Which 20 clubs would make up the Premier League if it only included those with most top division titles in the past?

The excellent Sports Finance specialists Sporting Intelligence have published the table below, showing the clubs who ‘deserve’ on their past history to be in next season’s top tier and those who don’t…

Interestingly, if you judge ‘big’ clubs only by league titles then you have seven of the top nine included.

Anusingly, the two who are missing, are Aston Villa and the Mackems.

Funnily enough, the London media don’t mention very often that Spurs have only ever won two league titles.

Whilst many younger fans will be amazed to see that Huddersfield have won three, the same with Wolves, whilst Sheffield Wednesday have four, the same as Newcastle.

As for Chelsea, once again younger supporters may not realise that until Roman Abramovich started to pour his billions in, the Blues had only won the league once. That coming in 1955 when Newcastle won their last domestic trophy (FA Cup). Under their Russian owner, Chelsea have won it a further five times, the first in 2005.

Who says money can’t buy happiness (success)?

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  • nevfur

    Might be interesting if the table was there to see lol

    • Paul Busby

      Thought my phone was playing silly buggers haha

    • MadMag83

      Apparently it took up too much advertising space.

  • Andy Mac

    The link is in “Sporting Intelligence” but disqus doesnt allow links to be posted in these comments so if you’re bothered go click !

  • HappyToons

    ‘Whilst many younger fans will be amazed …’

    My Dad is 80 and was at the 50’s Cup finals, but even he wouldn’t know about Huddersfield or Sheff Wed, as that long ago!

    Interestingly Villa won 6 League titles by 1910 (runners up 6 by 1914) and sunderland won 5 by 1913 (and probs 5 times runners up)

    The more you look at it the most remarkable Champions in history have to be Leicester City!