Stan Collymore is always good for a bit of controversy.

Never shy of an alternative opinion, he is forever keen to be noticed.

So little surprise that he is one of the many making suggestions as to what Newcastle United and Rafa Benitez should do in this upcoming summer transfer market.

Stan Collymore came up with three players who he believes ‘would all do a sensational job at St James Park’.

Stan Collymore talking to The Mirror:

“Mike Ashley must trust his manager, let him use his contacts and profile in the game…and there are three players in particular I’d love to see Rafa Benitez go for.

They are Cesc Fabregas, John Terry and Jermain Defoe, who would all do a sensational job at St James Park.”

The reaction to these three suggestions has been much hilarity, especially with the two Chelsea players, but shouldn’t the real question be whether this trio are good enough/right for Newcastle – certainly with two of the suggested signings?

Whilst I can’t stand him as a person and think he was a little bit overrated due to having it easy most of the time playing for a dominant team, I have to concede that John Terry was an excellent Premier League centre-back and Captain.

The key word though surely has to be WAS.

Terry turns 37 in December and has only made four Premier League starts for Chelsea this season, maybe he could do a good job for Newcastle next season but there also must be a very decent chance that he is past it now.

Similarly with Jermain Defoe, he will be 35 in October and as a striker the age factor is even more key, especially for one he relies on a bit of pace to create chances and get an angle to shoot.

There is no doubt that scoring 15 goals for a really rubbish Sunderland team has been some achievement this season but his goal on Saturday against Hull was his first in 13 weeks.

Like John Terry, there is every chance that Defoe will go over the top at any time and you couldn’t rely on him being your best chance of goals next season. He could well be a decent bet to bring in as one of your strikers and bring off the bench BUT one thing is for sure and that is a move to Newcastle would be arguably greater for him, than for NUFC.

As for Cesc Fabregas, he is slightly different. However, would it really be so incredulous if Newcastle were to go for him?

Yes it would maybe be a (very nice) surprise if Fabregas did come to St James Park but in many ways it could be a great move for him as well.

He is 30 years old now, has only started 11 Premier League games for Chelsea this season, and hasn’t been selected for Spain since the Euros.

One major argument is that he will be looking for Champions League football but if so, there is every chance he wouldn’t be offered the chance of that at an English club.

If Champions League football isn’t a deal breaker, why shouldn’t Rafa Benitez be able to sell Newcastle to Fabregas as a project?

The midfielder cost £30m when Chelsea brought him back three years ago and any transfer fee will be surely significantly less than that now and within what Newcastle could afford, if they saw Fabregas as a potential lynchpin in a return to the Premier League.

As Newcastle fans we should never under sell our club, it can be great again and whilst nobody should see us as having a right to be attracting certain players and getting (relative) success, there is no reason why we can’t aim for the stars.

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  • Down Under Mag

    I don’t really want to see us make the same mistakes as we have in the past going for aging has-beens in search of one last payday or who are too far past their best to offer us the quality we need. Also, if Ashley gives Rafa the reassurances and backing he needs to stay then I think we need to be looking more long term.
    I could see Fabregas doing a great job but not sure he would come, even under Rafa, and would cost too much in fee and wages to be a realistic option – even if Ashley does come to the party we need to be realistic and we are not going to be matchign wages at Chelsea anytime soon. The other two would be huge gambles.

  • Alex

    Terry would just be a re-run of the Sol Campbell deal. In any case, there are positions to fill more urgently than CH.

    • Paul Patterson

      Agree with the Sol Campbell logic but a centre back is certainly needed in the Premier League.

  • Jimblag23

    Cesc!?! YES PLEASE!! Terry on the other hand is a wasted slot for a younger signing, even though I bet he does have 15 games left in him.

  • mentalman

    All three would be great signings in my opinion.

    Defoe may be 35 but he looks after himself that well he’s physically a lot younger and Gayle could learn a lot from him.

    Similarly would you want a young lad to fill in for 10/15 games a season or a player of Terry’s calibre, he’s never had pace and has relied on his reading of the game which doesn’t leave you when you get older, add to this Lascelles needs a defender like Terry to learn from.

    Fabregas is just Fabregas and nothing more needs to be said.

    • Jezza

      I can’t see what Lascelles could possibly learn from Terry other than how to beat people up in nightclubs, racially abuse opponents and have affairs with team-mates’ wives.

      • Oooh bobbi fleckman

        communication, timing, positioning, tackling, decision making, captaincy and errrrm winning.

        Terry would be a great bloke to have for a season, however, his wages will be far too high.

        Also, he didn’t see eye to eye with Rafa at Chelsea so it will not happen.

