Sky Sports have published a table showing the most successful English clubs in the past five decades.

They have taken the average league positions over that time period to see who have been the most dominant/successful clubs.

It is a time period which covers the 25 years of the Premier League era and the 25 years that came before that.

So pretty much it covers all of the time that the vast majority of us have been watching Newcastle United.

sky sportssky sports

As you can see, Newcastle United come out of it a very respectable 9th, which considering the chaotic running of the club over that time period, it is pretty impressive stat.

An average of 15th isn’t too much to get excited about but when you consider that a fair few of those seasons include being in the second tier, it isn’t too bad.

Interestingly, even taking into account when the top division had 22 clubs in it, Newcastle are the only one of the ‘big north east three’ to average a position in the top tier throughout this 50 year period.

Middlesbrough’s average position being 22.36 in 15th place.

Whilst Sunderland are 19th with an average placing of 22.52 – something which is surely only to get worse next season…

  • Alex

    Have to admit to being surprised, and a bit impressed, by the consistency of Everton.

    As for Arsenal, they seem to have finished in their exact, correct position. Don’t know what their deluded fans are going on about!

    • Burt Humperdink

      Everton were beasts in the 1980’s.

      • Alex

        Yes, that “Dogs of War” midfield had escaped my memory. Loved Andy Gray as a CF!!

        • 1957

          The dogs of war was a nickname first given by Joe Royle to his 1995 team.
          The midfield was normally Barry Horne, John Ebbrell and Joe Parkinson I think and at that time Duncan Ferguson was their centre forward

          • Alex

            I stand corrected – thanks.

            Of course, I’m thinking of the likes of Sheedy, Reid, Bracewell etc in 80’s. Did that midfield get a nickname, becuae it was outstanding at the time?

          • 1957

            The 80’s midfield was probably the best of its era.

            I read a few years ago Royle regretted making the off the cuff comment that spawned the nickname of the 90’s midfield, he felt it meant that they didn’t get the recognition as footballers they deserved especially Parkinson

        • Burt Humperdink

          Plus Paul Bracewell, Pat Nevin, peter reid, trevor steven hell of team.

    • Rich Lawson

      Agree about Everton,I guess they get overlooked cos every 1 is focussed on Liverpool ?

  • 1957

    Considering how few good seasons I can remember over that period, I first went in 1965, 9th is astonishing.

    • Rich Lawson

      1966 for me and other than the Fairs Cup and the KK team I to am rather surprised at our ranking ?

      • 1957

        From what I can see we only finished 10th or above 14 times in those 50 years and had 12 years in the second tier

        We were 10th twice but 9 of the other 12 occasions we finished in the top 6.

        Given that an average position of 15th is about right, other clubs obviously haven’t been as consistent as I thought

      • Alex

        Maybe the Intertoto Cup triumph helped our ranking – ;-)

  • GToon

    Interesting to think which club has won a domestic trophy in that time frame. Have a look at the top 20 of that list. Only WBA are as bad as we are in terms of winning things. In fact we should be around 28/29 if it was ordered in terms of winning things (not counting European competitions).

  • Geordiegiants

    I am only 42 so no good to me, I want to see us win something in my life time.