Rafa Benitez is determined to change things for the better at Newcastle United in the longer-term, not just this upcoming season.

Under Mike Ashley, the club has suffered from a hand to mouth existence, looking to just survive in the Premier League for another 12 months and pick up the financial rewards of the top tier,

The United Manager says that he hopes ‘everybody has seen that the job has been done…properly’ and when he says ‘everybody’, he clearly means one person in particular.

Rafa Benitez says that if people can ‘see that the job has been done properly’ then ‘you can trust the people in charge’.

The Newcastle boss is at pains to say that he isn’t looking for unrealistic backing, saying ‘we’re not thinking about something that’s not possible’.

Rafa says he is going to continue ‘to put things in place’ which he hopes will convince Mike Ashley as being ‘a professional approach’.

Continuing on his theme, the Manager further indicates he is looking at things long-term and says ‘we are talking about a project’ and that ‘we have put down the foundations to build something bigger’.

Benitez indicates a key part of his realistic approach is the transfer market, stating that some transfers might happen simply ‘because they are too expensive’.

With Mike Ashley having ran Newcastle in such a crazy way that has led to two relegations in only seven years, hopefully he will see that trusting somebody who knows what they are doing is a far far better approach.

Having puppets appointed as managers/head coaches and giving them no say on transfers has proved to be a recipe for disaster.

Now that a quality manager has taken a huge risk on his reputation by joining such a previously poorly run club/team, it would be truly Mike Ashley’s very worst move if he doesn’t see the tangible ambitions of the Rafa way.

Rafa Benitez talking to the Chronicle:

“My feeling is that everybody has seen that the job has been done, and done properly – hopefully it is a good signal for the future.

“If everybody sees that things are going well, you can trust the people in charge and then you can be more supportive.”

“We will have normal meetings, talking about ideas and things that will happen in the future.

“We will try to put things in place that he (Mike Ashley) will realise are a professional approach, we are talking about a project and we’re not thinking about something that’s not possible.

“We will only talk about things that we can achieve.

“It (transfer activity) depends on the market and prices – sometimes you want to do things and you can’t because they are too expensive.

“Sometimes you can but you have to put everything together – once we know where we are we will make decisions about every single player.”

“I think we have already made steps forward and we have put the foundations down to build something bigger.”

  • Leazes Ender

    Every manager we have ever had has used the phrase ‘laying foundations’…. every one of them…… its a bit like Westminster politicians promising to dual the A1 north of Newcastle….

    …. its never going to happen.

    • Toon fan

      Is your name Walsh?

    • Brian Standen

      For once I agree with you – the A1 will never be dual carriageway north of Newcastle ( although strictly speaking it is actually just north of Morpeth where it becomes single carriageway with only intermittent dual carriageway until about 30 mile from Edinburgh).
      Wow – never thought I would agree with you!
      Now back to the football – I for one like the way Rafa speaks and what he says is said with real intention !

    • HappyToons

      At least he didn’t add the ‘5 year plan’ …I am still struggling with Gordon Lee’s ‘5 year plan’, then Bill McGarry’s ‘5 year plan’, then Glen Roeder etc.

  • Lord

    Rafa uses his words very carefully.


    “If everybody sees that things are going well, you can trust the people in charge and then you can be more supportive.”

    …imply that he was not trusted and thus not supported in January, I wonder?

    • MadMag83

      Perhaps he is suggesting that if fans see the club as being run properly and trust the board more, then they will get behind the team more and the negativity from some fans will diminish.

  • 1957

    If Benitez is successful with his ‘long term project’ I hope it includes bringing a successor into the club to work with him, otherwise Mike would simply revert to type and employ a Pardew clone to run the club down again…

  • hetonmag

    Would love to see when Rafa finally hangs up his track suit he is made MD of our club, never mind what negativity L End spews out this man is the saviour of our great club so long as he is backed, and yes Leazes the Rafalution really is just beginning.

  • MadMag83

    Ashley needs to trust Rafa to run football matters and Rafa needs to be able to trust that Ashley will back him.

    The ball is very much in Ashley’s court.

  • Wor Lass

    Music to my ears!