Amusingly, Stan Collymore has bitten back after a Newcastle fan had a laugh at Collymore and Aston Villa’s expense.

A media report at the weekend claimed that Steve Bruce has been told his total transfer budget for this summer is only £1m, which has been set aside for potential loan deals.

The disastrous nature of Aston Villa failing to get promoted despite a massive £72m spend last season, has been confirmed by the club’s owner.

Tony Xia has admitted (see below) that Aston Villa will need to sell before they can buy, due to the FFP (Financial Fair Play) rules.

The Newcastle fan in question used Twitter to tell Villa fans, especially Stan Collymore, to ‘enjoy the Championship for another couple of seasons at least’, with the lack of spending power going to be a massive problem for Aston Villa.

Stan Collymore embarrassingly bit back by telling the Newcastle fan that ‘at least I’ll have memories of being Champions of England. Europe..’, as well as making reference to Newcastle’s only trophy in the past 62 years being the Fairs Cup triumph in 1969.

With those triumphs in the First Division and Europe being 36 and 35 years ago respectively for Villa, neither club has exactly got much to shout about.

Next year’s Championship could prove to be an amusing sideshow for Newcastle fans, as the likes of Sunderland, Leeds and Aston Villa fans all get agitated.

Newcastle fan:


“Enjoy the SkyBet Championship for another couple of seasons at least Stan Collymore #FFP £1M lol”

Stan Collymore:

“At least I’ll have memories of being Champions of England, Europe and only not seeing us win one major trophy in my lifetime.


Desperate to return to the Premier League gravy train, just like Newcastle, the Aston Villa owner approved massive spending in a gamble to bounce back instantly.

Strict FFP (Financial Fair Play) rules in the Championship mean that even if Tony Xia wanted to plough more of his personal money in on transfers, Villa would face potential fines and a transfer embargo as punishment.

After an expensive season (approx £57m spent) trying to keep them in the Premier League, Tony Xia gave the go ahead to spending of around £72m in the last two windows to try and get out of the Championship.

This has massively added to the wage bill with 15 permanent signings made (plus one loan), along with a net transfer spend of around £33m.

Newcastle have also spent big (approx £50m) under Rafa Benitez but that happened at the same time as he sold players to a value of around £90m, with Newcastle United confirming when they released their latest accounts, that there had been a £40m transfer surplus/profit so far under Rafa.

Aston Villa owner Tony Xia:

“We need well prepared for the FFP as we inherited heavy burdens.

“If we get more ins but can’t succeed in outs, we’ll have headache with FFP.

“Even not bothered by FFP issues, we won’t burn money 2try getting success.

“We need build sustainable model &have2learn 2be smarter anyway.

“Bottom line is that we won’t have panic buys or sells any more!”

  • Hughie_Gallacher

    To be honest, I think Collymore has a point. The last time Newcastle were Champions was 1927, with my namesake as captain, 90 years ago. They’ve got close only once since.

    Newcastle are big in only one sense – attendances.

    • Geordie-7676


    • Malcolm Robinson

      so what other factor defines big club?

      • Desree

        Global fan base, value of players, wage bill, revenue from merchandise, sponsorship deals, and er winning stuff?

    • Aggaz

      and can attract a manager like Benetiz your forgetting weve been in a few FA Cup finals UEFA Cup semi and a few quarter finals also played CL beating likes of Juventus and Barcelona

      • Hughie_Gallacher

        Yes – and they have won the CL, or the European Cup, as it was then known.

    • Burt Humperdink

      Part of the problem with fans is that they only focus on their own team and where they are from. I’ve met daft Newcastle fans who are amazed to find that Leeds as a city is 3 times the size of Newcastle and that cities like Sheffield, Bristol, Leicester etc are bigger cities than Newcastle too.

      If we go by the last 30 odd years

      Leicester (1 league win, 2 league cup wins)
      Everton (1 league win, 1 Fa Cup win, regular top 8 side)
      Tottenham ( 1 Fa cup, 2 League Cups, regular top 8 side)
      Leeds (1 league win, some top 4 finishes)
      Aston Villa (2 league cups and more recently than us a top 6 side).
      Blackburn (1 League win, 1 league cup and a bunch of other top 4 finishes)

      We see that Newcastle really isn’t that successful a club with 2 2nd place finishes, 2 cup finals and a bunch more top 6 finishes overall. In general we have had only 3 top 10 finishes in the last 13 years 2 of them under Pardew who we hate apparently. Most of it stems from a purple patch that had nothing to do with what happened with the club either side of it which ran from 1993-2004 with a wobbly bit in the middle.

      One of the things that tends to throw people is the stadium attendance, we do have large and loyal support in the stadium itself. However once you get to shirt sales its a non competition with Man United selling about 1.5 million a year, Chelsea around a million and Liverpool, Arsenal, Spurs and Man City selling hundreds of thousands and Newcastle and Everton usually in the 70-90k range.

