Alan Pardew could be the next Manager in the home dugout at Hillsborough according to media claims.

Sheffield Wednesday haven’t been slow in reacting to the press reports.

Carlos Carvalhal is a popular figure having taken the club to the play-offs for a second time in a row.

Recovering from the disappointment of losing to a Mohamed Diame goal at Wembley a year ago, to be on the brink of another play-off final after drawing 0-0 at Huddersfield in the semi-final first leg at the weekend.

An exclusive in The Mail though, claims that even if Sheffield Wednesday do get promotion to the Premier League, the club’s owners still want to replace Carvalhal with Alan Pardew.

The reactions below are mainly a mixture of disbelief that the Owls would get rid of Carvalhal and disbelief that his replacement would be Alan Pardew.

Enjoy the comments from Sheffield Wednesday fans, via their top OwlsTalk message board:

‘I hope to god this is a wind up, that man should be nowhere near our club.

If Carlos is leaving us and I hope he doesn’t, then there are far better managers out there than dodgy Alan Pardew.

The man is toxic and has failed everywhere he has been whilst at EPL level, Championship manager at best.’

‘Pardew will take us to an FA Cup final one season (in which we’ll lose to a reject) and then get sacked trying to relegate us the next.’

‘The last thing we need is that cocky, cockney wide boy.’

‘Can we all just please stop reading the DailyFail?

They literally make anything up to get people to visit their website / buy their toilet paper. And people keep falling for it. It’s embarrassing.’

‘This rumour has been going round Sheffield for a few weeks. Smoke/fire and all that.’

‘Wasn’t there a guy on here saying this ages ago?

 No smoke without fire.’

‘The fire being Pardew’s camp.

 Absolute rubbish this, no truth to it whatsoever.’

‘I don’t fancy the prospect of it either but I have to admit that an out of work, experienced, former Premier League manager would certainly be on the radar if Carlos does go.’

‘I had an impromptu tour of the Boleyn last year with a security bloke who’d been there for the last 30 years.  He told us some stories that he probably shouldn’t have and a few regarding Pardew. 

 Apparently the pet name they had for Pardew was ‘chocolate’… because ‘he loved himself that much he’d have eaten himself’.

 He’s certainly a character.

 For what it’s worth I think Carlos is off for whatever reasons are personal to him.  Good luck to him.  I just hope he finishes the job he started he before he leaves.’

‘In a situation where CC did leave I think having a manager with premiership experience on his cv wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.

He plays attacking football with wingers and another appointment from left field or abroad may need longer to understand the league.’

‘The Newcastle fans hated him didn’t they? He seems like a cocky arrogant prat, don’t want him anywhere near us.’

‘What and you go on the type of fan that turns up in chavy trackies to protest every time they sell a player?

Newcastle fans might have hated him, bet they wished they had him the season they got relegated. If he was to come (probably all talk) judge him on us not others.’

‘Its probably rubbish anyway but if Carlos did go and was replaced by Pardew during summer I don’t think he’s half as bad as some are making out on here.

 Bad managers don’t win Premier league manager of season award for nowt.’

‘Palace fans weren’t keen on him either with his one dimensional tactics and repetitive excuses. You can only judge a manager on past jobs and in his most recent jobs fans haven’t exactly given him a glowing report.’

‘NO. Keep that odious man and his utterly clueless brand of football management away from our club. If DC insists on ditching Carlos (and I’d really rather he didn’t), so be it, but it absolutely cannot be Pardew that replaces him.

The guy has been a total failure everywhere he’s been, while being shown up as an aggressive bully.

All the class and professionalism that Carlos has associated with our club would be lost overnight if we replaced him with that utter tool.

 Please God Pardew stay away from our club, you’re not wanted here and you never will be.

You never enjoyed managing Newcastle because the fans hated you – well don’t come here, because it’ll be exactly the same.’

‘I won’t hate him, his record doesn’t inspire me, nor does he come across well.  But to hate a guy is a little over the top.’

‘Newcastle fans hated him because he was a classless nob, as was proven when he headbutted David Meyler, while also being completely arrogant and making no attempt to ever connect with the fans.’

Alan Pardew can take the stick and abuse thrown at him by moaners. Chansiri will be considering this when he appoints the next manager.’

‘Whoever takes him will do so with full knowledge of his limited shelf life.

A great start followed by the most miserable cluelessly turgid hoofball you ever saw. He destroys the defensive foundation he inherits at every club and requires a miracle to put right the carnage he leaves behind.

He’s signed some good players though in his time to his credit.’

  • Joe Davies

    Really don’t care about Pardew anymore and don’t want to read articles on him.

    • Jimblag23

      Yet you clicked on the article and commented.
      Don’t you think The Mag have data that shows what articles people click on, Pards ones do the job for them and you’ve just bit the bait.

      • Damon Horner

        it’s a vicious cycle, I don’t care about Pardew or opposition fans opinions but I know I could be intrigued by the comments!

        • Wor Lass


  • Leazes Ender

    94% say they son’t want you Pards

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Mr Pond Life himself, i wouldn`t wish him on anyone except the Mackem`s

  • Andy Mac

    “Newcastle fans might have hated him, bet they wished they had him
    the season they got relegated”

    ’Once again it proves you cannot fool all of the people all of the time but you can fool some Wednesday fans all the time ?

