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Strong reaction from Sheffield Wednesday fans after hearing Alan Pardew could be their next Manager

5 years ago

Alan Pardew could be the next Manager in the home dugout at Hillsborough according to media claims.

Sheffield Wednesday haven’t been slow in reacting to the press reports.

Carlos Carvalhal is a popular figure having taken the club to the play-offs for a second time in a row.

Recovering from the disappointment of losing to a Mohamed Diame goal at Wembley a year ago, to be on the brink of another play-off final after drawing 0-0 at Huddersfield in the semi-final first leg at the weekend.

An exclusive in The Mail though, claims that even if Sheffield Wednesday do get promotion to the Premier League, the club’s owners still want to replace Carvalhal with Alan Pardew.

The reactions below are mainly a mixture of disbelief that the Owls would get rid of Carvalhal and disbelief that his replacement would be Alan Pardew.

Enjoy the comments from Sheffield Wednesday fans, via their top OwlsTalk message board:

‘I hope to god this is a wind up, that man should be nowhere near our club.

If Carlos is leaving us and I hope he doesn’t, then there are far better managers out there than dodgy Alan Pardew.

The man is toxic and has failed everywhere he has been whilst at EPL level, Championship manager at best.’

‘Pardew will take us to an FA Cup final one season (in which we’ll lose to a reject) and then get sacked trying to relegate us the next.’

‘The last thing we need is that cocky, cockney wide boy.’

‘Can we all just please stop reading the DailyFail?

They literally make anything up to get people to visit their website / buy their toilet paper. And people keep falling for it. It’s embarrassing.’

‘This rumour has been going round Sheffield for a few weeks. Smoke/fire and all that.’

‘Wasn’t there a guy on here saying this ages ago?

 No smoke without fire.’

‘The fire being Pardew’s camp.

 Absolute rubbish this, no truth to it whatsoever.’

‘I don’t fancy the prospect of it either but I have to admit that an out of work, experienced, former Premier League manager would certainly be on the radar if Carlos does go.’

‘I had an impromptu tour of the Boleyn last year with a security bloke who’d been there for the last 30 years.  He told us some stories that he probably shouldn’t have and a few regarding Pardew. 

 Apparently the pet name they had for Pardew was ‘chocolate’… because ‘he loved himself that much he’d have eaten himself’.

 He’s certainly a character.

 For what it’s worth I think Carlos is off for whatever reasons are personal to him.  Good luck to him.  I just hope he finishes the job he started he before he leaves.’

‘In a situation where CC did leave I think having a manager with premiership experience on his cv wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.

He plays attacking football with wingers and another appointment from left field or abroad may need longer to understand the league.’

‘The Newcastle fans hated him didn’t they? He seems like a cocky arrogant prat, don’t want him anywhere near us.’

‘What and you go on the type of fan that turns up in chavy trackies to protest every time they sell a player?

Newcastle fans might have hated him, bet they wished they had him the season they got relegated. If he was to come (probably all talk) judge him on us not others.’

‘Its probably rubbish anyway but if Carlos did go and was replaced by Pardew during summer I don’t think he’s half as bad as some are making out on here.

 Bad managers don’t win Premier league manager of season award for nowt.’

‘Palace fans weren’t keen on him either with his one dimensional tactics and repetitive excuses. You can only judge a manager on past jobs and in his most recent jobs fans haven’t exactly given him a glowing report.’

‘NO. Keep that odious man and his utterly clueless brand of football management away from our club. If DC insists on ditching Carlos (and I’d really rather he didn’t), so be it, but it absolutely cannot be Pardew that replaces him.

The guy has been a total failure everywhere he’s been, while being shown up as an aggressive bully.

All the class and professionalism that Carlos has associated with our club would be lost overnight if we replaced him with that utter tool.

 Please God Pardew stay away from our club, you’re not wanted here and you never will be.

You never enjoyed managing Newcastle because the fans hated you – well don’t come here, because it’ll be exactly the same.’

‘I won’t hate him, his record doesn’t inspire me, nor does he come across well.  But to hate a guy is a little over the top.’

‘Newcastle fans hated him because he was a classless nob, as was proven when he headbutted David Meyler, while also being completely arrogant and making no attempt to ever connect with the fans.’

Alan Pardew can take the stick and abuse thrown at him by moaners. Chansiri will be considering this when he appoints the next manager.’

‘Whoever takes him will do so with full knowledge of his limited shelf life.

A great start followed by the most miserable cluelessly turgid hoofball you ever saw. He destroys the defensive foundation he inherits at every club and requires a miracle to put right the carnage he leaves behind.

He’s signed some good players though in his time to his credit.’


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