What is the Rafa Benitez Premier League transfer budget?

Well I don’t know and you don’t know BUT plenty of journalists are happy to be stating what it is.

They talk as if they have inside knowledge on what the Newcastle boss will be given as a budget but clearly they have as much (less?) clue as we do.

The popular figure being stated by them is £70m but none of them say where they have this ‘inside knowledge’ from.

It looks like they are all guessing, or more likely repeating what one journalist plucked out of the air. If they are basing it on what the Spanish media claimed Rafa Benitez had said after promotion was secured against Preston, they certainly aren’t crediting that as their source.

As football clubs rely less and less on the media, what exclusives/inside information do any of them actually get these days?

With their own Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and official website, long gone are the days when the likes of Newcastle needed the Chronicle to tell us all that there are tickets still on sale for the next match.

The same with players happy to give journalists information in return for a few quid/drinks – when they earned hundreds of pounds a week rather than tens of thousands – you could understand it happening.

As for having no belief in the inside information (guessing…) from journalists on the Rafa Benitez Premier League transfer budget, you only need to go back 12 months to see why you should treat these latest newspaper reports with extreme scepticism.

They were all at last May but here are just two examples of what the newspapers were claiming:

The Mirror – 26 May 2016:

“He (Rafa Benitez) will get a budget of £20million to rebuild after failing in his 10-game attempt to save the Magpies after their season-long struggle under Steve McClaren.

“Some current players may also choose to leave this summer rather than play in the second tier, raising further cash.”

The Telegraph – 20 May 2016:

“The club have been in talks about opening an overdraft facility in order to give Benitez the money he wants for recruitment.

“He will also be given the funds raised by player sales, with France international Moussa Sissoko and Holland defender Daryl Janmaat expected to be the first out of the club after relegation to the Championship.”

In both of these reports above (and the rest who copied them/also claimed they had the inside track), it was stated that Rafa Benitez had been guaranteed a certain sum of money PLUS whatever he generated in player sales.

That guaranteed figure regardless of player sales, was generally stated to be £20m.

When Newcastle United released their latest accounts last month (April), they stated that Rafa Benitez had made the club a profit of £40m on transfers in summer 2016.

Yet despite this the Newcastle Manager was blocked from making any signings in January, even loan ones, and expressed his anger at this once the transfer window closed.

So counting on my fingers, I make it that the journalists last May ended up being wrong to the tune of £60m (£40m transfer surplus + promised £20m transfer budget) in terms of what Rafa Benitez would be allowed to spend.

A little tricky believing any exclusives in the coming hours, days, weeks, and months.

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  • Arty Hume

    Irrespective of the estimate/guesstimate’s and paper talk, we had a profit of £40m last year and nothing was spent last window. Promotion yields around £120m therefore a total of £160m, not including the profit trousered by the owner from non existent transfer windows leading up to our relegation last year, all self inflicted. Is Diane Abbott his financial adviser??? I do not think anyone really knows what the budget is and it should remain unknown, like your hand in poker! I would be surprised if Rafa agrees to anything less than £100m, which would still leave M.A £60m or thereabout profit. We do not want to go into the P/L battling relegation and just as makeweights, the fans deserve better. It would be better for us and Rafa if he just left if he is not going to get what he needs to make the club great again. If he did leave, it would send shock waves throughout football and confirm M.A as a money grabbing conniving outhouse most of us think he is anyway. He was willing to give super Steve around £80m to squander last year and look how that turned out! M.A has a chance to prove his doubters wrong this year and I think it is last chance saloon for him, as all the stars are lined up for him in respect of the fact he now has a WORLD class MANAGER who will willingly take the club to the level even Keegan and Sir Bobby could not achieve. M.A this year must invest, even if it takes the club into debit, that is the way most other clubs do business, this will under the stewardship of Rafa lead to success, and ultimately profit in the next few years. Speculate to accumulate with a MANAGER who knows what he is doing as opposed to giving money to those who do not know what they were doing! Its up to the owner which way our club goes, I sincerely hope he makes the right decision this time around as he has failed every previous season! The Geordie nation, and the rest of football await the outcome of the next season with baited breath….. In Rafa we trust!!!

    • DubaiExpat

      Can we out one thing to rest – Ashley hasn’t taken a penny out of the club outside of loan repayments. It’s there in black and white in the public accounts.

      • Arty Hume

        Each to his own, its MHO nothing more and I stand by it!

        • bobbi fleckman

          But you are demonstrably wrong.