      So in summary we have the potential to be a top 8 side certainly and are kind of the best of the rest if we get it right, but we are a far cry in scale to the top 6.

      • HappyToons

        But who argues otherwise, my argument is that we are top 8 all time.

        You get weary of these debates, fact is we were giants in the early 1900’s and the 1950’s, but have won nothing since, so have been a huge club in history. Yet being a Big Club is more than mere trophies as we are bigger than Wigan , Boro, Leicester (premiership champions), Blackburn etc. Last time I looked Blackburn were 9th in the all time Premiership table, yet I doubt you’d even find a Blackburn fan who thinks they were ever a Big Club, they had the fortune of a wealthy chairman and Shearer at his peak. Forest had the fortune to have Brian Clough. We’ve had Keegan in the entertainers days and missed the opportunity as if we had won the league things might have been a lot different. Fair play to Man City, a club on our level, who took the opportunity with a wealthy owner.

        What we’ll always have is the potential to be bigger than most clubs, who would debate if we had the success of Man U or Liverpool or Chelsea or Man City that we wouldn’t be selling millions of shirts? Chelsea??? I wonder how many shirts they were selling before they became Cheslki? Football is a funny old game, but we are destined to be mediocre!!

      • GToon

        If we go by the last thirty years you can add in teams like Oxford, Luton, Smoggies, Forest, West Ham, Wolves and Birmingham all of whom have won stuff in that timeframe. The only thing that makes us a big club is our potential and our support. In every other sense we don’t amount to much as you have pointed out. Shame really. Develop the ground, add 10k to the attendances, market the club properly and let Rafa manage and we could be right up there. Look at Spurs.

        • Burt Humperdink

          The problem with the stadium though is that it isn’t enough of a difference the modern game. What I mean is that sure we might have 6-8k more supporters in the stadium than teams who have won the league (though that point will become moot when Chelsea and Spurs upgrade). But what that equates to in cash isn’t all that much when you consider the average season ticket is £500 for arguments sake. Times that by 8000 even and it’s still only £4m which is nothing in modern football. You’d rather have it than not but it’s not going to change the fortunes of the club. This becomes even more true when you consider Arsenal’s average season ticket is £1000.

          In regards to stadium upgrades you spend tens of millions to upgrade by say 6000 then spend the next decade trying to get your money back.

          • GToon

            But if we went up to 65,000 or so then those extra fans buy extra shirts,kit, etc etc etc. I don’t hear of any other team trying to limit the size of their ground. Most other teams are expanding to a decent size as football and football attendances are on the increase.

    • GToon

      He’s right. Unfortunately.

  • Porciestreet

    Collywobbles, youv been a lucky sod all yer life.

  • BlueBrum

    Villa tried to ‘buy themselves back’ to the Prem by spending £80m last summer ….. & finished 13th. Now, they’ve got diddly squat left in the pot – a long hard season awaits them next year I think.
    It couldn’t have happened to a nicer set of fans ….. nasty, vindictive & delusional (they still think they’re ‘a big club’). BTW, I’m a Bluenose & can’t stand that bunch of clowns.
    Congrats on winning the league this year – you deserved it. You’re a genuinely big club who are back where you belong. Good luck for next season.

    • HappyToons

      Spot on. I have family who work for a company just outside Birmingham whose owner has a box at Birmingham, so they have been to St Andrews when NUFC play. If you are old enough to remember the Keegan days you’ll know Villa fans had a chip on their shoulder as always whinging that NUFC and their fans got too much media coverage (in other words more than them). Why was that if we are such a small club? The Villa fans at work, I am told, are a bunch of sad specimens who think Villa are massive, but they aren’t even the Real Madrid of Birmingham or the Championship! Brum fans were great at Blyth Spartans, so have time for Brummies, having had some exciting times at St Andrews in the 70’s!!!

  • Leicester Mag

    Can never take Collymore seriously after seeing a Matt cartoon showing a dog excitedly starting through a car window – two other dogs shaking their heads – ‘Oh no Rex is Collymoring [email protected]

    • Wor Lass

      Like it! (the joke – not Collymoring!!)

  • Aggaz

    Hows Ulrika doing?

  • George

    It’s time to move on. Leave Villa alone, we are in the Premiership now, they arn’t

    • Jezza

      Yes, it is a lot of fuss over a team who are a division below us. Time to let it go.

  • Arthur Nothing

    lol, just sent this link to my Newcastle supporting brother and he said he was embarrassed that you represent other Newcastle fans. If you were a real supporter maybe you’d write articles about your actual club rather than this childish playground nonsense. I feel sorry for you, I really do, if this is ‘news’ to you.

  • Wor Lass

    Arthur`s spot on (below). This obsession with Villa is really embarrassing. We say we`re a big club but then cry for two years because someone wrote something mildly sarcastic on a bedsheet. Jesus!

  • Lord

    Based on recent trophy wins Wigan and Portsmouth are more successful than either club.

