Mick Quinn has came up with the names of four players who Newcastle United could realistically sign this summer and who would significantly strengthen the team/squad.

Whilst every man and his dog is throwing names into the air, the consensus amongst most Newcastle fans would be that at least some signings already proven in the Premier League would be ideal.

That is the route Mick Quinn has gone down, coming up with four interesting names that could be feasible.

Mick Quinn speaking on Talksport:

“You might not be able to buy them but you would be able to loan them –  Iheanacho from Manchester City – he has pace and scores every time he comes on.

“Then you have Batshuayi at Chelsea – there are two players with pace up front.

“Then I would also like to see Joe Hart in goal and Michael Carrick – for the experience.”

Dealing with the last name first, Michael Carrick has said on a number of occasions that the chance of him ever playing for Newcastle is in the past.

However, until concrete interest is shown, you never know how any player will react. Carrick turns 36 in July but in his 17 Premier League starts and three off the bench, he always seems to still make Manchester United a better team when he plays.

As for Joe Hart, after a year on loan at Torino, it is difficult to see him becoming first choice at Manchester City again. He is undoubtedly capable of being a top quality Premier League goalkeeper again and with the World Cup in Russia to aim at, will surely want regular first team football, preferably in England.

Now 30 years old, it is no age for a keeper, and whilst Newcastle have some good goalkeepers, it is hard to argue that any of them are top class.

Things looked bright for Iheanacho last season, aged 19 he made 26 Premier League appearances for Manchester City and scored 8 league goals in seven starts and another 19 off the bench.

However, with Man City yet again spending massively last summer, the now 20 year old Nigerian international finds himself behind both Sergio Aguero and new favourite Gabriel Jesus. Rather than progressing, Iheanacho has only made five Premier League starts this time, as well as 14 off the bench, scoring four league goals.

With Man City very likely to buy again this summer, it could make sense all round for Iheanacho to go out on loan for a year.

Likewise, Michy Batshuayi.

The Belgian striker is the latest to be swallowed up by Chelsea and rarely to be seen again.

Despite paying almost £35m last summer, the 23 year old hasn’t made a single Premier League start. A succession of very brief sub appearances have seen him score a solitary league goal, although he has scored for goals in seven FA/League Cup appearances.

He scored 23 goals in 45 starts (plus 5 off the bench) in his final (2015/16) season at Marseille and there were claims in the French media that Newcastle tried to buy him in the January 2016 window as they desperately fought relegation.

However, Marseille were said to have instantly knocked this back, as they were confident of getting far more money if waiting until the end of that season, which turned out to be the case.

Like a number of other players, Batshuayi will have one eye on the World Cup in Russia and desperately needs first team football next season, especially with Chelsea tipped to go out and buy the best striker they can possibly get this summer, as they prepare for Champions League football and defending their imminent Premier League crown. So even if Diego Costa does end up in China, opportunities for Batshuayi would almost certainly be very limited.

  • Paul Patterson

    I tell you what, if we could entice the following, it would take us to a great level.
    Joe Hart
    Ryan Shawcross.
    Tom Cairney
    Andros Townsend
    Jermaine Defoe
    It certainly wouldn’t be bad for starters to see players along those lines . .

    • Dellashio


  • Rich Lawson

    While Hart is England’s no 1 he is still prone to mistakes and would eat up a huge part of our transfer budget when goalie is really our best covered position by miles.

  • Burt Humperdink

    Not sure what the love in for Andros Townsend is he hasn’t exactly set the world on fire for Palace and ditched us at the first sign of trouble.

    As far as wingers are concerned I would option Atsu just because he has pace, tries and is cheap so as to pad out the squad what with the likelyhood of Ameobi and Gouffran leaving with their contracts up. I would go for Fabian Delph. He was a key player for Leeds and Aston Villa and can play both centrally and on the wing. With limited play time with City he has still scored and made goals in the premiership. He cost them £8m so I doubt they would be asking for a kings ransom.

    • Dellashio

      Townsend wasn’t even mentioned.

  • Toonrobbybobson

    The Townsend ship has sailed. We can do better and think there is no chance Rafa goes fornhum now. I think he felt because of the prior relationship he would be a prem player they could pull to championship. Now in prem Rafa has more choice so will not consider him.

    • Damon Horner

      yep and I’d do the same in his position.

  • MadMag83

    Joe Hart has hardly set the world alight at Torino, made a few blunders himself. I’d take the Man City lad but sod the rest.

    • Think about how much he learned there. I think Hart would make a great signing if he lowers his salary. We need an experienced keeper if we want to attack top 8 finish!

  • Oooh bobbi fleckman

    Batshuayi on loan would be a good one but we’d never afford his wages. Carr was tracking him for ages.

  • Dellashio

    Not heart but yes to the rest

  • lukegte

    I’d say goodbye to Atsu, Colback, Diame, Hanley, Krul, Saivet, Riviere, Gouffran, Gamez, Sels and Murphy. I’d love to see Benitez go for Sigurdsson, but I can see him moving to a bigger club. Delph and Carrick (can’t see it happening though!) would be amazing signings, one of these alongside Shelvey and Hayden would be class. Ayite from Fulham. Very skillful, confident, pacy attacker. Shawcross is a no brainer (if he’s available). And I’d take Andrew Robertson from Hull at left back. He shouldn’t sign a goalie and I doubt he thinks he needs one. They should really be poaching players from the relegated teams. I’d take Kirchhoff from Sunderland and Gibson from Boro. As for Hull and Swansea, they have a few good players as well as those mentioned above, Maguire, Huddlestone, Mawson, Fer… That Janssen from Leeds is a beast. I’d like to see Mbabu given a chance if he returns though.

    Me, I wouldn’t bring in a striker. I think if 5/6 signings are brought in to make them in to a team that is hard to break down and can spray the ball about to fast players on the break, a striker should then be brought in next season as a sort of marquee signing. I’d concentrate on getting the team working as a unit first and consolidating Premier League status. Then go out and spend a whole Summer’s transfer budget on an absolute goal machine to complete the line-up.

    • Down Under Mag

      I think putting all our hopes on Gayle performing in the Premiership is a risky move. I’m still not convinced that Mitro or Perez have what it takes to score enough goals and we won’t be getting anywhere near the chances created in the Premiership as we’ve seen them miss this season. If Gayle is out we struggle and Arma isn’t guarranteed either. I think another striker is actually a must…but that’s just my opinion.
      Definitely agree that we need to shore up the back and midfield though to make us tough to break down, but goals win matches and we will need a threat as well or we will just invite pressure onto the defence.

      • lukegte

        Yeah, no doubt it’s a risk. But one I think we should take. I suppose the way I’m looking at it is either spend 15-20m on a striker now and get one/two less bodies in the middle and at the back, OR spend that money on other positions and get a 50m striker next summer. I’d say we have enough goals up front (and in midfield) to keep us in the division, given the rest of the team is properly invested in and assuming we play counter attacking football. Maybe this season would be a good one to bring in a loan striker, as others have suggested. Maybe Origi/Batshuayi/Iheanacho?

  • dillon

    redmond, soton, mcguire,hull ,gilfi sigg swansea,,carrick manure, as starters

  • Alreet

    And so the name dropping begins.

    There are so many i would cull and quite a few i would go for.

    Krul is a very good asset to have. We dont need him but could bring in a good chunk for the purse.

    Others like gouff. Riv. Dummy. Colback. Hanley. Lazaar. Murph. Ameobi and possibly a few more could be chopped.

    I really think we should try for cairney. Shawcross. Moses and Ihaenacho for starters. But lets see what the big man can have and the market he can use.