      • Viru leckworth

        Jezza he really isn’t your favourite dinner party guest.

  • Maybe dreaming but i think oxlade chamberlain would be some buy. He never gets a run of games at arsenal and will probably be looking 1st team football with it being WC year. 30m?

  • hetonmag

    I have this feeling that Rafa’s first signing will be Lucas from Liverpool and he will be made captain, he is premiership battle hardened and has history with Rafa.

    • Polarboy

      Lucas would be a great bit of experience in the middle to bring Hayden on. People have mentioned McCarthy a number of times, but his injury record and reported price are more than a little off putting for me.

  • Damon Horner

    I might be in the minority but I think even if he rarely plays Terry could be a great influence for Lascelles, I’d take a punt for a season on him.

    • Jezza

      I wouldn’t want Terry coming within a hundred miles of St James’s Park. He would be the most disastrous signing in the history of NUFC.

      • Rich Lawson

        Agree,also he wouldn’t relocate and I can’t see his wife being keen on him living out a hotel with the social attractions of the quayside !!

        • Damon Horner

          Agreed with bit, I didn’t say he would sign but I think we lack a strong winning mentality and general leadership in most detail and he could evolve the mentality of the dressing room in a year, I know people compare the signing with Sol Campbell’s but we weren’t short on strong mentalities and organisers back then.

      • Damon Horner

        How so? More specifically? There is quite a list of players who could take that accolade.

        • Jezza

          1. He would only be coming to St James’s Park for one last big pay day. No different to any of the other big name players from top clubs who have come here in the very twilight of their careers.

          2. He has always been in my opinion, a very over rated defender who makes a lot of mistakes and gives away a lot of goals.

          3. He is an arrogant, narcissistic ego maniac and a bully who would cause considerable upset in the dressing room and destroy team spirit.

          4. He is a thoroughly loathsome individual with a history of violence, racist abuse and infidelity with a team-mate’s wife and I would not want to see sullying the black and white shirt.

          • Leazes Ender

            …as popular here as Denis Wise

  • Steve Smith

    Answered your own question on Fabregas.

    He’s 30, likely looking for champions league football and the only way Rafa could sell us is as a project.

    I couldn’t see us breaking into the top 4 in the long term, let alone before Fabregas is over the hill.

  • Desree

    Can’t believe we are even debating this – Unless they all want to drop their salaries by half no chance, even if they agree – The fat man put the blockers on Jan spending because Raffa broke the age barrier and rarely used the players. On another note, we have seen some excellent goals this season, not since SBR days – yet the fans are bored with the football.

  • Polarboy

    Cesc would be an amazing signing, but as some have said what wages would he be looking for? At 30 he’ll likely be looking for one more big pay day and a guarantee of European football. The problem for him is that he’d likely need to go to Italy, which he’s said he’s not interested in, France, Spain, or Germany to find the wages and starting place in European competition. And let’s face it it likely wouldn’t be starting for any of the big teams/team in those countries.

    He won’t be starting for Barca again, nor would he start at Real or Atletico, Bayern wouldn’t start him, and it’s perhaps debatable with regard to PSG, but he could easily be another Cabaye for them. If I were Cesc, and I know I’m biased, I’d take a wage cut and hop on the Rafalution. Failing that I do get the feeling that Jose might take him for a season or two at Manure.

    • Damon Horner

      He is a player of a specific art really and he needs players around him to compliment his weaknesses, balancing him with Shelvey’s place in the team would be the issue I think. As you say though the only team he really would fit into for me would be Man Utd.

  • Paul Patterson

    Fabregas is a no-brainer, if we can get him/afford him then obviously do so. Terry, no chance. Defoe, for a season I don’t see why not.

  • 1957

    Fabregas would be the only one for me but as mentioned by others he would be looking for big money and CL football. Terry is frankly too old and although I get the experience argument we will need pace at the back next year and at 37 he must be on the wane. As for Defoe what would signing him say for Gayle. Benitez only plays with one up front so Dwight would be back to where he was at Palace, Defoe will want regular football having got back in the England squad and a major tournament on tbe horizon

  • MadMag83

    Id be ecstatic if we signed Cesc Fabregas but its never going to happen. Defoe would be alright if he doesn’t mind being a back up to Gayle (unlikely though). Terry I’m not so sure on, great in his day but does he still have the legs?

    • Leazes Ender

      You beat me to it I was just going to say …. are you not sure that isn’t a list of players whose legs have gone’.. and are past it….

      Why the hell should we be a dumping ground for high wage earners who are not good enough for the ambitious seven?