Newcastle United have confirmed the return of red numbers (and lettering) on the new strip.

When the 2017/18 Newcastle home kit was revealed this week, it met with widespread approval.

However, what did Newcastle fans think about the addition of red numbers?

We asked the following question and gave then two options:

Newcastle United announce red numbers on new kit – are you a fan?

‘Yes like the return of red numbers’

‘No not a fan of red numbers on Newcastle kit’

Our snap poll revealed a decisive margin of victory.

A massive 88% of the Newcastle supporters who took the time to vote, were in favour of the return of red numbers and the additional lettering.

Only 12% said that they would rather red had been kept out of the black and white equation.

Newcastle United have also given an official rundown on the new strip:

The Crest

One of the standout features on the kit for the 2017/18 Premier League season is a special anniversary crest.

Gold and silver in design, it is based on the club’s existing crest – itself based on the city’s coat of arms.

A golden adornment has been added below the crest, signifying 125 years since the official naming of Newcastle United on 9 December 1892.

The crest will feature on the shirts and shorts of United’s home, away, third and goalkeepers’ kits.

The stripes

Simply put, there are more stripes on the new home kit than have been seen in many recent seasons.

It is a sleek, modern take on a classic Newcastle shirt, with unbroken stripes on the front, back and arms.

The crest and FUN88 branding aside, all other elements on the front of the kit design are black and white. Black and white stripes, black collar, shoulders and trim and finished with neat white PUMA logos on the chest and arms.

The red numbers

Some of the club’s greatest players and teams have worn red numbers on the back of their black and white stripes and with so much black and white on show this season, the numbers will really stand out.

Despite being used so frequently throughout the club’s history, contrasting red numbers haven’t been seen on a United home shirt since the 1992/93 campaign.

That year, Kevin Keegan’s side gained promotion to the Premier League by winning the second tier title. The Entertainers era was beginning in earnest.

The collar

One of the club’s most popular home shirts of all time hails from the peak of the Entertainers era, with the 1995 to 1997 design remaining a firm fans’ favourite.

The new shirt adopts a similar grandad collar, with a simple, smart black neckline and single button fastening.

The shorts

The classic design continues into the shorts, with plain black chosen – just as it has been since 1920 (and some earlier variations before that).

The shorts feature the club’s anniversary crest and a white PUMA logo, while players’ match kit will also feature red Premier League numbers.

The socks

Plain black with a white turnover is a classic Newcastle United look.

A similar design has featured in Newcastle kits in at least one season during every decade since the 1930s.

Look back at any picture from cup-winning seasons of the Fifties and Sixties and the style is on show.

While white socks were the predominant choice in the Seventies, the design made a comeback in the Eighties and now makes its return for the first time since 1995.

When can fans buy it?

The 2017/18 PUMA home kit will be available from Thursday 15 June.

  • Jezza

    I’m very much in favour of the red numbers. The numbers on last season’s strip were impossible to read. Red will be much easier to read but I’d still prefer the red numbers to be on a white square background, the way they were back in the 70’s.

    • HappyToons

      Good points, now I remember what you did say previously! Pity that fun boy logo is in sky blue.

      I can remember when the away strip was all red early 70’s. The Brazil style away strip was good, then we started with blue, hence the black and white scarves having blue in them (or blue silk scarves) and when Brighton were promoted 1979 it was Brian Horton (who later managed Brighton) who on the lap of honour thought all the new stand paddocks were ‘Brighton’ fans as we were swinging the scarves around with the blue in, so that is where the ‘fact’ 10-12k Brighton were there, when really they had 5 or 6k. We were always ‘sporting’ fans…but always hated the blue.

      When the Kop used to applaud the away Keeper, so did we, but then give him dog’s abuse. Have seen the Leazes shatter the nerves of a few keepers!

      ‘Chuppa Chups’, Spanish lollies, used to sponsor Sheff Wed. That was a sponsor logo to spoil your shirt along with ‘Nobo’ at Brighton!

      As an edit, I was once attacked and robbed of my NUFC blue silk scarf,…which was at home against Chelsea. Too think a real man wore a silk scarf for the match!