    • Damon Horner

      Must admit I have never seen anybody say how much they’ve missed Pardew!

  • Rich Lawson

    Carlos has transformed this team,our games against them were tough.Disgusting that any paper would try and undermine them just a they go into a crucial game now with home advantage. good luck to them,Hills’boro’ is a cracking day out.

    • Andy Mac

      Agreed. I wonder where these things come from but Wednesday fans seem to think its from within the club which, as you rightly say, is nuts. If they elbowed Carvalhal for Pardwho it would be like Groundhog Day all over again. We all know how that went last time.

  • SH.ER

    But why you put too much focus on it here at the mag
    the guy is gone a long time ago & I’d rather say nothing on this matter
    Move on please,, dammit

    • firefly

      Why did you read the article then, and take time to post a comment? I find it interesting.

  • HarryHype59

    These owners are clueless! This would be similar to the Birmingham scenario where the owners sacked Rowlett to replace him with a “name’.

    • dave c

      carvalhal isn’t good enough, the fact that he has had so many jobs in such a short time period shows that he can’t hold onto a job.
      he has no depth of knowledge, he has no plan B once his number is sussed.
      if the opposition throw 2 defensive banks of 4 up against wednesday when defending, wednesday’s number is up (the system that’s used to derail wenger’s arsenal style).
      we only play in the second half, thus giving us just 45 minutes to redress the damage done in the first 45 that’s dragged out at walking pace.
      the number of players signed an not given game time is staggering, the number of quality championship players not getting a game at hillsborough is beyond belief.
      carvalhal will go very soon, but once again his replacement will be an unknown foreign manager, hopefully this time the appointment will be the quality of huddersfield’s, and not another version of ‘the emperor’s new clothes’.

      • HarryHype59

        He did the number on Rafa twice last season and knocked Newcastle out of league cup when soopa Ssteeve was in charge.

  • Steve Smith

    “What and you go on the type of fan that turns up in chavy trackies to protest every time they sell a player?

    Newcastle fans might have hated him, bet they wished they had him the season they got relegated. If he was to come (probably all talk) judge him on us not others.’”

    I found the daily mail reader!

  • Jezza

    ‘This rumour has been going round Sheffield for a few weeks. Smoke/fire and all that.’

    Yes I’d be worried about that. I remember sections of the media were linking Pardew, then freshly sacked by Southampton, with the Newcastle job in early September 2010. Nobody took these rumours seriously at the time but of course three months later it happened.

    • Mark Davies

      Hi Jezza, in fairness for the last few months you have been saying its a cert rafa would go and pardews coming back. Just be grateful he is someone elses problem wherever he turns up

      • Jezza

        Fair do’s Mark, I was convinced for some time that Rafa would be off in the summer and that Pardew would be coming back to replace him. Hopefully after last week’s announcement from NUFC we won’t have to worry about that any more.

        • Mark Davies

          Finger and toes crossed mate

  • Leicester Mag

    Main diffentiator between the Bournemouth’s of this world and three quarters of the Championship simply the stupidity of owners.

  • Mike

    class wish i had a job where i could be crp get sacked with loads of £££££ then re-employed over and over again making same mistakes…

    • Andy Mac

      Wouldnt that be great ?

  • Damon Horner

    The chances of them beating Sheffield United will decrease dramatically if they take him on.

  • Albert Stubbins

    Be afraid be very afraid!!

  • East Durham Mag

    Its odd when we wanted him out we were deluded, nasty, wrong, anti cockney mafia and the vast majority of the football establishment were scathing in their condemnation of Newcastle supporters. Then he nearly relegates Palace gets sacked and hey presto they all see him for what he is.

  • Scottpaige

    Pardew , villa , Sissoko,

    Can we just leave it be !!!!!!!. Boring

    • Whickhamrobbie

      you forgot prutton and collymore

      • Desree


        • Andy Mac

          Shepherd and SJH ? They all get a bite from NUFC fans.

  • Thefootballerwhocouldfly

    Does anyone believe the Shyte the HateMail print?
    Sheff Wed have more sense …. utter nonsense

  • Wor Lass

    If the board at Wednesday do sack Carvalhal then that`s newsworthy. Along with Fulham, they were probably the strongest and best organised team we played this season. However, the Pardew angle and the mag`s fixation with him is becoming rather boring – like the Villa bedsheet saga. It`s not so much that you mention him (it could be relevant or even interesting) but that you only do so for two reasons: to get people to read the article (I actually opened it because I thought Carvalhal had got the sack) and to have a bit of a snidey dig at him and anyone potentially linked to him. You constantly portray us as a big club but you can`t get over an ex manager who`s clearly a serial failure and heading nowhere as good as we are. Leave it!

  • MadMag83

    He plays attacking football? This is the man who took Palace to play Villa and didn’t play a striker!

  • Desree


  • Gallowgate1982

    I remember Crystal Palace fans saying the same shi*e about us when Pardew was lining up that job …oh the Geordies know nothing blah blah blah 15 months later could’nt wait to get rid and would have been relegated under him. West ham fans will tell the same story as will reading and Southampton but you lovely Yorkshire folk make up your own minds won’t you!!

    • Andy Mac

      TBF I think its a minority who support the idea. Most football fans anywhere know what a tool Pardwho is. Obviously his agent or whoever is trying to keep his profile high but I dont see him getting a job in the PL ever again unless he can take an EFL club up there ?