          • Leazes Ender

            Ashley doesn’t need ‘readies’…. he doesn’t pay for advertising for S***** D***** or Tax on it…. he’ draws no distinction between the clubs finances from his own, and indeed the sale of Carroll demonstrated that by blowing a cool quarter of a million to celebrate ‘his’ windfall….

          • bobbi fleckman

            That’s a contradiction Micky love.

            You are correct that until last year, NUFC forgoe the £2m or so advertising income it may get from SD.

            As far as tax payments is concerned, NUFC have losses from previous periods so have not had to make corp tax payments as it’s still ‘owed’ tax from the losses incurred (I’m using this terminology to keep it simple for you ;-) ). SD however, have to make tax payments as they make good profits on their UK business ans it’s been a sustained profitable business for at least the time MA has been involved in NUFC. If NUFC invoiced that £2m to SD, NUFC income (100% owned by MA) will increase by £2m and SD (58% owned by MA) profit will fall £2m. As long as the previous losses are still available, NUFC will not have to pass on the 20% tax to HMRC BUT SD will REDUCE their tax bill by £400,000. For this reason, you are quite wrong about the tax claim, you know this because I have explained it many a time to you but you either don’t understand or choose to perpetuate the myth.

          • Leazes Ender

            Where did you get £2m from Dr Ed…. you’re making stuff up…. I said he draws no distinction between the finances of United or anything else he owns…. SD are not United nor their parent company… meanwhile back in the real world, if you buy an item from the club shop it bears a Tax point in Shirebrook…. either way he’s conning United’s fans by this deception…. The club shop is a SD outlet.

            I think the volume of advertising inside the ground is enormous and you are underestimating the theft from the club.

          • bobbi fleckman

            Similar clubs to ourselves when in the EPL have revenues if around £4m. 1/2 perimeter advertising is from other advertising (at least in the premier league) so £4m x 50 pc = £2m.

            If you buy in the club shop or online at a number of clubs, it’s operated by SD, it does not mean those clubs do not get the profits. Look up the concept of outsourcing, it’s a good way of using another business’s expertise and economies of scale. I’m sure I’ve helped you understand this before but we’ll done you for asking questions that you may be expected to know.

          • Andy Mac

            Ahem so please tell us all where all the Club Shop money goes ?

          • bobbi fleckman

            Club gets the net income from merchandise sales as it’s outsourced to SD. This makes sense as we had even made some losses on merchadise when it was done ‘in-house’ so by using SD’s network, no need to pay staff, warehouse picers, £300 p.a. rent for secure warehousing.

          • Andy Mac

            “Club gets the net income from merchandise sales” and you know that for a fact ?

          • bobbi fleckman

            Yes, SD charge the club for the service and for a floating stock holding but the club get income. SD offer this service to a lot of clubs.

          • Geordiegiants

            He is a hero eh?

          • bobbi fleckman

            Not really, it’s just better to keep to reality rather than making stuff up and getting angry about it.

          • Geordiegiants

            If you want to talk about reality, the reality is, Jabba bought us, cleared our debt. Then personally chuckied us up to the hilt.

      • Alex

        Oh dear………….

    • The Voice of Raisin

      Shame on you for mentioning Diane Abbott in the same comment as your beloved club. Shame!

      • Arty Hume

        Ha Ha, shame , Shame, SHAME lol’s

    • bobbi fleckman

      Budgets mean nothing unless you count wages. We’d have made a substantial loss this year, Brighton lost £27m last year with a wage bill be far, far less than our own.

      We could spend £100m on new players who are youngish with no PL experience and will come on reasonable wages. We could try someone like Carrick who may be a token amount in transfer fee but we’d be paying a huge salary.

      • Leazes Ender

        Budgets mean nothing in the hands of crooked accountants.

        • bobbi fleckman

          Yep, much better listening to someone who makes it all up and then posts under his alter ego to get angry about it.

          • Leazes Ender

            Ashley fancied Ulrikakaka

          • bobbi fleckman

            so did I

          • Leazes Ender

            Much better listening to a bloke who gives himself a female alter ego and sticks up for crooks.

          • bobbi fleckman

            That’s a pretty poor comeback Mickey love.

  • DubaiExpat

    Although this story comes from one of the more credible journos out there it’s always wise to take these stories with a massive pinch of salt and more importantly don’t get too annoyed/excited/happy/sad about them.

    Even if Rafa sits down with Ashley and they agree on mutually acceptable conditions we’ll likely never know what they are. What’s important is they agree on the terms and Rafa moves us forward.

    • Jezza

      It’s also very probable that Ashley and Rafa will agree on something only for Ashley to pull the rug from under Rafa when it really matters just like he did in the January window.