      • Jezza

        The only time I’ve ever seen Newcastle in a red away kit is in television footage of the Hereford cup humiliation. That was just before I started going and I’d always assumed the red kit was Hereford’s away strip. I have long held this theory that NUFC traveled down there with their usual black and white kit not knowing that non league Hereford also played in those colours at home and thus ended up having to borrow their hosts, away kit. Having seen NUFC needing to do exactly that sort of thing at other matches in the early 80’s (borrowing white shorts at Cambridge, not once but twice for example) added fuel to that theory. If the all red away kit was actually our own kit then that is something I never knew!

        I remember the blue in the scarves and slightly later, around the time of Keegan’s, debut yellow being incorporated too. I never liked those scarves, the blue and yellow combined with the white always made them look like Leeds United scarves.

        I had a silk Newcastle scarf too but it was all black and white. I got it around 1977 at this big new out of town centre they had just opened out Washington way. I never quite had the nerve to wear the silk scarf but it was proudly displayed on my bedroom wall for years.

      • JD

        “When the Kop used to applaud the away Keeper, so did we, but then give him dog’s abuse. Have seen the Leazes shatter the nerves of a few keepers!”
        You probably know this but I’ll explain. When Newcastle won the toss and the players were changing ends, the fans would applaud this.The opposing keeper would be heading towards them to take up his position in goal would assume he was being applauded and would wave back, only to receive instant and intense abuse.
        This changed over the years into simply being the baiting of the keeper, applauding him just to give him abuse when he responded.

    • Toon fan

      Not every season in the 70s

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    I like the strip but i`m a bit cynical of the 125 yr official naming of Nufc,
    it smells of the bean counters thinking it`ll sell more

    • Jimblag23

      Try not to lose too much sleep over it though.

  • Leazes Ender

    The colour should complement the strip …. and turning the socks black will cost us 10 points through the lack of visibility…. why do you think Chelsea never mess about with the socks…. visibility with a dark strip…. the idiot who came up with this has made the difference between survival and relegation….. Charnley is a stupid unthinking troglodyte who hasn’t the intelligence to think that this matters… it does

    • only2ameobis

      This is absolute comedy gold, cheers mate

      • Leazes Ender

        Only to a fool….The science of small differences…..

      • Rich Lawson

        Can’t be,Sid hasn’t popped up to say ”What a carry on ” ?

    • HappyToons

      ‘through the lack of visibility’… on the other hand like a stealth bomber, even Mitro will get goals next season, as surely must be invisible to the opposition?

      • Leazes Ender

        God botherers hate science….I’m guessing you are of the Fleckman/Wormonger persuasion

        • tristanisginger

          Science requires evidence.

          • Leazes Ender

            White reflects more than black….. Q..E.D.

          • Geordie-7676

            I forgot we play football matches under torchlight….how silly of us all for doubting your extremely intuitive opinion!

          • Jimblag23

            Lumps of coal are probably what you’ve received for every Christmas.

    • Adam

      We always loos games when we have whjite shorts or socks or both,

    • Jimblag23

      10 points? That’s a ridiculous statement.
      How could you possibly back that up?

  • Adam

    I just love it when people that call themselves toon fans just keep going on and on about everything like its not good enough for them. You think it’s Newcastle’s job to get everything perfect for you alone and you are never happy. I’m happy at the way it’s going I’m a Newcastel fan and probably more passionate than 99 percent but this doom and gloom is laughable. Get over yourselves, There’s more than one of yiz that support the team and have different opinions than you depressive negative folk. I think they’ve done a smashing job this past couple of months! My glass is half full.

  • Geordiegiants

    I like the strip and Im going to buy my kids them, in fact I would love it if I wasn’t so cynical about the whole set up of the club, but hey ho onward’s and upwards. We all keep going on about our commercial revenue dropping over the years, well here he is / they are trying for once to up their game and move the club forward, instead of sitting holding on for dear life. It just feels like there is going to be some massive f’up coming. I know the young and naive among us, think we are doom and gloom merchants, but its just what I have been used to for the last 10 years.

  • Viru leckworth

    People like him me with failing eyesight will approve of the red numbers. The old ones were impossible to see for me.