    • MadMag83

      Even the blue half of Birmingham have won a trophy in recent memory

  • MadMag83

    Collymore should know better than to be so easily goaded on Twitter. That said, Newcastle fans should just leave Villa alone

  • Nut

    When we werexpect relegated at Villa last time and they jeered and cheered to rub it in etc that was unforgivable behaviour on their fans part,the majority I would say too to revel in our distress!

    Equally since then many of the comments I read from their fans are disgusting about us at times.

    However we have to be the ‘bigger club’ and just ignore it, stooping to their levels as this person has done here is just as bad fortunately it’s just one person and not the majority of our fans.

    We are a big club and a bigger club than villa so we should prove it by being the bigger club in this respect, we should do the complete opposite to what these visa fans expect from us, just laugh it off and ignore.

    As a die hard life long Newcastle fan I have massive respect for what Sunderland fans did after mh17 they didn’t have to, it wasn’t expected infact I expected something disgusting, but what they did was respectful and it helped in ways to heal some rifts that have been there between the two clubs.

    Perhaps the best way to resolve this situation is to do something ‘nice’ for villa fans!

    Maybe we should buy them a relegation anniversary cake or a wreath or something. (just joking there any Villa fans, I know it hurts, we all do feel that pain).

    • Bmac78

      Hey Nut, slightly inaccurate and insulting comment about ALL Villa fans, nice way to ‘ignore it’, lol…… anyway,I would like to point out that I totally agree that SOME of our fans were out of order that day in 2009, but you can’t tarnish all our support with the same brush because of a few idiots (the same idiots who troll you on sites like this and keep the stupid rivalry going). A lot of Villa fans, like myself, are getting fed up with all this nonsense from BOTH sides, I kinda hoped that Villa helping you lift a well deserved title would possibly have papered over some of the cracks! We could argue all day what makes a big club, fan base, trophies won etc etc, why can’t we all just agree that we are BOTH big clubs and move on!

      • Nut

        Tbh I totally agree it’s a minority of trolls out there from both clubs trying to carry this on like they have nothing better to do.

        But equally on that day whilst I won’t say it was everyone it did appear a lot of Villa fans seemed to get carried along and took part.

        Most fans are decent honourable people who understand wha to one another go through and have empathy.

        It’s those fans who will be key to sorting this rift.

        Let’s be honest here Villa helping get us the title in the Championsip was down to one player and nothing to do with the fans.

        However like you I do hope it can act as a springboard which fans can utilise to begin a healing process and put things behind them.

        • Bmac78

          Lol, true, it was down mainly to Grealish, but with 10 men on the pitch and the way we have performed throughout the season, I’m sure like me, you all thought they’d capitulate and offer nothing :-) and yeah, those fans from 09 were probably the same ones wearing Blackburn shirts a few weeks back! Idiots #nuffsaid

          • Nut

            I find myself wondering just how long before Grealish is seen in Newcastle colours.

  • Grahame Johnson

    Ross that nice bloke we could have signed, oh how villa gloated as we signed Murphy a solid pro who has the rest of his life bumping in to toon fans and been thanked, poor lad McCormack couldn’t get out his garden, due to a 50 foot gate, honest boss its huge, then farmed out to Forrest and didn’t turn up to train.

  • Mal

    Another day – another embarrassing article.

  • HappyToons

    We aren’t ordained to win things and if we did we’d become like Man City fans, complacent and expecting to win every game. Look at the atmosphere at home in the championship when we think we are top dogs and expect to win every game! Three years of success and we’d be the same in the Premiership, but that 3 year ride would be toontastic.

    An interesting thought… Spurs and WHU have huge potential. Spur with 61,000 and WHU with 56,000. Two clubs who if they had a mega rich owner and won things have the potential to add 30k to those crowds in London.

    What other clubs have that huge potential…cough…N U F C.

    To be fair I don’t think Everton or Villa or Leeds have ‘huge’ potential.

  • Albert Stubbins

    what do you expect him to say- he’s a villa fan defending the honour of his club- we would expect the same from big Al. Another embarrassing Villa article- can we leave them alone- theyve got enough on their hands and we have enough on ours.

  • HappyToons

    ‘Unexploded WWII bomb is discovered near Aston Villa’s ground forcing roads to close and homes to be evacuated’ true news story today.

    Villa fans wearing tin foil hats and waving white bed sheets ‘We Surrender’

  • gallowgate26

    Collywobble was 9 years old when they won that. I’m embarrassed for him!

    It’s like a mackem having to quote 1973.

    • HarryHype59

      Or a Newcastle fan quoting the 1969 fair cup victory.

  • HarryHype59

    Villa like ourselves, are a badly run club with a massive fan base. Both deserve better owners. This irritating schoolboy media postings from a minority of our idiot supporters is really embarrassing. I hope Villa go up soon, as the EPL is better with teams who attract large crowds.