      • MichaelMaximusMoose

        spot on

  • nevfur

    It makes you laugh. Why would anyone reveal how much they had available to spend. Apart from the fact that Rafa and Mike Ashley haven’t even had their planning meeting yet.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    The Fat Mans that unpredictable who`s knows what he`ll do, one thing`s for sure it will be to the benefit of Mike Ashley

  • Leazes Ender

    Well its Lee Ryder isnt it…?

    The London and Manchester media centres get on the phone to you know who because he supplies them with his ‘inside information’….

    ….. Its nonsense, absolute garbage… he fills column inches with polyfilla, and because the journalists stick to a given line you get a uniformity of position. I sat behind some of them at the match once, as one asked the other was that a ‘telling cross’ or a ‘searching cross’…. much scribbling and agreement.

    Journalists are not ‘subject specialists’ although they like to think they are…. their specialism is the written language. They sometimes do of course lay their hands on information which they cant publish… oh for an enquiring mind and a sense of public duty…… they knew that the Halls were in the business of milking the club dry and they certainly know what Ashley is up to….. so whose side are they on? The answer is…… there own!

    Some even proclaim to be United fans when they aren’t, this is a club heavily surrounded by a callous and heavy conservative media machine… Tyneside gets its own back page on the ‘Nationals’ unlike a lot of top clubs who have to share the space with rivals and it adds up to a weak and sedated sea of saliva that they happily drown us in….

    They’ve done it for years…. Ryder is the protege of one Alan Oliver and you would be forgiven for thinking the style and content was the same… you bet it is…. did Ryder speak up against Charnley or Ashley…. No…. he left it to the papers editor!

    A footnote: the Evening Chronicle changed its name to the Chronicle… its now produced in a formatted style like other city and regional papers…. its made in Salford…. printed on an industrial estate on Teesside and flogs its bland ‘head in the sand’ rubbish to us…. and much like Brown Ale…. its lost its taste!

    • East Durham Mag

      A brutal and accurate assessment of the media and Brown Ale. Both shyte.

      • grantham mag

        But so true

    • 1957

      I agree with what you say apart from one thing, the Chronicle’s sport journalists and editorial staff can hardly be described as specialists in the written language, some of their output is careless, littered with spelling errors…or maybe it’s not their fault, the spell checker has just had a bad day.

      • Leazes Ender

        He did go to Univorsity…. in Scunthorpe.

  • The Voice of Raisin

    Whether the information is true or not, no matter its source, is irrelevant at this point. Newcastle fans already know the men who run (using the term loosely) their club and know better than to trust Ashley, Carr, Charnley et al. No amount of bombastic headlines can dent the sense of mistrust any sane person holds against those men.

    Best wishes to Newcastle for the coming season, from a Leeds fan. Your club deserves a manager like Benitez and to do well, for the fans’ sake alone.

  • Andy Mac

    You’d have to be stupid to let the world know your transfer budget and Rafa isnt and maybe Fatman isnt either ?

  • Geordiegiants

    No body will ever know.

  • Hughie

    Yet another piece of over simplistic speculative journalism. Why not write about likely factors governing an amount rather than providing no evidence or reasoning? This season will have resulted in a significant loss, and we all noted Ashley’s further £33m loan–will he call that in with his older loan?. How much will player sales accrue?–and will Rafa be told to sell before he buys? Will the age embargo continue? Will loans be prioritised, which seems to be a growing policy at the club? Who will we able to sell and how quickly? Will the market be flat or buoyant? How much effect will the growing Chinese transfer market have? All factors which will govern what is likely to be a moving feast.So in other words the club wont know what is available, yet alone journalists, and the last thing they would do is release a figure anyway.
    Possible first team sales will include , Sammy, Goofy, Murphy, Gamez, Lazaar, Hanley, Haidara and I hope Mitrovic, with Vuckic also transferred. netting 15-20 million at best -with 10 million in the bag from Thauvin to help the kitty. That would leave a squad of 19 players with 6 vacancies (remember only 25 in PL squads). So there may be a baseline of about 30 million, plus some TV money. The priority as usual will be to ensure financial sustainability, and I’ll be surprised if we sign more than 3 or 4 players all at under 10-12 million each, with two or three loans. 100 million—–in your dreams folks!!!!

    • Leazes Ender

      The owners incompetence has cost United two relegations…. not the fans!

      You sound like a corrupt accountant to me!

      • Hughie

        Brilliant and very constructive, but can you read? No-one is blaming the fans buffoon, the discussion is about journalistic incompetence– you sound like a journalist– all soundbyte and no evidence..

        • Leazes Ender

          Why do you keep changing your name Bobbi?