Rolando Aarons was back in court today, the Newcastle winger facing a charge of violent disorder.

The 21 year old is charged with violent disorder (along with six others) after an incident at the Livello nightspot in Newcastle, in October 2016.

The Wednesday morning hearing at Newcastle Crown Court saw all seven deny violent disorder.

The trial is likely to take up to two weeks for the case(s) to be heard and when it came to where the trial should be heard, Prosecutor Ian West has asked for the trial to be heard outside Tyneside.

Ian West:

“The first question that arises is where the trial should take place.

“The reason I say this is because of the presence in the dock of Rolando Aarons, who is a professional footballer with Newcastle United.

“This complicates matters, as clearly the prosecution would not want any Newcastle United supporters on the jury that tries him.

“I dare say Mr Hedworth (defending Rolando Aarons) would not want any Sunderland supporters on the jury that tries him.”

As an alternative, the Prosecutor suggested Middlesbrough/Teesside.

Speaking in reply to this suggestion, Aarons’ counsel claimed to be ‘astonished’ at the suggestion to move the trial 30 miles down the road.

The date of the trial is still to be set and Paul Sloan QC, the Recorder of Newcastle. will decide on the location.

The case was once again adjourned and the seven defendants granted unconditional bail.

As well as 21 year old Rolando Aarons, the other six accused of violent disorder are Joan Jacob (Gosforth), Kallum Phillips (Bristol) who also denies a charge of wounding. Jean Coly (Liverpool) who also denies wounding, Jamar Collins (Bristol), Sabrina White (Bristol) and Garfield White (Bristol) who also denies assault.

  • Jimblag23

    So rather than make it positively bias towards him they’ll make it negatively 🤔 That’s fair…….

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      the Smoggies will send him down

  • Wor Monga

    Why not just let an FA tribunal handle the case?…they’re famously renowned up here for having a completely impartial attitude and showing scrupulous fairness in their judgements regarding NUFC players!!!

  • TheTradge

    Bit of a harsh punishment, sending him to Middlesbrough!

  • Phil K

    The amazing disappearing Aarons. Another Nile Ranger (obviously not that bad) ?

  • Mrkgw

    Hardly a great loss from a playing point of view as he is always injured and never plays! When is his contract due to expire as a guilty sentence might just see the end of him at St James.