In a comical interview, Danny Murphy has had his say on Newcastle United’s chances next season.

By the sound of it, the player turned pundit hasn’t forgotten that Rafa Benitez instantly sold him after taking over at Liverpool in summer 2004.

The Spaniard took over in June 2004 and by August, Danny Murphy was a Charlton player.

Amongst his negative comments, Murphy says ‘I’m not so sure Newcastle are going to do as well as everybody thinks’.

He also says it wouldn’t surprise him if ‘Brighton finished above Newcastle’.

As for the reasons, he has came up with plenty, though has been careful to avoid any negative mention of the man who got rid of him at Anfield…

Danny Murphy claims the ‘expectancy’ of the Newcastle fans will be a major problem, with supporters demanding the team goes on all out attack, rather than a lot of the time accepting the need to sit back and counter-attack, not leave big gaps to be exploited.

Exactly how many of Newcastle’s 46 Championship matches has Murphy actually seen?

Those were the exact tactics used throughout the campaign, even at home there was barely any intention to commit too many men forward. Away from home you even had the extreme of beating promotion rivals Huddersfield 3-1, despite having only 24% possession.

He also says that having so many young inexperienced players will be a big handicap but the reality is that even in the Championship Rafa played very few young players, Isaac Hayden who is now 22 being the only real regular younger member of the Championship winning side.

The likes of Shelvey, Clark, Gayle, Ritchie, Elliot, Krul, Dummett and others aren’t exactly new starters. Whilst Yedlin & Mbemba and to an extent Lascelles & Darlow have all played Premier League football.

I agree with Danny Murphy that yes there will be ‘intense pressure’ but no more than any other promoted club.

He talks about Brighton just being ‘happy to be there’, try and tell that to their owner who has invested hundreds of millions of his own money in the stadium, club and squad to get this opportunity. I don’t think he will be going around just telling everybody to enjoy it, as though it is a nine month one-off holiday.

Ironic that as all the Newcastle players are saying what a help fifty thousand fans are at home as well as selling out away, the likes of Danny Murphy are setting up the NUFC supporters as a reason for the club to fail.

Danny Murphy speaking on BBC Radio 5 Live:

“If you look at Newcastle’s squad, they have got some good players and they are going to get better – the younger ones – but there is not much experience there of the Premier League.

“If anything, it wouldn’t surprise me if Brighton finished above Newcastle.

Rafa has been there before but with Newcastle there is an expectancy. Let me explain….

“Newcastle turn up at home  next year in the Premier League, against anybody, maybe apart from the top three or four – they are expected to have a go – and win and attack.

“Now you do that at home against good counter-attacking sides who know what they are doing, you are going to get picked off.

“They lose the first few and the fixtures aren’t nice, it’s all of a sudden the fans…fifty thousand every week.

“Brighton – happy to be there. They don’t mind if you sit back and play counter at home.

“I did it at Fulham, we could sit back and play counter-attack at home, fans weren’t on us.

“The expectancy level at Newcastle and Brighton is very different and that does come on top of the players at some time.

“I’m not saying that will definitely happen but there is a chance – because these young lads, sprinkled with a few additions, which I am sure they will (buy).

“They are going to have that intense pressure, which you don’t normally get when you come out of the Championship.

“Burnley didn’t have it, Bournemouth didn’t have it, Hull didn’t have it – Newcastle have got it.

“So, we will see how they cope, I’m not so sure Newcastle are going to do as well as everybody thinks.”

  • Scottpaige

    Not bitter then 🤣

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    well i don`t think we`ll finish below Brighton but if we don`t bring some real quality in we`ll be in the bottom half of the table

  • KeithSA

    Rafa is sheer class and the best tactician around, I fully expect Newcastle to consolidate there position in the prem next year with a top half of the table finish. If he is allowed to Rafa will build a side that will challenge the top 4 within 3 years, if not sooner. As a Liverpool supporter, Newcastle will be my second team, that’s how much I respect Rafa. Newcastle fans will get behind him because he deserves the support unlike what happens at Liverpool under the cowboys, I wish you guys good luck for next year, keep a hold of him as there are not much better managers out there if any.

    • Tommy D

      I’m a Liverpool fan and a huge Rafa fan but there is ZERO chance of them challenging for the top 4 in 3 years or less.. ZERO.. that top 6 will get stronger every year and Rafa wont be around anywhere near long enough to get Newcastle to that level. i do feel he will win them that elusive trophy in the next 2 seasons though.. league cup or FA cup.. as for having a second favorite team in the premier league? go give your head a wobble

      • HappyToons

        Whilst agreeing with you, remember Leicester city, promoted and Premiership Champions in a couple of years, so it depends on signings … imagine if Liverpool had signed this one player for only £5.6 million … ‘N’Golo Kanté’. Him, and Vardy having a purple patch, prove that spending multi millions doesn’t necessarily mean you win the Premiership (Man U). Also Leicester have slipped this season, but only because they lost that influential star player, yet they still got further in the Champions League than all the so called Big Guns!

        • Desree

          We finished 5th under pardew. Although we do need a lot of luck. At least we do have momentum for a change.

    • 1957

      He might have been the best tactician around in his time at Liverpool but I don’t think he is now, he has been overtaken by the Conte and Pochettino generation of coaches. He will though do a much better job at SJP than some of our more recent incumbents, cup success might happen.

      As for top 4 in 3 years I doubt it, to get to that level will need some astonishing luck with younger players and future buys, and it is to quote Benitez himself a long term ‘project’. NUFC’s PL future will be as much to do with who comes after Benitez, he will build the foundation but there needs to be degree of succession planning to make sure his hard work doesn’t go to waste.

  • anyobrien

    This tool talks absolute garbage not just about the toon but other teams outside the beloved big six… How this boring mundain,predictable ex player gets air time is beyond me

    • Sing in the Leazes

      Sounds like the job description for your average tv pundit.
      They are almost all idiots.
      They even nick each other’s patter.
      Remember everyone saying ‘technically a very good player/side’?
      How about repeatedly explaining ‘playing in that little hole between the defence and the midfield’?
      Or Shearers shaded rectangles of ‘space’?
      Or Carragher spending 15 minutes going on about an imperceptible difference in foot placement.
      If they were talking at you like that in the pub you would head to the bar!

      • Desree

        David Prutton takes it to another level.

  • Paul Patterson

    I smell a vendetta.
    For the first game of next season, Rafa just needs to pin those comments on the dressing room wall.

  • Geordiegiants

    Let’s hope Murphy is our new Prutton, always getting it wrong.
    I think we will finish top ten no problems.

  • Desree

    With the money, every promoted club wants to stay. A top 15 finish is could by me. And if anything rafas game plan should be better suited to St James park in the PL. We just need a stronger defensive midfielder and a decent no10 with pace. Someone like loic remy would do great in rafas set up.

  • Steve Smith

    Just repeating the bilge that the average fan wants to hear I.e the ones who believe football was only invented 10 years ago.

  • MadMag83

    Brighton have got even less Premier League experience than our lot. I can sort of see where he’s coming from about the style of football certain teams can get away with, but he uses Hull as an example of success? They’ve been relegated mate!

    I think Brighton and Reading/Huddersfield will go back down personally and we will probably be somewhere between 10th and 15th amongst the likes of Stoke and West Brom.