of next season hahaha

  • Grahame Johnson

    88 minutes all the numpty’s who know nowt about the toon had their boots laced to give the toon a kicking, then full time and all change back to their slippers slithering under their bridges to become key board trolls

  • Leicester Mag

    Another sad night ahead in Muppet troll land. Some of these knackas need to give their heeds a shake. Get a life and take more interest in your own team than the fate of Newcastle. #smalltownmentallity

    • Jezza

      I swear to God these sad cases would rather see Newcastle lose than their own team win.

      • Steve Smith

        “Im more annoyed about that than us gannin down.’”

        Looks like it!

      • Porciestreet

        Obsessive disorder…..!

      • DC1964

        You’re bang on there. They are soooooooo bitter it’s untrue!

  • Hughie_Gallacher

    I’m really pleased the RTG site exists. Just imagine if these characters had no site to post on all day. They’d be outside causing all sorts of mischief.

  • Goobs

    Small town in Durham, you’re just a small town in Durham.

  • Taz

    Can you stop showing that picture as I can’t stop pi$$ing myself…… :-)

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    It’s always funny when you read these boards to see the different reactions as the afternoon wears on.
    I took a look at Brighton’s and had to agree that they had definitely blew their chance of taking the title.

    Ready to go is a strange anomaly where people post who are every bit as extreme as they claim their counterparts are.
    Both clubs have their smattering of nutters but there are sometimes over 40 pages of posts during a Newcastle game so go figure that one out…
    Some of the over the top statements are bizarre in the extreme where the posters are undone by their own hatred and obsession.
    Funny enough they always have a tagline of “This Mag At Work”, “This Mag From The Metro centre”, “This Mag In The Barber Shop” etc
    There are also references to shirts covered in Greggs crumbs and gravy and overweight jibes when statistically that facts are that people in Sunderland are more overweight than the people in Newcastle.
    I remember when there was a survey which claimed Newcastle had the dirtiest hands in the country to which RTG had a field day with.

    Very bizarre stuff which is up there with taking your money out of Northern Rock and boycotting Sugar puffs lol

    • csh

      At any given time you will find 4+ posts dedicated to all things toon.
      Tell me that isn’t obsessed lol

  • Leazes Ender

    I hope Nissan relocates to Helsinki… and the Mac-n-tacs have Ellis Short for eternity

    Wiki describes him as: founder of Kildare Partners, a private equity fund investing in distressed European real estate assets….

    … even more distressed now!

    • Toon Wolf

      It’s not only mackens that work at Nissan. Tit.

      • Leazes Ender

        I’m sorry do you work at Nissan? okay then relocated to Ashington.

        • HappyToons

          Argggggggh! Nae mackems bused to Ashington or Big Jack will be the sniper on the pit heap and pick them off …’Really are making ourselves look like a bunch of bitter knackers mind.’ Yes they are!

  • Thefootballerwhocouldfly

    Oh what fun I’m going to have tomorrow with my Mackem work colleagues!

    • csh

      Mackems and work in same sentence… hmm are you a burglar?

      • Son of Wilt

        Hahahaha :)

  • Porciestreet

    Theres nowt more spawney than finishin 6th and winnin the playoffs, but then sunlun have always been spawney. The Black Cat is deed and ya lucks ran oot. see ya in aboot 10 years…. mebbies….!

    • Leicester Mag

      It got served up in a Mackem Keebab long ago

  • Albert Stubbins

    They don’t seem bovvered? ;) SMB

  • DC1964

    “The Rafa love in will be sickening now”. Oh the jealousy!

    • NoelBlack

      The Ellis Short and David Moyes love is pretty strong as well :D A match made in heaven. A gift to Geordies everywhere.

  • mark

    that photo is like some one has nicked there bowl of chessy chips

  • grantham mag

    Don’t you just love Blunderland fans, they are shear CRASS!!!!!

  • Son of Wilt

    You could set those comments to music, marvellous reading. Bitter, twisted underclass with a small town mentality and a bile inducing envy to a bigger city, enjoy Burton and Preston next season you mugs.

  • Vito Genovese

    Normal service has now resumed….
    We’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when……….

  • Scottpaige

    Aye well let’s see you lot labour to the championship title next year.

    Inbred tramps

  • gallowgate26

    Could things actually be going any better at the moment? I mean, that Villa goal in the last 5 minutes with 10 men & Brighton being 7 points in the lead with 3 games to go is fairytale stuff and just doesn’t happen. Normal service on the Tyne Wear metro resumed, mind the gap!

    • Jezza

      It’s just incredible isn’t it. On Easter Monday after the Ipswich defeat I genuinely believed we were going to miss out on promotion altogether. To go from that state of affairs to being promoted as champions is simply the stuff of dreams.

      • Geordie-7676

        I did tell you to keep the faith good sir :)

        • Jezza

          Fair do’s, yes you did. I’m delighted that you were right and I was wrong.

          • Geordie-7676

            Had to wipe the sweat off my brow a fair few times though! Great day!

  • Tim Boddy

    No way are the m**kems coming straight back up. They’re a shambles.

    • NoelBlack

      Coming straight back up? Leave it to Moysey and Ellis Short – they’ll be down in League One this time next year…

      • csh


      • Geordiegiants

        They are used to third tier football, it will be like going home for them. I wonder if Gillingham (my second team, and Lawries) are still about to give them a good tw*ting this season.

  • gimpmask

    wow never knew that place existed, so lets get this right, grown men discuss their rivals matches under an internet mask, sitting at home hoping that their rivals lose a football match? theres a bloke called Dangermows ? and some bloke called Zig on that thread who come over as bitter Mag haters, imagine grown men going on like that, why do they seem to discuss newcastle all the time? its a mackem forum , weird. it’s astonishing what ive just read