So, Newcastle United are finally over the line, and while the last few weeks have been a bit of a struggle, we edged over with quite a bit to spare. In fact a win against Barnsley in the last match could well see us finish as champions, it would be a nice way to round off the season.

The downside for me at the moment is after only missing about 17 home games since 1971 (these were due to selfish friends having ill-timed weddings, selfish people inadvertently dying, or selfish partners booking holidays without giving football a second thought…), I have found myself missing the last 2 home games!

My job delightfully means I can attend quite a few away games and stay over, especially good for midweek games, however I am now in a position where work had to take precedent when we played Preston and I watched the game in SE London amongst disinterested locals, and for this coming Sunday I am unfortunately sunning myself – an appalling set of circumstances!

Down the road and determined not to be outdone, Sunderland managed to get relegated with even more to spare, they have 4 more games of defiant misery to see out.

For those feeling sympathy please remember their celebrations and subsequent gloating just over 12 months ago.

I have mentioned before that apart from their goalkeeper (think he suffers from Steven Taylor hate my neighbours syndrome ) and maybe Kone, they have very few saleable assets, a hell of a lot of dead wood, a manager who is clearly unfit for purpose, a lot of debt and a disinterested owner who would sell to anyone who came up with a new £5 note!

Life could not get much sweeter right now.

But then this is Newcastle United, nothing ever runs smoothly, no sooner had the dust settled and we are back on the front page, along with West Ham, in what in my eyes is a total ‘non-story’.

Nobody knows all the facts, but the alleged £5 million HMRC sum is not even a drop in the ocean in the football world. Also, the players mentioned in various reports were all signed when Pardew and Llambias were here.

Sunderland fans being straw clutchers of the highest order in dreaming of Newcastle being instantly relegated and not reclaiming their rightful place in the Premier League, dream on boys because it’s not going to happen!

This is not insolvency and an instant 15 point deduction, it’s an investigation by HMRC into tax and NI issues, and for sure there will be individuals accountable – namely agents and players!

Much as we enjoyed seeing Lee Charnley potentially doing clink, it’s not going to happen.

Back to football and wouldn’t it be great if Mike Ashley finally lived up to what he promised two years ago and invested with Rafa, we can’t put figures on what Rafa needs but I would hope a minimum of £80 million is available, plus whatever else Rafa can raise by moving out some of our own dead wood.

There is a real chance that within a year or two we could  be back competing at the right end of the Premier League, I for one would certainly drink to that.

Enjoy the moment!

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  • Jezza

    I’m sure some of them will be thinking back to 1990 when Swindon were promoted to the top division but then almost immediately denied their place there due to “financial irregularities” and of course we all know which team were subsequently given Swindon’s place in the top division! Well if they are so desperate to be hoping for a similar scenario this time round they really are clutching at straws.

  • Steve Smith

    Let’s just get to August without Rafa walking away first. Then we can start looking to competing at the right end of the table.

  • Surreymag

    Let’s enjoy the moment and worry about other issues when and if they happen.

  • HappyToons

    Tha’al mutant false teeth and nee teeth suckas anyways … so tha al ways sucking through stra’s …’suckers’

  • hetonmag

    Brian just read on the BBC website this morning the Muckems have spent 1,282 days in the bottom 3 since the premiere started in 1992 that’s more than 3 years how about that for a record.

    • Porciestreet

      Stupendous stat…..! Only on weeeeeyaside.

    • dannitoon

      Not since 1992…its better than that, they’ve spent 1282 days in the bottom 3 in their last 10 seasons..

  • Paul Smith

    We don’t even need to beat Barnsley to have a chance of being champions. If we draw and Brighton lose we are champions on goal difference.

    I just really hope that if we don’t win the title it’s because Brighton win their game and not because we failed to get the result we needed in our final game.

  • Viru leckworth

    It is strange watching The Toon in a alien city. I remember watching us playing Lpool at Annfield in a pub in Birmingham. Everybody would look at me when I got excited, which happens a lot, when I watch us on TV.