So exactly how much Premier League TV money will the 20 clubs in the top tier get at the end of this season?

The excellent Sports Finance specialists Sporting Intelligence have published the table below, outlining what each of them will get.

The exact amount of money to the nearest penny/pound will come later but each season Sporting Intelligence are spot on with their figures before the official confirmation.

Yet again, whilst the lower leagues can quite rightly complain of the inequalities, within the actual Premier League itself, it is amazingly fair in terms of the division of money.

For winning the Championship title, Newcastle United are reportedly going to bank only around £7m.

In contrast, the 20th placed team in the Premier League are set to receive 14 times that amount.

Sunderland are forecast to receive just a shade under £100m but Chelsea in top place will get around £153m. That works out at the bottom placed club still getting around two thirds of what the champions will be handed.

premier league tv money

The likes of La Liga come nowhere remotely close to that kind of fairish payout.

So if you can get into the top tier these days, every club has resources to pay significant transfer fees, with the likes of Crystal Palace paying £30m for Benteke.