There have been a few rumours that if David Moyes gets the sack at Sunderland, Alan Pardew could potentially take over.

Whilst that is quite a delicious idea, for now we’ll just have to make do with the silver haired charmer giving the Mackems advice after relegation.

A guest on Sky Sports on Monday, the out of work manager proved that nothing gets past him, saying that Sunderland and Middlesbrough had two of the weakest squads in the Premier League and the Mackems have struggled to score goals.

As they are the bottom two teams in the division and have scored only 26 goals each (the next worst goals total is Burnley’s 35), I think a few other people might have spotted the north east pair have been feeble this season.

As for moving ahead, Alan Pardew thinks it will be great news for Sunderland fans if they still have David Moyes in charge next season, as he will have something to prove.

In terms of achieving promotion, Pardew thinks ‘Rafa Benitez has done things pretty much spot on at Newcastle’ and Sunderland just need to copy that prototype.

He says that getting a ‘big group of top Championship players’ has done the job for Rafa/Newcastle but if only it was that simple. Aston Villa have even more gone down the route of buying up as many of the allegedly best Championship players (McCormack, Kodjia, Hogan, Hourihane, Lansbury, Tshibola etc) but it has been a very expensive and unproductive process so far.

Newcastle were in a very unique position in that they had players not giving their all…but who other clubs were willing to pay a fortune for. So Sissoko, Janmaat and Wijanldum alone left for some £65m, whilst Cabella and Townsend brought in another £20m+.

The net result was that Mike Ashley could allow Rafa Benitez to have £50m+ to spend on players AND make a £40m profit on transfers last summer. Sunderland have Defoe who will leave for nothing and they should get a few quid for Kone and Pickford – but that is pretty much it – and they are by far their best three players in goal, in defence and up front – the spine of the team, if that’s not a very wrong word to use to describe this current Mackem side.

Plus, whilst our existing/remaining players from last season obviously weren’t great, they were/are clearly several levels up on the rubbish that they now have at Sunderland.

Having Alan Pardew managing Sunderland would just be priceless, we live in hope.

Alan Pardew speaking on Sky Sports:

“I think individually, Sunderland were one of the weakest teams in the Premier League, let’s just put it there straight away, along with Middlesbrough.

“Crucially goals dried up for Jermain Defoe (he has scored 14 of Sunderland’s 16 PL goals and the Mackems have failed to score in 9 of their last 10 matches) at the wrong time.

“I think it has been a tough season coming back (into management in England) for David Moyes, he wanted to make an impression….

“I think he’s hurting now, big time, and I think it will be a good shout for Sunderland and all their fans to have him there next year, as he’ll be hungry to prove what a top manager he is.

“As we know, all the teams in the Championship are gunning to reach the goldmine which is the Premier League, so there are four or five big clubs all poised with good teams going into next season.

“David Moyes will have to sit down with the chairman and discuss what the budget is.

“Even though Sunderland will get the huge injection of parachute money, it doesn’t mean to say that they will do it the right way.

Rafa Benitez has done things pretty much spot on at Newcastle – he took a big group of top Championship players, some of whom were there already, and his squad have seen him through.

“That would be a good route for David Moyes to go down, if he can convince the chairman that’s the right route.”

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    The ideal manager for the Skip Rats in Scumberland, ha ha ha

  • Peter Robson

    I spotted a glaring error in the opening sentence; it should read:Alan Pardew “I think it will be a good shout for Sunderland and both their fans to have David Moyes there next year.” not as quoted “ALL” unless the author classes both as all !!!

    Just saying like !!

  • Allan Barron

    Good idea sack moyes replace with Pardew and watch his magical tactics lead the mackems straight to league 1 football..

  • Alex

    Actually, I regret that Pardew isn’t around as much these days. I really miss those times rolling around the floor laughing at the tripe he spouts.

  • Paul Patterson

    Ooooh, he’s unemployed as well. Go on Ellis Short, you know you want to . .

  • Leazes Ender


  • Lord

    Am still nervous that Pardew is out of a job whilst Rafa isn’t nailed down to manage us next season….

    • Damon Horner

      I wouldn’t be nervous until you read “Rafa to leave Newcastle”. Rafa is just playing things politically at the moment because with Ashley if you pretend you’re happy with pittance then he will give you pittance, hopefully Rafa is trying to extract the maximum.

  • 1957

    It’s typical of the man that he guided Crystal Palace to the worst record of any league club, but feels able to advise others on how to run their clubs

  • Mike

    I think he is saying im out of work any chance …please?